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Why are Japanese ghosts such dicks? They don't try to scare you like proper American ghosts, they straight up try to murder you.

It doesn't matter how they died, they try to murder anyone they can get their hands on.

If I were a Japanese ghost, I would do everything I could to kill anyone who contributed to my death, but after I did that I would just chill.

I mean, it'd just be strange to try to kill random passersby who had nothing to do with me. I don't understand why so many Japanese ghosts do that.

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I've never met any japanese ghosts, only Youmu - and she's just a half-phantom and really chummy, dorky pal.

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Yuyuko tried to murder Mokou the moment they met. What a dick.

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As expected from a gluttonous slut.

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Yuyuko's quite wise so I'd expect her to know what's up.

Wanting to murder Mokou makes sense if she is already aware of Mokou's immortality. Maybe she just wants to teach Youmu a lesson or something?

Killing an immortal for no reason definitely seems like something Yuyuko would do. Because it doesn't really matter anyway, right?

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you should hurt other people for no reason

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I don't know, some of them are pretty swell. I especially like the blind old man who was mugged and murdered by a thief. He came back from the dead to exact revenge, and grew eyes on his hands through sheer willpower so that he could see his murderer, but since he doesn't know what the guy looks like, he just kills everyone he comes across. You know, just in case.

Okiku is the best, though. She's a maid that lives in a well and appears as a roughly maid-shaped swarm of maggots, and the only reason she came back is that she was wrongly blamed for breaking a plate and felt really bad about it, even though she was innocent. All she does is coming up from her well every night, counting her plates, and breaking into tears when she discovers that the missing one still hasn't been replaced. She even had her good end when a monk convinced her that the plate set had been completed again.

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You forgot the "n't" right?

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Oiwa is the original Japanese ghost and she only tried to kill the people who led to her death.

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I wish she'd murder my dick.

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Japanese ghosts are hardworking. They get up early and get to killin' and they don't stop till it's time to clock out. They put in work, I tell you, and that's why they're #1 in the ghost market.

And then you got your American ghosts, and they're all layabouts. This country once had some of the greatest ghosts in the world, but now it's always with the door closing and spooky sounds. What's that supposed to accomplish? Nothing, that's what. It just ain't proper ghostin'. No sir, not by a mile.

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This is why we need Japanese Ghostbusters.

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The question is, can you afford their fee?

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do not save samples
do not post samples

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America outsourced its ghost to low income Mexican ghost workers they don't appear in cameras anymore and are only tasked with menial labor such as moving furniture and leaving barely intelligible English messages on camera recordings.

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So the Grudge won't stop until the whole world become grudgified is that right?

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Sadako a cute.

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Now you remind of me of that one doujin, thanks anon.

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And you remind me of this image

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It even got our b-ballers.

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Barkley nooo don't slam it!!