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Who is your favorite touhou couple?

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Tewi and guy from human village

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Wriggle and Yuuka

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old hag x loli

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Any 2hu x Sinsack

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Mokou and Flan

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Reisen and Eirin are always great.

I also enjoy Kaguya and Reisen.

However I don't think it's fair for two to be together while the one is left alone, so I don't know what to do about that.

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Anything that isn't Miko x Tojiko is just wrong

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Yukari doesn't like lolis. Yukari likes Reimu.

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Eiki and Komachi, by far.

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Lesbian vampire loli incest

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Thats not fu-to-jiko

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So you like NTR-rape?

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Suika x Alcohol

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Those are four words I never knew I needed together.
until now.

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Do you even need to ask? SakuyaxRinnosuke of course. AKA,

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Unzan and Unzan's other face!

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Yes, we had to ask.

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Well you got your answer.

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Kaguya and Mokou

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me too dude

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Maribel and Renko.

It's the only couple that makes sense because the rest of them are busy being complete dicks to each other.

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I can't get enough of these two.
The long nights of walking around in the garden, just the two of them; Remilia is often embarrassed, Sakuya stoic and just going with it, wanting nothing more than for her mistress to feel comfortable and loved.
Eventually Remi will have to bite Sakuya, making her and their love immortal.

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I think it works, especially if you frame it as "they just get sick of fighting sometimes and end up as more like friendly rivals."

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I prefer the half-fight, half-engage in violent intercourse which sometimes kills one of them because it's just that violent.

Mostly because I'm a fan of that sort of stuff in certain contexts, like "Both partners are immortals and do this sort of thing all the time."

On a side note, I really love that picture. It was the picture that got me shipping Kaguya and Mokou.

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I'm not really into that level of violent stuff. I just imagine that hate dies out over time. You can only hate someone for so long, especially when you're immortal, before it just seems so trivial. But fighting is also a part of who they are. So I would think they would continue, it would just be tamer.

Of course, when it comes to no-holds-barred-beatdowns, I do love Mokou and Flan together. Not romantically, just the idea of the both of them not needing to hold back at all sounds fun.

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I really liked that artist until he went full homo.

Should have known that futa lovers go gay eventually.

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Reimu likes to cuddle Yukari

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Yeah nigga

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>I just imagine that hate dies out over time. You can only hate someone for so long, especially when you're immortal, before it just seems so trivial.

Yeah, I know, and that's kinda what happened in canon. Which is fair enough.

I can imagine them after a fight giving reviews of each other's attempts to kill them, asking the other to improve to give more of a challenge. Just things like that is also what makes me like them in general.

As for Mokou and Flan, the idea of Mokou acting like an aloof big sister to Flan is really adorable. An unstoppable force meets the unmovable object, and they play with wooden blocks and share innocent jokes.

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Yukari likes to cuddle Reimu

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we ship

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Why not UnzanxIchirin?

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Don't sexualize pure old cloud

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Forbidden love

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my friend.................

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I always liked how they started out not getting along at all, but gradually seemed to get closer and closer. It's rather sweet.

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Nue and me

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I'd like to see more Marisa x Yuugi, but no one ever draws any of that. Best drinking buddies. It's not common because it's only described in SoPM.

SakuMei and KaguMoko is pretty good too.

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Just one doujin would satisfy me.

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what do you girls think about starting a shipping general?

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I have no strong feelings about it.

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>I'd like to see more Marisa x Yuugi
christ, you people.

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Old women lusting for little girls.

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mite b cool

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See through tub? Are those a thing?

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Yes, I think there are glass bathtubs/

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You were off by thiiiiis much.

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Suddenly, a guro doujin idea pops into anon's head.

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BDSM and harsh noise!

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Why the harsh noise?

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Because they go together so lovely! Now bound and gag me.

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You don't like Mikomiko?

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If you're gagged, how do the screams get out?

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The real pleasure comes from staring into my pained eyes.

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Who told you you can define my pleasure?

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Oh, I see. You're all a bunch of yurifags and pair up girls while ignoring canon just because it's not gay.
Fuck you. And fuck this thread.

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Mm fair enough. You better be able to make me scream then.

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My, someone sounds desperate.

I wonder if you beg as well as you scream.

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Guys, there's a difference between normal RP and this RP. You are not 2hus.

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I think first-person RP is gross too, I just couldn't help myself.

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Why do it if you think it's gross?

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I guess I was trying to express something about the duality of man.

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Just become a real touhou.

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Nah, apparently there's only so much helium in the world and we need to use it for MRIs and stuff.

I wasn't the initiator, I just thought I might be able to make someone's day a little better.

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Thank you for humouring me. Perhaps one day we will meet IRL and reenact some of the things we discussed.

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Those are beautiful arms.

I wouldn't mind hearing more about what else you'd like to enact but I think this thread has been derailed enough already.

Here's another of my favourite pairings, even if it's not very original.

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Please refrain from using pop culture quotes on /jp/, /tv/-san

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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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OTP of OTPs.

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do not save samples
do not post samples

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I'm deeply sorry. I have no idea how it ended up in my folder. I was kind of hoping nobody would notice, and I've already replaced it with the full-size version.

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TeruMoko is the best, but only when their rivalry is treated seriously and not just played off as tsundere. I really like the idea of a couple that starts out genuinely hating each other but over the course of their feud end up running into each other's good points and becoming closer, with their fights gradually scaling down from all-out war to gentleman's duels to making snarky comments at each other when they hang out.

Imperfect Metamorphosis basically got it perfect.

Honorable mentions go to KokoroxKoishi and ByakurenxMiko.

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>Imperfect Metamorphosis
Is it the first result of fanfiction? I want to see KaguyaxMokou

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>Imperfect Metamorphosis basically got it perfect.
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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For me, it's great because it's a form of love that I imagine is beyond the scope of our understanding as mere mortals. It's a bond forged over hundreds of years, after all. Killing each other must have evolved into a form of communication for them as well, or perhaps it's a method to keep their sanity, who knows,

And I like to imagine their humanity getting the better of them at times, that one would grow bored or sick of the other. They'd see or fug other people. Mokou finding solace in Keine, for one, answered by Kaguya sending assassins her way, too furious to see Mokou in person.

Yet time and time again, when all is said and done, they would always, always return to one another. Beginning anew, but at the same time continuing where they left off, perpetually, for countless years gone and to come. Theirs is truly the purest, truest form of love in the world. After all, not even the death of the universe can separate the two.

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Anything with Tenshi is fun, but I like yukaten the most.

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And I'm just into it for the brutal, violent hatesex followed by chain-smoking and cuddles.

But I like your idea too. The idea that as much as they can't stand each other, they're ultimately dependent on each other. Emotionally, only they know how the other feels. To know their ultimate fate. Mortals can only shudder at the thought of eternity drifting the cosmos alone.

Maybe the last thing they do before the world crumbles into space dust is hold their hands on one side and throttle each other with their free hands. An eternal reminder to an alien species one day, that it's better to forgive your enemies than to hold a grudge all your life.

...Wow, I put way too much thought into this.

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I love TeruMoko.
I imagine them fighting to the death and gore.
One time they just happen to fall on themselves, Kaguya on top of Mokou, and meet their lips violently, bursting into wild hate-sex.
Soon, scissoring their immortal solitude between them.
Later comes blushing and friendliness. Both trying to act like friends and occupy themselves by normal, human-like activities.
Sometimes yandere-like action happens from most likely Kaguya, ending in blood bath and fucking.

MeiSaku was my first favorite.
I find HijiMiko very cute.
Also a fan of anything involving Magic Guild and Sakuya, Yuuka, Yukari.

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>Kaguya on top of Mokou
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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She can be dominant.
She's a princess after all.

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It's a lengthy fanfiction with a shorter spinoff about them.

>> No.12137307


My friend edited their mouths. Yellow insides does not make sense!

>> No.12137316

Maybe they have hepatitis

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Are you trying to turn me on?

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maybe the original artist made it yellow originally to prevent artwork theft

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me + momiji

>> No.12137439

maybe the original artist is colorblind and thought it was skintone

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Alice and her sewing/dollmaking supplies?
I mean they're at least trying to make a kid together.

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Murasa x Nue
In canon, Nue refers to Murasa as "Minamitsu". Murasa's name is also similar to the name of the archer who, in mythology, supposedly sealed away the nue. This story is most likely led to fans pairing them together.
Rating: 1/10

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Reimu and the entirety of existence


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Who knows? Maybe the grudge is even still there. With those two, anything is as likely as it is unlikely. Like I've said, there's a thousand years' worth of emotions, memories, thoughts, love, hate, deaths, and rebirths in their bond. Two or three mortal lifetimes wouldn't be enough to understand the dynamics of such love, let alone a single lifetime. And that nebulousness, that utter incomprehensibility, is precisely what makes it so beautiful! As expected of the purest, truest form of love in the universe!

Also now you made me think about Mokou trying to get Kaguya to smoke, or maybe Kaguya trying to get into Mokou-like things. Certainly after sex. Kaguya would choke and cough violently (but cutely), lash out at stupid Mokou for being so stupid, and they'd fight again.

Killing each other again. And again. And then they'd cuddle, and laugh. Not even an apology, as murder is as natural to eating or sleeping to them, and why would anyone apologize for something that's natural? It doesn't help that some theorize death to be pleasurable, and not in the emo grimderp way, but as a biological mechanism to defend the brain from the shock.

Damn they're cute.

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Everyone x Mama Hijiri is the best Buddhist faction pairing.

>> No.12137825

Alice and myself makes for a better pairing. Alice herself agrees!

>> No.12137839


Pretending to be Marisa again, Alice?

>> No.12137939

W-what are you talking about d-d-da zeee...!!!!

(Gosh, t-this is so embarassing!!!)

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Mokou x Mystia is quite nice despite basically being created wholesale by one guy and his fans.