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>Power to control water
Iv actually never, ever seen this occur in any Touhou fan material with Nitori. Hell, even the official descriptions of Nitori almost never mention this, mainly talking about the tools that she uses.

What other Touhous have their "main ability" playing second chair to some other aspect of them?

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Remember that her eyes cause madness and can manipulate wavelengths?


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>her eyes cause madness
by the way, is it stated that her eyes can cause madness when ANYONE unlucky enough see her eyes or she can turn on/off this ability at will?

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I assume she can control it since she actually sells medicine in the human village, would be hard to do that if she keeps making people go insane.

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Thanks for replying
Her power desciption is quite vague, so are lots of Touhou characters

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I only know Reisen's ability of shooting suppository.

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Anyone remember Tewi ever bringing people luck instead of suffering?

I can think of one time she explicitly used her ability in a fanwork and it was to cheat Cirno out of money. Perhaps I should read more porn, I'm sure her faceless partners end up quite happy.

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Mostly because ZUN wants the fans to imagine what they do, hence the doujins.

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She brings luck to herself, I think.

She's like a luck blackhole that sucks away good luck from other people.

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The X-Files had an episode like that

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Come to think of it, wavelength manipulation can be pretty dangerous since it covers a wide scope. If I recall correctly she actually nullified the 3 fairies' powers with her own.

Also, wtf is Raiko's power about, actually?

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Wavelength manipulation is OP as shit since basically everything has a wavelength.

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She can make you follow a rhythm.

That would be a good power for lewd doujinshi

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Is Yuyuko's power as OP as Tohno/Nanaya's?

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Never seen Yuyuko using her kill ability so can't tell.

I wonder if she can kill Sikieiki.

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Speaking of Sikieki, for a such a powerful character, she has a passive ability, basically she can know that they are either good or evil based on their past deeds, which I assume she can into seeing people's pasts.

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>seeing people's pasts
Isn't that Toyosatomimi's power?

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I just assume that, her power isn't directly tied into seeing past events but Sikieiki basically knows everything you did in your lifetime and know the truth even if you lie (so she can accurately judge you).

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Yuyuko "kill" is ending a person's life, when she killed herself she became a ghost.

The MEoDP just completely erases the existence of the thing it kills.

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What happens if she kills herself in ghost form? Does she go back to being alive?

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Best ask ZUN about that.

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Gensokyo probably implodes and all Touhous get spit into the real world.

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She can't kill herself if she's a ghost. She's already dead.

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She sure can eat though.

And she's a phantom, so Youmu can actually kill her.

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Is Kaguya's time hax stronger than Sakuya's?

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Kaguya's time hax is very subtle.

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Remilia might be the worst case of this. Her power is just in her profile because ZUN thinks it looked cool. In fact, i'm surprised that he hasn't forgotten to write it in her later profiles. Fans wank the fuck out it in powerlevel threads like she's nearly omnipotent but she never even mentions it. It's like saying your character is a great martial artist and then never having him even near any fights.

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She's already a fucking vampire but I guess each old hag needs some reality altering power.

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Didn't it imply somewhere in PMiSS that she can and has used her powers before?

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It could be that her fate manipulation power isn't as strong as people make it out to be.

With enough willpower or prevention of another fate-based ability (luck, misfortune, etc) or even a charm you can still escape the fate she set upon you.

I always think reality-altering powers aren't always absolute.

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That probably depends on who has a "greater will". If Remilia is hell fucking bent on something then it won't be easy to escape shit

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She never even does anything with it. The fact that you have to make stuff up to try to explain it away already tells how bad this is. Even Flandre does better than her sister in that aspect and she just about never appears anywhere.

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I still don't know what exactly Futo is supposed to be able to do. All she does in TD is use standard spells like every character plus a boat like Komachi while the fighter has her throw around plates which make her stronger if they break and somehow use fire.

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It's actually just normal onmyoudo arts, but hers appear to be elemental based

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She can. Not many people know it, but she has a mirror that can see a person's deed. It's mentioned in PMiSS.

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It may also depends on the amount of her magical power.

She can't completely manipulate the fate of someone that has stronger magical power than her.

Well, ZUN said she can manipulate fate so she must be able to some extent.

The thing is people like to convince themselves that her power is absolutely broken.
Just because ZUN didn't said it it doesn't mean that there's no some limitation to her power.

It's like I say I beat up some guy then suddenly people think that I owned him really hard, while in fact I also got bruised here and there, just like any normal fight.

In this case, the fact that she rarely use it might imply that her fate manipulation is incredibly weak.

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>My hips are moving on their own!

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>Well, ZUN said she can manipulate fate so she must be able to some extent.

And she does nothing with it, ever, which is what this thread is about. Almost everything about it is fanon only, including posts that are supposed to explain how it might work. Only PMiSS ever mentions it in any way and even that uses "might be" every time. I think the only fangames i know that even try to use it are the Strawberry Bose games as her limit break.

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I can control water if you know what I mean.

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>sells medicine in the human village, would be hard to do that if she keeps making people go insane.
No, but it would make a business in mental illness medications highly profitable

I also present the Touhou with the shittiest power, the ability to control the turning of leaves.

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Worst is Kogasa because anyone can do what she can do and she isn't even good at it. She might as well have no power.

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Is Seija hax? I mean, she can flip anything, what if she "flips" someone's air intake or blood circulation?

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what if she flipped the spin values on all of your atoms

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I've never seen Nitori in any fan material, so it's not unusual. And her spellcards (at least in TH14.3) are very splishy splashy.

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can she flip me from male to female? that would be nice

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Now I remember there's one of her spellcard that makes the entire stage flooded.

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Reisen can shoot eye laser too, but she's a straightforward, "sane" person so she doesn't use these kind of mindfuck power often.

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she makes my penis hard

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Which 2hu can defeat this thing that's an embodiment of hax?

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Probably one of the old hags or Reimu.

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Eirin can seal the earth in a pot.
This toy is piece of cake.

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just let this trash thing rust and call the Super Sentai

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I hope this outfit become more popular, like Mystia kimono outfit.

Just give white color scheme and I'm sold.

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I know people tend to exaggerate old hag powerlevels to a stupid extreme, but is Eirin really THAT powerful?

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Eirin is one hag whose powers you cannot exaggerate. She's a literal primordial god. If it's ever been said she can do something, she probably can. And more.

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It's the entire plot of IN.
She prevented Lunarians from reaching her and Kaguya by sealing earth inside a chamber.

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Youmu's swords can "kill" phantoms.
Yuyuko is a ghost though, a different being, plus she's also a special case.

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She's pretty much the inventor of magic, as magic was originally the Moon's power.

Her magic is far more complicated than Earth magic, and as such is extremely powerful.

Sealing the entire Earth in 'a pot' is just one of her charms, and it isn't even her most powerful one.

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According to Flandre it's just a bluff, but you also know how Flandre is. We'll never know I guess.

>> No.12174733

Sealing the Earth in a pot could be some kind of magical/scientific screen that covers the Earth from intruders and stuff, she uses advanced science afterall

>> No.12174737

Eirin screws around with quantum stuff as if it were just another science.

It could be possible, but you don't fuck with Eirin.

>> No.12174744

I wish I had that power. I would make it autumn forever~


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>you don't fuck with Eirin.
Yukari did.

>> No.12174766

Yukari is just a dumb-o who likes to play with matches and gas.

It's going to explode in her face one day.

>> No.12174867

She can't really even do that. I'm pretty sure she just paints them red. Shizuha is cute though so I don't care.

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Yukari's border manipulation seems to get turned into 'youkai portal gun powers' in a lot of works. I feel like if she felt like it she could really ruin everyone's day by reversing the direction of the strong and weak forces (border between attraction/repulsion) or removing the boundary that keeps solid matter separate and turning the universe into a single point and shit like that, not to mention more mundane things like causing nuclear explosions by shrinking distances between atoms (though I guess some of those examples fit Seija more).

>> No.12174884

Gaps aren't omnipotent, Yukari said so herself.

>> No.12174889

No need to bring in physics to be abused. Yukari could just ``ruin everyone's day'' by imagining their day to be ruined, then erasing the border between her imagination and reality.

Of course, >>12174884 , and speculating about 2hu powers like that gets very silly very fast.

>> No.12174890

Could you cite that? Not saying you're lying, just want to see it. And can we really trust the character known for manipulation and Tzeentchian plotting to be honest about her own powers? It's an odd situation in which the primary source seems least reliable.

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her eyes are always represented in most spellcards and in a lot a fangames where it does have some effect on you
i would like to see a mindbreak doujinshi featurng her turning some school girls into silly sluts and let getting them get NTRed hard

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She said it in Wild Horned Hermit I believe.

If you need actual proof to Yukari's powers being limited, note that she can only gap to the Moon when the moon is full.

If she were omnipotent, then she'd be able to go there no matter what.

>> No.12174910

I'm quite biased because she's my favorite, but I think she's the kind of being that would be careful to make sure others underestimate her power. I know "duhhh, she let the Lunarians win" is a pretty stupid excuse, but it's one I believe to be at least possible.

>> No.12174916

Why would they show us one thing and mean the other? She was alone, if I'm not mistaken (Or with Ran) at the time.

She would have no reason to lie otherwise.

>> No.12174946

I more meant that Yukari going through all that BS just to steal some sake was to make the Lunarians think "oh, she had to make a ridiculous contrived plan that barely worked just to steal our booze. We're totally safe from her and we can retain confidence in our technology and security measures." That way, if Yukari ever has to actually move against the Lunarians with her full power they'll be disadvantaged as they don't know her true capabilities. But, like I said, that's just what I think may have been her plan.

>> No.12174953

I don't think it'd be a very good idea for Yukari to invade the Lunarians in an attempt to wage war.

They invented magic and their realm is full of gods and science that we don't even really understand.

If they were to even invade the Moon, it'd simply be by the Watatsukis' grace that they are even allowed to breathe.

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Nah mang, Yukari is top tier strong but not broken.

Meanwhile fucking Eiki can easily beat the combined power of Reimu, Yuyuko and Yukari, and we still don't know how.

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I guess the point I'm trying to get across is that due to Yukari's Machiavellian, plotting, always-planning personality, it's impossible to know whether any of her words an actions are representative of her true nature or calculated deception. But like >>12174889 said it's stupid to discuss power levels because one of Touhou's inherent attributes (and one that IMO makes it so great) is the vagueness/unreliability (Akyuu's writing) in much of the source material.

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In before people arguing Yukari really meant she'll out-talk them or something.

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The point is you don't know. It's letting the reader/player/consumer of the media fill in some of the details with their imagination while still building an impressively thought out setting. It's a hallmark of good storytelling. I'm also imagining bar fights in Gensokyo starting over something like "No way! Satori would kick Remilia's ass!" "You guys are retards! Hijiri could take both at once!" Kinda like how fights in the real world get started over athletes.

>> No.12175048

Those arguments would all end with people talking about Kokoro beating up three people at once.

>> No.12175054


I'm with you on the whole 'we just don't know' thing.

It'd get boring if we just left it at that, though, which ironically is why it's fun to talk about powers and abilities in touhou. Kind of like when people go "well that's just YOUR opinion!" No shit it's my opinion, but if I just leave it at that, it completely stifles the discussion.

So, yeah, we don't really know. It's like you said though, because we don't know, we can have fun talking about it, and there are many avenues open to discussion. Which is why I say fuck the whole "absolute canon power level rankings" some stories have. I'm not saying that incredibly powerful characters are innately bad, but they're bad when it becomes "this person is this strength, so matched up against this person, they win."

>> No.12175076

I wish Nasu didn't say whether Shiki or Shirou would win.

>> No.12175125

>Kinda like how fights in the real world get started over athletes.

That's pretty much what they are. Canonically, as of Hopeless Masquerade. Only in Gensokyo, you get to see the matter settled.

Maybe we should be arguing about danmaku fights instead of their true power. You don't normally see people wondering whether LeBron James would beat the shit out of Durant. Wrong sport.

>> No.12175127

>Maybe we should be arguing about danmaku fights instead of their true power.
I would say that would be better, as many of the fights without danmaku would last a couple seconds.

>> No.12175136

In Japan, such thing as turning leaves at the wrong time in the wrong setting can kill a man with feelings or force him to kill himself because philosophy. That's what you get for being all "east".

>> No.12175176

>many of the fights without danmaku would last a couple seconds

Some wouldn't even last a millisecond. And some could potentially last for eternity.

>> No.12175403

Yuuka. Rin [OK Zombie Fairies; but mostly it's IM A CAT], Yuugi [How often do people flesh out her 'control of supernatural?].

>> No.12175408

Yuuka's plant control comes up pretty often, doesn't it?

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2hu fanbase is garbage.

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Her ability is mentioned a bit, but it's grossly underestimated. She could alter history so you that never came into existence.

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But that power is great you nerd

>> No.12175429

>Could devour the history of you being born while Human
>Could create history of you dying in a horrible way while Hakutaku

>> No.12175430

Wouldn't it just be people wouldn't remember that you came into being?

>> No.12175437

I could destroy the economies of many countries and cause the deaths of millions by fucking with leaves.

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who cares, history is bunk

>> No.12175453

Maybe being a history teacher she just destroys destroys history books and spreads disinformation!

>> No.12175458

You could flip Canada!

>> No.12175482

Eiki Shiki mentions this in PoFV, but Aya's power isn't just wind power and traveling very fast, she can basically change reality and makes her article's retelling of event becomes the "truth".

>> No.12175486

ZUN's Daughteru, everyone.

>> No.12175495

Jeez, no wonder nobody ever wants to be in her newspaper.

>> No.12175511

She does this with good intention though:
[Eiki] Why do newspapers exist?

[Aya] By writing an article, the truth changes.
By writing that changed truth into an article,
the truth changes once again. To write an article without fully understanding it is a foolish thing, but if one understands at least that, a newspaper has the power to change the truth.

[Eiki] Well then, how will you go about writing your newspaper?

[Aya] I'll write to straighten the world.
I'll change the truth, and make this world better.


>> No.12175520

Big deal, any government with enough (any) power over the media does that

>> No.12175521

Eh.. That's basically "tell a lie using the "this is a professional article" and people will believe it anyway and so truth will be changed".
That power is cake common in our world.
The power of disimformation.

>> No.12175525

>It is often said that to make a profit is not a good thing, but that is only what humans that lack virtue say out of envy. They think that not working is good, but that's not the case. Money works in such a way that earning and spending become good deeds in themselves.

Eiki-sama hates NEET it sems ;_;

>> No.12175530

She doesn't hate, she judges.

>> No.12175541

It's a pretty interesting view on making cash.

>> No.12175545

dude, do you have no sense of interpretation
don't take everything verbatim if it's supposed to be a clever phrase

>> No.12175547

Well, several economies rely on people in the country earning and spending money from jobs that provide labor or service for others, and also rely on not having too many people on welfare, so I can see why she would call it a good deed.

>> No.12175555

Well, it's Touhou, so it probably goes both ways, after all, Aya does try telling the truth, unlike normal propaganda, which recognizes the truth but tells lies anyway.

>> No.12175559

>You still speak nothing but lies.
Don't come to me if someone takes revenge before I judge you.
Wow, I didn't know Tewi being a huge bitch is actually canon.

>> No.12175879

>Fans wank the fuck out it in powerlevel threads like she's nearly omnipotent

I think that if she really had such power, all of her schemes would go as planned, like for one, avoid getting her cute little vampire ass wrecked by moonbitches.

But I do believe, that she can influence the outcome of things, just not about stuff that is happening at the moment, but about long-term events.

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I lol'd
But then again, hakutaku are actually very powerful beasts, if anything I think her powers are quite legit. In PMiSS there was actually a line in her profile that said "History is reality, seen from a single point of view". There could be a reason this was put there.

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Keine's power is amongst the silliest because in the end it just comes down to semantics, really.

What is history?

If you consider history to be "everything that has ever happened" like >>12175422 and most doujins seem to, then she's basically omnipotent.
If you change history to "the records of past events through the existence of mankind", then she can just alter shit that is widely accepted as true past events.

And that's not even touching on if she just makes people forget it ever happened, or make it so that it never happened in the first place.

>> No.12179366

History is what the victors have decided should be remembered.

>> No.12179562

I'm pretty sure she can't change the present. Just people's perception of the past.

It's still a fearful power. She could make everyone vividly remember how you got drunk one night and and ran around the whole town completely naked with a sake bottle up your ass, and that's an innocent prank compared to other possibilities.

>> No.12179835

Maybe the red mist was fated to be stopped?
Maybe Remilia's powers manipulated the main characters into stopping her?
Maybe Remilia doesn't even have powers and she just wants to be cool by giving herself a strong sounding power that no one can prove she has or doesn't have?

>> No.12179877

Are you a literal fucking retard?

>> No.12179880


>> No.12179937

wch 2hu u qot

>> No.12179939


>> No.12179950

worst 2hu

>> No.12179954

fyte me m8

>> No.12179967

i think its a hate crime to hit a retard and i dont want to go to jail

>> No.12179975

fine, we go2jail and fyte m8, can't go to jail if you are in jail

>> No.12179980

ill be waitin 4 u ther

>> No.12179985

fine m8 i will prepare my shiv

>> No.12179991

It's mentioned in Labyrinth of Touhou 2.

But you're right, I couldn't think of any other example.

>> No.12182538

The second one is basically the plot to the doujin Here no More by Demour402.

>> No.12182581

Imagine what would happen if she shut down the Chlorophyll of every tree in Gensokyo. Trees would wither as they need sunlight as much as water from the soil. Trees also produce foliage for insects and wood for various usage by others.

Do not fuck with ecology. It is what every living thing is connected to.

>> No.12182858

Nope. There are quadrillions of bacteria living deep under the surface of the Earth. Even if the entire planet is nuked they will live still.

>> No.12183068 [DELETED] 

so that flan could have fun with a meteor or something, right?

>> No.12183071 [DELETED] 

maybe she can switch us. I want to be a boy ;_;

>> No.12183129

No that was in Bohemian archive. I think she changed Sakuya's fate somehow

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>> No.12184985

Can someone explain the stick ring thing? I feel like I have seen it before.

>> No.12185004

>Hoop rolling has been documented since antiquity in Africa, Asia and Europe. Played as a target game it is an ancient tradition among widely dispersed aboriginal societies. In Asia, the earliest records date from Ancient China, and in Europe from Ancient Greece.

>> No.12185018
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>Abilities: Wielding unexplainable phenomena

Real abilities: balancing sake dishes, punching the fuck out of things.

>> No.12185078

Keine's ability is one of illusion and mirrors how people actually learn about history. History (as is talked about by ZUN), is the collection of events from the point of view of whoever is writing down these events. The recollection of history is the understanding of these events learned from the history previously written down.

Keine's ability as a hakutaku is that she is the history-writer. She writes down the history of people, places, events, and the affected parties "learn" of this history, and as such believe this is what really happened. However, this doesn't affect their previous knowledge, merely what they will learn. Keine's human form devours history, in that she can remove history that has been written down. Because she transforms every full moon, Keine can reliably delete history and then rewrite it within the span of a month, or write down history and then delete it as she wishes.

In IN, she hides the human village's existence by deleting its history in order to defend it from potential threats. The characters that weren't witness to what actually occurred absorbed this and their perceptions changed to reflect what could have happened without the human village being there. The reason Yukari could see the human village just fine is because she's been there since the very creation of the village. As a really old youkai, she knows the true history of the village and so even if the history was "told" to her (by Keine's ability) Yukari could reject it.

>> No.12185085

I think I'm gonna screencap this.

I know Keine isn't supposed to be hax.

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Well said.

>> No.12185524

Yeah I've always wondered about her ability. It basically amounts to making shit happen, right? Wouldn't that make her near invincible?

>> No.12185602

what if her period blood came out blue
that would be an unexplainable phenomenon

>> No.12186630

Copper instead of iron I guess.

>> No.12186679

I thought oxidized copper was green

>> No.12186692

I lol'd

>> No.12186700

Elemental copper is green, but hemocyanin (the protein that uses copper to carry oxynge) is blue.

And apparently if you take too many sulfur medications your blood becomes green.

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Since the moon cycle are similar to the cycles of a woman's menstruation: The "history-writing"-phase is similar to the ovarian cycle, where the ovarian follicles mature and get ready to release an egg into the oviduct. And the "history-deleting"-phase is similar to the uterine cycle with the menstruation. These cycles are needed to make babies.
Now what exactly is Keine's baby? Or what happens with the history if she get pregnant?

>> No.12186705
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I interpret it as meaning she can control the powers of other Touhous, as all Touhous and youkai exist or do battle through rather supernatural means and perplexing phenomenas.

That's why she can stay in front of Reimu/Marisa and their rain of bullets for most of her stage without taking damage or spilling her sake.
It makes sense for her, I think, being able to control the battle in order to extract the most fun out of the fight.
I interpret Yuugi as one who always fights on the same level as her opponents, so that she may enjoy the fight as opposed to the victory. So regardless of who she fights, she can manipulate rather strange phenomena to bring the best out of the fight, be the opponent stronger or weaker than her.

>> No.12188233

>I interpret it as meaning she can control the powers of other Touhous, as all Touhous and youkai exist or do battle through rather supernatural means and perplexing phenomenas.

Holy shit no. Stop taking an english translation of the phrase so completely literally and read about what it actually signifies rather than jumping to whatever conclusions you want to.

The difficulty is that a literal translation of the phrase would still mean nothing without context anyways, so all we can do is use semi-meaningful phrases like "wields/possesses unexplainable phenomena". The powers an oni possesses are beyond comprehension, even in a world where you have a bunch of different kinds of magic. The unexplainable phenomena here isn't magic; in Gensokyo, magic is explainable. Several different characters refer to it in this way; Aya even calls it bogus/cheat/scam. Her ability and title among other things are references to Confucius, and is hilariously descriptive entirely because her ability is unexplainable. "Yuugi is so powerful that the things she can do just plain don't make sense", is basically the feel you're supposed to get.

>> No.12188275
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So either way that still means she's ridiculously strong, right? But does it breach the reality warping bullshit line?

>> No.12188307
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Youmu is supposed to be a gardener, and I have NEVER seen her do gardening work in fanon OR canon.

>> No.12188313
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Reisen has a mighty fuckload of abilities. I think she might have the greatest number of -separate- abilities of any touhou:

- Madness inducing gaze
- Wavelength manipulation (overpowered as fuck)
- Telepathic communication
- Alchemy training from Eirin
- Suppositories/Lunarian weapons
- Flight of course

No wonder she beat up Yukari, Yuyuko and Remilia in canon. Useless bunny my ass.

>> No.12188316

She kills phantom, which is some sort of weed to ghost flower.

And that's her job, not her special ability.

>> No.12188327

Still missing eye lazer.

>> No.12188341

Really? I see her gardening often enough in fanworks. Meiling, on the other hand...

>> No.12188361

I see standing around doing jackshit in plenty of fan works.

>> No.12188481

"Oh no, I'm poisoned"
"There, I punched the poison out of you."

>> No.12188489

"Th-thanks, Yuugi, but that makes no sense! I mean for one thing, you hit me full force and I'm not even brui-"
"There, I punched the concern for logic out of you. Welcome to Gensokyo."

>> No.12188626

>No wonder she beat up Yukari, Yuyuko and Remilia in canon.
Not in my canon.

>> No.12189239


>>12188233 here
that's probably fairly accurate