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Please notice me senpai~! <3

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Is that a lesbian?

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When will senpai ever notice me?

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I don't particularly like big breasts.

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>senpai doesn't notice you

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Thought I was in /a/ for a second. Disgustingu.

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>senpai noticed me

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I hope senpai doesn't notice me hnnn~

I'm sorry senpai-hya~!

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/a/ is alright. I browse /a/ from time to time to catch up on some new Anime to kill time.

Did you know, there seems to be a NEET trend going on right now on most shows.
Most main characters happen to be a NEET for some reason... Maybe it's to give a more positive look on NEET's in general.
I like it.

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Opinion on >pic related

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aah.. senpai noticed me

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Why does she have a retarded face?

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should i read SICP

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Is this a new meme or something?

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A few months ago I gave up my /jp/ elitism and started browsing /a/, which is something I should have done three years ago because that was about the time that /jp/ went into free-fall.

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I noticed you Senpai.

You were staring at me.

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She needs Eye mo

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>retarded face
>not retarded everything

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That's funny, a few years ago I gave up my /a/ elitism and started browing /jp/, because that was about the time that /a/ went into free-fall.

I still occasionally go back to /a/, but there's never even a single worthwhile thread. Well, neither is here, but at least the number of retards here is considerably lower.

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The one joy every girl needs.

Senpai never notices me tho

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It's over. /jp/ is done. The wrongful bans for "ban evasion" that were handed out to everyone in the past months were simply just a way to get users out of the way for threads like this to flourish.

This is such a disappointment.

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Homosexual roleplaying has been popular in /jp/ since 2011.

Also, they deleted the thread even before you posted that.

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RIP in peace
I'll burst into treats when they play this song at your memorial


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>/jp/ is done.
i don't have a slowpoke slow enough for this

>wrongful bans for "ban evasion"
almost everyone who was banned was ban evading

i'm evading four bans right now and i barely make five posts a day

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I watched Millennium Actress for the first time and absolutely burst into tears upon the final scene.

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Are you the same faggot who posted a few days ago about watching Dragon Ball Z and crying when Goku arrived on Namek?

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No and I didn't see that post, the ending of Millennium Actress was extremely tear jerking.

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I downloaded that a week ago and haven't watched it yet. Sounds good

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Like every other Satoshi Kon film, it's absolutely fantastic: from the animation to the soundtrack.

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It's probably the weirdo who cried at Portal.

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his brother is a guitarist.

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That must be where all the talent in the family went to.

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Is it weird to cry while playing video games, watching anime, or reading VNs? A few years ago my dad died and I just couldn't bring myself to cry. Both times I had to bring my dogs in to be euthanized, I could not cry. Then my mom was in the hospital for a few months but I didn't cry.

The only things that have made me cry are games, anime, and VNs. Do I have autism?

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Me too

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Notice THIS!

*grabs dick*

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It's very refreshing. You should try it.

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i wanna watch a movie with a loli and then cry into her chest

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Do lolis like people who cry?

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I hope so.

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I haven't been able to cry since I grew out of being an emotional teenager.

I don't really get sad anymore, the things that bring me closest to watering my eyes these days are happy things. Things in real life and in stories that you never thought would happen, almost like a miracle.

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I think that makes perfect sense, actual horrible things happening to you in real life means you have to man up and get over it, but bittersweet happiness allows for tears.

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Notice this

*grabs dick*

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senpais dick is so huge! iyaaa dame~