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Tell me your fantasies of 2hus, /jp/. What do you think about doing with 2hus if you could? My secret 2hu fantasy is to kiss Youmu and then have a snuggle party with her and Yuyuko. Don't tell anybody though, okay?

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>My secret 2hu fantasy is to kiss Youmu and then have a snuggle party with her and Yuyuko.

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Youmu is not a dog. She is a girl !!


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I'd probably have a nice quiet evening with Ran, making some thin fried tofu with drinks and other dishes

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*put's on sunglasses*

a bitch

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A dead girl.

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That's not true! She's only half dead! Even if she WERE dead, that still wouldn't change how I feel about her!

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Her human half is cold like a corpse.

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Then I'll warm her with my love!

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Usually just dream about doing something practical like working for eirin alongside reisen

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Probably excessive drinking with loli oni and milf oni

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I'd want to be Yukari's disciple or maybe shikigami. Maybe with her as a teacher I'd be able to understand calculus past II. Learning to warp reality and smoking some weed with her would be cool too.

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B-but I want to be the only one who snuggles Youmu...

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Don't be greedy. Youmu has enough snuggles for everybody.

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Youmu has deadly sword skills. She chops people into pieces!

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Scary! Do you think Youmu would chop me up if I wanted to snuggle with her?

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Could Youmu beat Yorihime in a sword fight?

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youmu is a cat

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No because mooninite godhax

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Tch! As if that newhu could possibly take on the fastest gardener in all of Gensokyo!

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But she could beat her in a cuteness fight!

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I'm sure that somewhere in the Shinto pantheon there is a god Yorihime could channel to either slow Youmu down or make herself as fast. Moons always win, dude.

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I want to lick all of their smelly, sweaty feet!

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That's lewd!

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I can't help but crave their delicious feet.

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which 2hus feet would u lik first

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i want to horriby violate cirno

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>i want to horriby violate cirno

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I'd like to serve the denizens of Hakugyokurou.
Every morning, I'd get up at the same time as Youmu, and while she goes off to wake up Yuyuko, I'd prepare breakfast and and tea and then help the gardener with his duties until noon, which is when I start preparing lunch.
The afternoon I mainly spend with cleaning duties or errands, while also preparing the lady's snacks for the next day.
After dinner (not too opulent, it's not good to eat too heavy before sleep!), unless there's something that requires my attention, I'll have time for myself until the next morning.

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Threesome with Youmu and Remilia. Youmu smothers me with her stinky butthole or smelly feet while Remilia sucks me off until she drains all that salty milk out of my dick.

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Personally I'd like to snuggle with /jp/ under a warm blanket as we watch a movie.

That is all I want in the world. Why can't I have that?

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Youmu's; they're the smelliest.

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That's really cute, and if I were too, I'd do that with you!

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>i want to horriby violate cirno too

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Wow, thanks!! I bet /jp/ is a really great snuggler, too.. so cozy.

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Also, become a butler/messenger of the SDM and serve Remilia Ojou-sama. Terrorize Satori-chan if the chance arises.

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Same, but with Flan instead of Youmu.

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Great dream, dude! But I want to be directly subordinate to Eirin and do some science.

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I have a fantasy where Suika is a slut but falls in love with me and throws away her sluttiness to be with me but later I catch her fucking someone else so I leave and get with another 2hu while she regrets what she did and gives up sex forever.

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What would you do if she came to you begging to take her back? She has a problem, Anon. She's sick. She needs your support more than anything.

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>you will never hug a waggysaggy

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I will like to run errands to everyone in gensokyo and stalk people, always blending with the crowd in towns and no one knowing who i am. might as well be a ghost

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Why she cry?

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Because she will never hug a jaypee.

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She'll never hold me either

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man what i would give to have those...

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All I want is to cuddle or be cuddled by Yukari and Ran.

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r a p e

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r a p e

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This. Touhou fantasies without alcohol is no touhou fantasy at all.

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I wanna do psychedelics with Alice!

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Doing drugs is wrong. A high class lady like Alice would never reduce herself to being a drug-user.

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She literally buys drugs from Eirin though.

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No she does not! Do not tell lies about Alice!

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I want to gunfight with Reisen, if either of us aren't dead yet, we would engage in knife fight, if either of us aren't dead by then, we would cuddle afterwards.

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>Aya ところで胡蝶夢丸は、どういう方が買われていくのですか? (By the way, what kind of people buy Kochoumugan?)
>Eirin 森の人形遣いとか (There's the puppeteer from the forest, for one.)

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...maybe it's Medicine?

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That's fake. I refuse to believe Alice is buying drugs. If anything, it's prescribed antidepressants.

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>The name of this new drug is 'Kochoumugan' (Butterfly Dream Pill). It takes its name from the dream it induces, where one becomes a butterfly and enjoys oneself. A few doses of the red pill before bed will prevent nightmares and create an enjoyable dream for a good night's sleep. Yagokoro explains the specifics of what led to the development of this medicine:

I'm not knowledgeable on the topic, but that sounds like a psychedelic to me.

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Alice was having horrible nightmares and was prescribed the medicine to help. No psychedelics here.

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I had fantasies of flying in a B-52 with Okuu and watching her have fun blasting away at nuclear test sites.

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What's that big thing in the middle? I find it hard to believe they can fit all those bombs in that tiny little plane...

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Boring everyday life with Alice.

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Butterfly dream pill.
To prevent nightmares.

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Shop lifting with Rinnosuke.

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Shall I warm that up for you?

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>A high class lady like Alice
>high class
He has a Rolex on his wrist and is pouring the best champagne, AND rolls the best weed because he’s the shit.

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I have a rolex too. It doesn't mean anything

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>The Butterfly Dream Pill (胡蝶夢丸 Kochoumugan) is a drug created by Eirin Yagokoro, a red pill which gives the user pleasant dreams of flying around as a butterfly. Ancient versions of the drug could risk the user being trapped in the dreamworld

>pleasant dreams of flying around as a butterfly
>could risk the user being trapped in the dreamworld
Yeah, totally not psychedelics
Or having a bad trip

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>drug user

Is /jp/ really this naive?

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>It's called the "Forest of Magic" because of the wide number of hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow here. Many magicians live in this forest for the sake of increasing their magical powers with these hallucinogenic mushrooms.

>It's the home to both Marisa Kirisame and Alice Margatroid.

Doing drugs with Touhous is one of my fantasies

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i'm trying too hard, i'll stop.
sorry guys.

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Yeah me too
Sorry /jp/
Stay pure and cute

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it's too late i'm already posting it NOOO!

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drugs are for subhumans. Alcohol is the same thing. Just drink yourself silly

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Can I drink it easy?

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I want to introduce crystal meth to Gensokyo and reduce the entire population to a bunch of fiends.

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Ending up in gensokyo, aknowedging that, grab something to use as a weapon, roam around, when finding a youkai that tries to kill a human then kill it in return, give the human body a decent burial, move on, rinse and repeat till i'm dead, youkais decide to no longer kill/harm humans because they find that keeping their skin attached to their bones is more important or the human-eating ones are all dead, whatever comes first.

Then find a exit.

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Drugs are serious business.

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Do you really think I'm cute?

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Use Murasa's left leg as fucktoy and then the right as dakimakura. Maye Nue's or Reisen's.

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Whoa dude, you're pretty hardcore! In your fantasy, anyways.

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W-While they're still attached, right?

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Well think about this:

If one end up in Gensokyo it pretty much means that he has done nothing good or noteworthy with his life.

Even simply die trying would be more than anything else he's done in the rest of his life.

Textbook example of a "Nothing to lose, everything to gain" scenario.

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As far as I know, a psychedelic takes effect while you're awake.

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I am sure there are a lot of people who did great things or accomplished something of importance that wound up being forgotten.

>> No.12210711

They end up as citizens, not as food

>> No.12210738

Citation needed

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Become a traveling tailor, do a few odd jobs for various people, become slightly known as a really good dressmaker. I'll travel around and exchange room and board for the night for a new dress with most of the 2hu. I'll find Meiling sleeping at the SDM gate, sit down, and begin sewing. When Sakuya shows up and hopefully begins her pre-murder remarks, I'll tell her to wait until I'm done to kill me. Hopefully she'll have enough professional respect to allow me to finish my work and place it on the sleeping China's head before she looks at it, acknowledges the quality, and demands that I come in and do some work for her mistress. I'll go in, calmly make a new frilly dress and be on my way, to talk with another 2hu.

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I want to hug all of the Eienteis

barring that, some time in the SDM library would be nice

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Generally yes but they can affect your sleep and dreams as well. It would certainly be possible for a drug or mix of drugs to be psychedelic and hypnotic.

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I wanna go on groovy Gensokyo adventures with Rinnosuke ;_;

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I would like to become a servant at the chireiden and sometimes be able to enjoy super comfy moments with Satori and the rest.

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try suicide then hole

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I would be the assistant to the assistant librarian.

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I want to be a pet at Chireiden, like Okuu and Orin and do stupid pointless work like guarding the hole to hell because I don't have much abilities to speak of, but I would do so in cheeful bliss and try my very hardest every day for my owners.

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I really wish people wouldn't have so many lewd fantasies.
Is that all touhou is for you?
Just a story with potential fucktoys?
If you want it that desperatly why not go out and fuck real women?
All vaginas are the same.

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Say you, faggot, I just want to fight with Reisen.

>> No.12212858

Then again, I do want to cuddle with her afterwards.
Nothing sexual though.

>> No.12212860

I can understand if you want to have someone to love in your fantasies, but that's the point of the ones where people want raw loveless sex and rape?

It's something you can do so easily in real life

>> No.12212862

>all vaginas
>the same
Tightness is a factor.

>> No.12212864

Uh, if rape goes unpunished then a lot of jaypee would be on the street tonight.

I do have a 3D love interest though, Reisen is just 2interesting.

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being taken advantage of by yuyuko

that's it pretty much.

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I played a lewd 2hu visual novel and enjoyed the careless times spent at the Yakumo household more than the sex itself.
I want to live pleasantly with Touhous...

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What you're looking for is called ``having a social life''.

>> No.12212898

Kinda shameful to admit, but my "social life" is not as taking it easy like with 2hus

Too much shit happening when I just want to relax and take it easy.