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Is Touhou still popular? Or... is it dead.

If it's dead now, it's partly because the top images
Google turns up show the suckiest, frilliest facet of the fandom.
Potential fans were turned off by it and thought, "WTF is this gay shit?"

Why couldn't image searches reveal the cool side of Touhou to newbies
instead of the faggy, frilly fairy side?

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Peter Payne used to post Touhou every day. Now he's posting Kancolle every day and Touhou like once a week.

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What do you mean by cool side?

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Touhou is reclining.

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Kancolle has a looong way to go by that metric.

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I love this image.

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Touhou is dead

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Touhou is merely sleeping

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2hu will never recline in my heart, for i want to be a cute girl and have tea parties

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What's stopping you?

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will you come to my tea parties? only cute girls and lewd BBAs allowed

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I'm not cute and not a girl but I want to have tea parties but nobody would invite me and I always end up crying in a corner all alone. I'm jealous of cute grills like you...

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/v/ still has daily 500+ threads of a dead 2hu fighting game

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By 'cool' you mean 'edgy' right, OP?

Why don't you join a fandom more suitable to your tastes? Run off and find one, chop chop. We'll just be here making fun of you until you come back.

Pic related: it's the sort of 'cool' stuff you're no-doubt talking about.

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Is this guy serious? I honestly can't tell

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What the HELL is that piece of crap?

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>a dead 2hu fighting game
at least it's still better than HM

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>better than HM
Does it have Kokoro?

Check mate athiest

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I'd like to go to a lewd BBA tea party

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Type-moon has been declining, that's for sure. Isn't it sad?

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not really

what's sad is that nothing has come to properly take its, or anything's, place

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Touhou's not dead, it's merely panning for the fjords

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It's "pining for the fjords".

That image isn't cool.
This one is.

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you can pan in the fjords too

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Epic panda reference, bro

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Did someone said Touhou is Dead?

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Do you even Monty Python?

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Blame the western fanbase. An all but female cast attracts a lot of tumblr lesbians.

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An all female casts also attracts perverts who use touhou as their sex fantasy, and I am not sure which is worse

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How the fuck is every touhou trans/non-binary? What the hell.
I don't get it. Why would you assume a character who's confirmed a girl a trans. Why.

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I wish Kancolle took over so we could get a small cozy and slow updating group of threads hidden in between pages 4-10 to talk about the same redigested topics again and again while tards sperg about their new fads.

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That's one way to look at it but futa isn't even canon in Touhou.
This reminds me of the nerd on tumblr who said everyone in Madoka was transexual or a transvestite.
I really don't get it, man.

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That would explain it.

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me on the left

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Touhou is reclining

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Touhou was never popular.

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Yes, I'm sure it was very popular in your super secret 2hu club.
2hu had no influence on anime. At all. It's just a neckbeard circlejerk.

The sooner you deal with it, the sooner you realize this.

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Influential =/= popular. Check the dictionary.

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So touhou is just flavor of the month shit?

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Touhou is both influential and popular though.

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>2hu had no influence on anime. At all.

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That only proves how generic 2hus look.

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>2hu had no influence on anime. At all.

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Well, I'm glad that IOSYS is now doing Kancolle music instead of Touhou and that hentai artist also changed to Kancolle.

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I hope that Alstroemeria also switches to kancolle.

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>that hentai artist
Oh, yeah, that one.

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>that hentai artist
Yeah. uh

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Kancolle music is shit.

Shitty voice clips.

And there's not even that many songs to remix in the first place.

This is one of the reasons why Kancolle will be long forgotten soon enough, because of this and the shitty gameplay. The only thing going for it was "hype" and character designs.

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how is kancolle-music even a thing in a browser game

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It isn't. People are playing it up, but all the doujin music that has been coming out for it is literally shit.

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Purely hype based on the whole "Kancolle is the new Touhou" thing so people blindly believe that the music must be good.

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I can;t wait for people to realize that Kancolle has no substance behind the "hype" and go back to business as usual.

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Which one? A few of my artists switched.

Browser games can do sound you know. I've only listened to a bit of it, it didn't seem to interesting.

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*it didn't seem too interesting.

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Well Miko is trans, and... what does non-binary even mean?

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Binary...means...composed...of...two...pieces. Therefore...non-binary...would...be...not...composed...of...two...pieces.

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miko is a girl!

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Yes, she is now, but it was not always the case.

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Do you have any proof that someone who did not actually exist was ever not a girl?

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I don't get this. Yeah, it's okay to like it and play it and draw porn of it and whatever, but forcing oneself to arrange such shitty music is just... weird.

It takes considerable skill to make Kancolle music sound not shit since the source music is trash, and it's a skill many doujin musicians do not possess.

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Miko is female. Not trans. The original folklore is not relevant to ZUN's world loosely based on it.

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Touhou is more popular now more than ever. I can't see why you would think it isn't...

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All the people who actually like Touhou will stay, so there's no issue for me.

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It seems to be that way, based on Pivix at least

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Oh no, not the one artist

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Did anyone else accidentally gloss over this primo-quality shitpost?

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I don't agree that all-female casts are inherently bad, but I think the point of attracting perverts for sex fantasies is true. It's true for everything: Rule 34.

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Not only are you wrong about why Touhou is all-female, there is nothing wrong with sex or sexual desire. You should stop perpetuating religious propaganda. This isn't the middle ages any more - there's no danger of a public acceptant of sex. Condoms exist now.

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Too early to say anything.


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Those frogs in the background are really cool.

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I want to be the first one to guess, is that artist sameface Takarabako?

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Not all of it is bad, you know.


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They always show up when I search touhou stuff in rakuten.

Until now, it doesn't look like kancolle is stealing searches.

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I believe that part of the reason is that Kancolle is super unintuitive in terms of sinking, air superiority, and boss-reaching requirements. A lot of people I know took a lot of time in the past, researching how to play the game properly. Also probably to figure out what Kancolle is.

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What are lewd BBAs? I'm too afraid to google.

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BBA = Babaa.
Babaa = Obaasan.
Obaasan = Granny/Old woman.

So it's Japanese slang/shorthand for "old hag", basically.

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Thank you for clearing that up!