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Touhou banana peel humor.

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I have a picture of Cirno slipping on a banana peel while holding scissors.

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Tewi is such a little shit that it's not even funny.

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I want to punch Tewi in her fucking face

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Could you really do it?

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Twoey is gonna hurt someone

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But I will find another way to punish her

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Tei a slut

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Totally doesn't look like a trap to me.

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please post it

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I can't, it's against the rules.

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link to it from imgur or something?

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Spanking is the best punishment.

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It's from a doujinshi, I will take a picture. Please wait warmly

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nitori a shit, the dark-haired kapa is the real deal

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Here you go :

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that looks painful

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Reisen's feet

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girl knows how to eat a banana

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that poor churro

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Why her shadow looks like a dick?

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Are dicks all you think about?

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What can I say, I just love carrots; the longer and thicker, the better.

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Yes. I'd do far worse than that anyway.

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>"Q" stands for kyuu
If you want more funny pics from that book, just give me another letter.

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I don't really get the context of that picture.
She looks somewhat pained, which together with that basket behind her suggests rape (or prostitution), but I'd like to think she's currently in heat, and to prevent her from doing what rabbits usually do in that situation, she's been locked away and is now brimming with lust.

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All this talk about bananas is just making me remember that banana dare. This site does terrible things to you.

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>This site does terrible things to you.
us 4channers right ha ha ha

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Anon that is horrible!!

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Udonge means something like house of plantain flowers, and plantain is very much like banana.

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there needs to be a final solution to the tewi problem

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I think Reisen needs to shoot Tei on sight to be sure now.

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Rabbit stew. Or better yet, experimental guinea pig.

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I can't believe that nobody posted this yet.

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How did that even happen?

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You'll never run with scissors after seeing that I bet!

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It's nothing for the strongest!

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Her feet are meaty and cute!

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There's something that confuses me about Cirno. She's imortal right? And no matter how badly she's destroyed, she'll just be reborn rght? Then is Mokou considered special in the mere virtue she is immortal when most of the yokai in Gensokyo are??

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still would

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a someone who has genuinely slipped up on a banana peel before this thread bothers me greatly

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No, the shadows show that the rock is not directly above the banana. If she continues in a straight line then she will float past the banana without touching.

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Fairies are 'immortal' in the sense that the nature they're in is still around.

If you were to deforest most of the region and plop cities down ontop of it, she would probably stay dead if she were killed.

Mokou and Kaguya's (Also Eirin!) immortality is in the literal sense of the word. If you stop believing in them, they'll still be around, if they're exterminated, they will still be around.

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That is usual for fairies, but not usual for things that are not fairies.

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that's not even close to her hitbox!

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Read the article about fairies and article about youkai in Perfect Memento and figure out by yourself.

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But it still will be very painful to die that way. Poor fairies, dying in a million ways.

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The fairies aren't dying, they are being killed.

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By two monochromatic "legendary" bitches, a maid with high blood pressure, a marimo, and two bodied sword freak. Stop this madness.

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They're not monochromatic.

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Ok-ok, duotone bitch and her monochromatic dyke friend.

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Neither of them is monochromatic. They have lots of different colors.

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Either your pretentiousness will make me erudite, or just mad.

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I'm guessing you've never played any of the games?

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Is it pretentious to know what "monochrome" means?

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insisting on correct usage of it is.

or, well, it's either pretentious or just being insufferable. your pick really.

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I'd the rabbit

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I want those delicious bacon ears

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>insisting on correct usage of it is.
You're kind of a weird person.
Do I smell rabbit?

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actually maybe she's got more of a hitbawks

that'd explain it

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That was the correct usage in that context though.

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I've played all of them except for 14.3

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Did you read the dialogue?

When referring to Marisa or Reimu, other touhous often say "that black-white" or "that red-white". So much so, that those pretty much became their nicknames.
So he wasn't wrong calling them monochromatic in that particular context.

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Red-white is not monochromatic. Monochromatic means one color. Red-white is two colors.

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Its not red-white.
It's red-incredibly-light-shade-of-red.
So monochromatic, dingus.

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White != red

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It would probably be better to call them dichromatic

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>For an image, the term monochrome is usually taken to mean the same as black and white or, more likely, grayscale, but may also be used to refer to other combinations containing only tones of a single color, such as green-and-white or green-and-black.

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>duotone bitch
He even tried correct himself.

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Got any more like these?

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Dichromatic sounds so much better than it should be a crime to call it duo-tone. It's even in one of Reimu's themes.

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What does "オメンコゥ" mean? And what are good translators for this as google is being useless and Rikaichan doesn't help me with this one, too.

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An intentional mispronunciation of the rude word "omanko" I"m guessing.

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Reisen's butt and feet!!

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That would make sense, thank you.
Kyouko is a punk!

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>google is being useless
the first link i get went i search it is this:

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Which didn't help me. If my japanese would be better it might have provided insight but I'm not there, yet.

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Should I post the rest of that doujinshi, gurofriends?

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I don't get it.

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Momiji Inubashiri is a badass name.
Wolf is a badass animal.
Sword and shield, quiet badass weaponry.
The design overall is badass.

She likes to play Shogi, so she's likely to be quiet a thinker, a tactician, has calm and cunning demeanor.
Though, her power is her enhanced senses, especially vision. As a wolf tengu she gotta have a great speed, strength, defense and instinct. She's trained to be a mountain patrol so she must be skilled with her weapons.

The combination of instinct and thought plus super strength, wild but cunning, a perfect warrior physically, mentally and emotionally.

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I think little Rumia would rather be eating the person who gave her the banana.

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Why do you think she's crying?

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Why are feet drawn so cleanly? I would appreciate callouses, flaking skin, and specs of dirt

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Fucking gross, dude.

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Eating banana from Remi's anus. 10/10 doujinshi


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No love for a guro nigga...
You broke my heart, jaypee

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A black one for Chen, what a slut.

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That's not a black banana. It's brown.

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Please post! I did not see until now!

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Do it.

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A is for Alice
B is for Byak
C is for Chen
D is for Dai-chan
E is for Eirin
F is for Flan

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Here is the cover.
More to come!

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What happened to Byak?

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G is for Yamabiko scum
H is for Taters
I is for Ichirin
J is for Sakuya
K is for Koishii
L is for Lyrica
M is for Mystia
N is for Nazrin
O is for Okuu
P is for Patche
R is for Reimu

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Post it on gurochan and link to it here, that's probably the best bet.

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S is for Satorin (DISTURBING)
T is for Tojiko
U is for Udonge
V is for Yukari
W is for Wriggle
X is for Xanadu
Y is for Yuuka
Z is for Sanae porn tape

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Jesus christ. Thanks for the fap material.

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So can some guro friend explain to me why you like it? I assume you fap to it, but tht may just be me jumping to fucked up conclusions, but if not, then it's just a fetish, and I can't really expect an explanation for that, but I just don't understand the appeal

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I don't masturbate to guro.
It's just kind of fun, like watching a stupid gore movie.

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>rationalizing your favorite fetish
There's no need to do this.

>> No.12212877

On I know, I don't expect anyone to rationalize a fetish, I was just wondering if it was a fetish in the first place, or if people were interested in it for other reasons, like >>12212871 said.

>> No.12212882

If people masturbate/feel intent sexual attraction to it, it's a fetish alright.

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I'm not sure if that is how it looks if someone gets struck by lightning.

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It's partly excitement from seeing something grotesque, partly a weird turn on from seeing girls in extreme distress or their bodies damaged. It's a bit sexual but I don't fap to it. I don't normally think about hurting girls or anything.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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This is too cruel!

>> No.12212935

And yet so adorable at the same time.

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do not blend the 2hus

>> No.12213127

Does it blend, though? It's for science.

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Thank god I don't like that artist.

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Sakuya is such a perverted lady.

>> No.12213494

I want to save the tiny 2hu and protect her from all harm.

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Holy FUCK, the Satori one is very popular

>> No.12213915

Even when mutilated, Sanae still a slut.

>> No.12213926

Some things never change...

>> No.12214538

i have literally just fapped to that picture twice already. am i healthy or disturbed?

>> No.12214691

You're a healthy jaypee.

>> No.12214880

You're disturbed for even asking.
That picture is hot as HELL.
You'd have to be a faggot not to fap to it.

>> No.12214897

I clicked on A and B then got bored because the quality wasn't great. I wasn't going to click on anymore but the ``(DISTURBING)'' enticed me. After I saw it I thought it wasn't so disturbing. Maybe a little but it didn't warrant the warning.

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bloody congestion/tubercolosis iirc

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More pics, this time from the book "made from recycled materials" :

Personally, I really like the one with Kaguya and Moko

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That's not how you eat bananas at all.

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I'm a little nervous. I'm not into pain and suffering but sometimes I find the violation of bodily boundaries, the separation of things that were whole, the irreversible process of destruction, and that sort of thing fascinating.

Is a guro folder in my future? This is the only one I've saved. I don't really want things to get worse.


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Look into peril.

>> No.12218400

I don't like pain and suffering, though, I just like the peeling away of layers and the decomposition of something treated as a solid object.

>> No.12218407

Most peril is fear, not pain.

>I just like the peeling away of layers and the decomposition of something treated as a solid object.
I don't follow.

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It's suffering, though. I don't like it for sadistic reasons, I just like the connotations of lines being crossed, things being disassembled.

It's part of the reason I have some robot girls stashed away. The contrast between living, ensouled flesh and dead, unfeeling matter.