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I can't take it easy without my allotment of ONE (1) NEET lifestyle thread!

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Thank you.

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Don't you feel empty and worthless?

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i just woke up from a dream where i was friends with a loli
i moved to some rural town and we became friends
it was really nice and now i am sad that it wasnt real

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Get a job, hippie.

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>got a job as waiter, starting next week
>finally going to leave behind the neet life

Feels good bros!

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No way. I spent a few hours sorting all my fap material earlier and it made me feel great.

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How do you guys support your neet lifestyle?
I'm currently leeching off my parents, If they ever decide to kick me out or die I'm pretty fucked...

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no decent parent would actually kick their worthless kid out. It's just an American myth.

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I was going to ask if you would work all day to support your child, but I guess you would neither work or have a child

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Dude, I live in Mexico where everybody is family-oriented as fuck, and getting kicked out is a looming threat even for me.

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I made a server out of an old computer I had lying around. What can I use this for that will give me money?

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NEET threads were the only reason i visited this shitty board anyway

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Isn't the anzuchang thread the secret NEET thread...

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What do you neets do all day? Just sit around and watch anime?

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Yep. We also pretend to be aspiring philosophers to appear smart on the internet.

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i have some cool binoculars with night vision and a telescope so i usually people watch its like watching tv but the characters are your neighbors

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pretty much except my indulgence is music these days

i can go through even the most prolific band's discography in a single day

i play otaku games in the background; music takes center stage

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how do you listen to a 24+ hour discography in one day

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I want to go to the nearby grocery store and pick up some Dr Pepper, but then I have to shower and walk over there.

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caught me

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lmao that isn't something to be proud of.

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How do you waiters keep the plates so steady?
It amazes me how they can walk up stairs with two trays full food of cups filled to the brim.

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It's not worth bothering with that unless you bug their homes and they keep their curtains open all the time.

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former neet, became a mobile computer tech. It was good until they reduced my workload to one job a month.
Now I push carts at a supermarket

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I help my dad with gardening and stuff like that. We've been fixing up my grandmother's place.

But about a week ago I injured my knee and I can't straighten it.

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shit change it to all but the most prolific bands discography then

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Showering is the bane of my existence. I haven't showered in a couple of months, and my mom keeps telling me to do it.

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Please don't use ebonics.

Regardless, thanks for making the NEET thread.

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i had surgery recently and if i shower i have to change my bandages and i dont want to do that eithe

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What have you been listening to?

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its been so long since i last saw thsi frog happy...

man this brings up some feels.

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>I haven't showered in a couple of months

What the fuck?
It literally only takes 10 minutes to clean yourself.
How can you stand your own smell?

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I haven`t talked to someone in such a long time that i cant cant have a conversation without stuttering now

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I worked a shitty job for two years and got money, then quit then took a 1 month trip around Japan.. Now I'm back home enjoying the NEET lifestyle once again.

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I don't like showers but I'll never pass on a hot bath

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I'd really hate to have surgery or something. I have a lot of trouble with picking at wounds, and I feel like a massive gash on my chest or something would never heal. I'm covered in scars from just picking at the same wound for over a month.

I like my smell. I change my pants when they get a bit too ripe though.

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I got an internship offer and I'm meant to go out to sea ASAP but one thing lead to another and now I realise I don't even have the required life insurance or all the certificates and I can't even afford the fees even though I've eaten flour for weeks and worn one pair of pants for two years and now I'm going to be publicly humiliated against i'm trying to be productive stop spitting on me

.... This isn't what I signed up for.....

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are you a class s weeaboo

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ive just been scouring the net for dream pop or shoegaze releases, nothing too /jp/ related

going through stereolab right now

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well you just keep them covered by bandages and im sure you wouldnt pick at any serious wounds because the consequences are pretty bad if it gets infected or opens up

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holy fug janitor i was talkijng to my friends pls

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Get a freaking job

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I have talked to NEETs quite a few times before a few times on /jp/ and other chans but very rarely have I encountered anyone who was working full time (that is 40+ hours a week)and voluntarily became a NEET.

Is there anyone here like that or is it just a bunch of college normies pretending?

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Move out

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As long as I have my parents support I don't need to. A summer job on weekends would be a nice idea. But you can't be serious working as a waiter or pushing shopping carts just so I can buy some silly toys, those are jobs for high school students.

Get an education.

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Why do you think those two are the only options?

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I voluntarily became a NEET for two years and spent the entire day in my room owning nerds on the jay and watching anime.

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I'm 27 years old and living in my parents' basement. I've been a NEET since I was 16 and I've never had a job.

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I have worked a few fulltime jobs and quit each one to return to the NEET lifestyle. Working is torture, only mindless normalfags can stand it.

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FUCK the jews

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I've been trying to get banned from the j for a couple of days now. Shitposting like there's no tomorrow. But the mods just refuse to ban me. It's as if I was invincible. What's wrong with me?

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>janitor stops being a faggot temporarily
>all the shitposters that said they'd stop keep shitposting

Wouldn't you look at that...

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>all shitposters are the same person

Who are we quoting?

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what kind of jobs were they if you dont mind me asking? the reason I am curious about this is because I have been working nonstop for the past 4 years basically, and in a few months I am going to get cut back to only work 20 or so hours in a whole month. Its something I look forward to but Im nervous about what its going to be like for me because Im not used to having so much free time. I dont have much self control at all and dont want to wind up on imageboards 16 hours a day for weeks at a time.

How do you NEETs find the motivation to actually do things like watch anime or read books or do such ``productive'' activities?

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>janitor stops being a faggot temporarily
Yeah people keep saying that, even "jay got a new jenny" but I never saw any evidence whatsoever that the janitor's behavior changed. Look at this thread.
Sounds like a bunch of delusional wishful thinking.

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Yeah this thread is a perfect example, look at how few trashcans there are.

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No doubt false evasion bans like always

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Not that guy but I've quit three full time jobs and spent a lot of time NEET. The only way to avoid spending 100% of your free time on imageboards is self control or having something else to do that you enjoy enough to not get bored and go back to browsing again after 5 minutes. Finding motivation to read a book or watch anime is easy enough the problem is when you quickly work through everything and there's nothing else at that time that you want to read/watch/play

Fuck work though seriously man I'd rather be bored to fucking death at home than working 9-5 and bored to death in an office where there's no escape

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Make a loli thread. You'll definitely get banned for making one of those.

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its time to get laid junior

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Warosu is full of smartphone toting college normies and has been for a while dude

Some even unironically have social networking accounts

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I'm literally in a skype call with 2 other people from here as I'm replying to your post

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F*ck you teenbro. Not everyone is given the chance to live off the bank of mom and dad forever

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Normalfag coping method
Just be honest, you love the nightlife and drinking beers with your bros from college.

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I never went to college. I didn't want to have to be a homeless street NEET so I had to get a job, but I quit it eventually. I've done it a few times and I'm NEET again now.
Even when working I never forget my roots and don't try to make it as a normie.

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We all were born NEET, after all. Amen, brother. Normals are so quick to forget their own history

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Now this is being a normalfag. Highly doubt any of those people would ever touch 4chan to begin with.

>> No.12130054,31 [INTERNAL] 

Normalfaggotry is a spectrum
You're just a click or two away from that

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i do not want to live on a planet with these people

when can i go to mars or venus
even an orbiting NEET chamber would be good
actually that would be the best
theres a market for this kind of thing, probably
imagine living in a small structure orbiting the earth
just big enough to house a computer and some kind of plants for eating
you wouldnt even need a bed because you could just float around
and internet probably wouldnt be that slow


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I was at a party like that once when I was a teenager. I was cowering in the corner waiting for a chance to escape.

>> No.12130054,34 [INTERNAL] 


Why would want Internet? The Internet is hanging from a noose barely catching its breath.

>> No.12130054,35 [INTERNAL] 

what else would you do up there

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hoiw are you going to post with no internet

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I don't know. Man I wish I can just move out into the country side, get a nice house, a dog, and go dirt biking every day into the mountains where I don't have to see anybody. I fcking hate Florida.

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>15th birthday

What in the fug

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Come to Arizona. It's like Florida but with desert. I used to go dirtbiking every week when I was a kid, there's tons of trails and places to go.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnECncMJ9Og pls mute
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gGmkevhPGo a bit north of that area
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-R-t2XUT8fU really far north

>> No.12130054,42 [INTERNAL] 


i guess this kind of shows some mountains
payson is about two hours from phoenix
im sure there are trails all over there

>> No.12130054,43 [INTERNAL] 

To Drive is to live.

Fuck, it even rhymes...

>> No.12130054,44 [INTERNAL] 


Here's another driving video from around that area. I bet the lolis in these more rural areas are really cute and playful.

>> No.12130054,45 [INTERNAL] 

not really that strange in Australia

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I want to kidnap some of those whores and rape them to death, my cum as their only sustenance.

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He's serious

>> No.12130054,49 [INTERNAL] 

I'm serious

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oh you took the trip just this year?

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how do i teach myself discipline

i can never do anything without procrastinating

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What I do is set a timer 20 minutes work 5 minutes break 3 repeat in instant boss. So I give my brain a "deal" that if I get at least one hour of work you can screw around for an hour. Then after the hour I repeat the timer. I also wake up early, at around 5. You have to make discipline a habit.

link to timer by the way: http://appsapps.info/instantboss.php

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you reward yourself with a nice round of sonic racing dont ya?

>> No.12130054,55 [INTERNAL] 

no mario kart since it's the same type of game

>> No.12130054,56 [INTERNAL] 

why would I want a literally 0 second break? please explain the whole process by breaking down your day into time segments

hurry I'm failing my online courses

>> No.12130054,57 [INTERNAL] 

um is this a virus?

>> No.12130054,58 [INTERNAL] 

5 minutes is needed to get up off my butt and stretch and the hour is used to sit on the computer and watch cat videos on youtube.

My day is....wake up>walk my dog>come back and wash my face>maybe breakfast>check email/RSS/warosu>work for the hour>break 1 hour (breakfast usually)>if there is any time left screw around>work1hr>break>work 1 hr>break>repeat until 7 or 8pm

Then I do whatever, nap, play games, nap, etc.
installed and no virus here (-:

>> No.12130054,59 [INTERNAL] 


As for your courses you really need to just block distracting sites like this one. So just use coldturkey.

>> No.12130054,60 [INTERNAL] 

hey dude thanks for the tips didnt really expect a response but yeah hope this works wish me luck

>> No.12130054,61 [INTERNAL] 

good luck d00d


As I mentioned cold turkey, I checked their site and wow http://forcedraft.com/ pretty neat new program for writing papers.

>> No.12130054,62 [INTERNAL] 

couldn't i just end the process in task manager

>> No.12130054,63 [INTERNAL] 


No it should work like coldturkey like it won't stop from just the task manager or restarting. There is a way to stop it but it is quite technical and it works in fullscreen only.

>> No.12130054,64 [INTERNAL] 

this doesn't really help me because I can't do programming work with my computer blocked

>> No.12130054,65 [INTERNAL] 


If you mean the text editor yeah but the other program can only block what you set it to.

>> No.12130054,66 [INTERNAL] 

will cold turkey really stop a master hacker like me from looking up the hottest new threads on the big wih

>> No.12130054,67 [INTERNAL] 

I've been getting weird chest sensations for a few days now. It feels like my heart flutters and I can feel it skip a beat. It's a very odd feeling. Before now they only happened occasionally while laying down, but for the past few days I've been noticing them while sitting and laying down causes them to happen pretty much with every other beat.

>> No.12130054,68 [INTERNAL] 

Don't you hate it when you look through job offers and they all want dynamic and ambitious people? Like what you're supposed to do if you're not dynamic or ambitious or determined?

>> No.12130054,69 [INTERNAL] 


You might want to go see the emergency room. Eat less salty foods. I've been having similar problems for a long time.

>> No.12130054,70 [INTERNAL] 

found a career that lets you be a consultant and work 2-3 days a week to feed yourself and take it easy the rest

no point in saving for retirement or kids for people like us

when living becomes too much of a struggle well there is a solution for that

>> No.12130054,71 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.12130054,72 [INTERNAL] 

Anyone seen GJ?

>> No.12130054,73 [INTERNAL] 

literally who?

>> No.12130054,74 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.12130054,75 [INTERNAL] 

help me

>> No.12130054,76 [INTERNAL] 

pls assist me

>> No.12130054,77 [INTERNAL] 

I don't want to grow old

I want to be a teenbro again

>> No.12130054,78 [INTERNAL] 

Death is coming!

>> No.12130054,79 [INTERNAL] 

no please

where is the medical technology to stop death

>> No.12130054,80 [INTERNAL] 

What possible value to you provide to the world to merit the resources and labor spend upon the extenuating of your life?

>> No.12130054,81 [INTERNAL] 


By the time that comes out you wouldn't be able to afford it--nobody would.

>> No.12130054,82 [INTERNAL] 

I have no possible value right now but nobody is denying me medical care

>> No.12130054,83 [INTERNAL] 

hehehe we are all going to die some day

while we are living is the only time any of us will ever be able to say anything new to each other

after we die we will never be able to speak again

>> No.12130054,84 [INTERNAL] 

I just wanted to be somebody

>> No.12130054,85 [INTERNAL] 

You already are. You're just a shitty somebody is all.

>> No.12130054,86 [INTERNAL] 

When you see him again give him this link http://gnfos.com/jp/res/40278.html

>> No.12130054,87 [INTERNAL] 

Anyone seen GJ yet

>> No.12130054,88 [INTERNAL] 

I want some way to express my pain

>> No.12130054,89 [INTERNAL] 

try saying "ouch"

>> No.12130054,90 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.12130054,91 [INTERNAL] 

This guy is trying to play pro cs go while his cute sister bugs him

>> No.12130054,92 [INTERNAL] 

hey i played with that guy a couple days ago

>> No.12130054,93 [INTERNAL] 

Sure siz

>> No.12130054,94 [INTERNAL] 

jt mom says its ur turn to take out the trash

>> No.12130054,95 [INTERNAL] 

im not siz. it's pretty common to play with pros who are streaming in match making. that tarik guy is a fag he rage quit half way through becase we wouldnt listen to him then we won anyway.

>> No.12130054,96 [INTERNAL] 

she's cute

>> No.12130054,97 [INTERNAL] 

the norms in this chat are as bad as the wcrew on younow

>> No.12130054,98 [INTERNAL] 

god please just let me turn back time

>> No.12130054,99 [INTERNAL] 

so you can waste it again? fuck off

>> No.12130054,100 [INTERNAL] 

did your lgf died or something

>> No.12130054,101 [INTERNAL] 

They are being raped. I enjoy watching this guy suffer.

>> No.12130054,102 [INTERNAL] 

what the fuck it's not about wasting or not wasting I just need to fix things

>> No.12130054,103 [INTERNAL] 

your mom should have been fixed, turns out even i can make mistakes

>> No.12130054,104 [INTERNAL] 

I checked hoping to see the sister and I wasn't able to see her face or anything and then someone donated asking if the sister was single and he made her leave.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Let the girl have some fun. She doesn't need to be this sheltered.

>> No.12130054,105 [INTERNAL] 

I could have told you that

>> No.12130054,106 [INTERNAL] 

she literally just sat in the lounge room with the door open leading into the dining room which has a sliding door leading to outside which was locked with my niece locked outside and screaming

she was banging on my window or my door I couldn't tell since I was in bed with the fan on and earplugs in and she always does that to try to wake me up and get me to play but she was being particularly vigorous this time

so I got up to see what the fuss was and she was literally locked outside banging on the sliding door with my mom just sitting there in the lounge room when she could have heard easily so I let her in and got mad at my mom but she never admitted that she could hear her and just said it was a mistake and blamed it on her medicine side effects

I wish god would really fix her

>> No.12130054,107 [INTERNAL] 

Last night I read about how the Nazis sterilized certain people, specifically girls, some as young as 12 and I got a boner. I couldn't help it. How could someone read something like that and think of someone 'testing' if she's sterilized and cumming inside of her?

>> No.12130054,108 [INTERNAL] 

It wouldn't have been a pedo, they sterilized them too.

>> No.12130054,109 [INTERNAL] 

So you're telling me that they had fertile guys shooting loads into sterilized lolis? That's even more lewd.

>> No.12130054,110 [INTERNAL] 

Do you really think they had time for this pedofreak fantasy of yours? No, they just sterilized the group and moved on. So what if it didn't work sometimes?

>> No.12130054,111 [INTERNAL] 

only thing shooting loads is gonna be your cellmate jamal into your fat virgin ass when you go to jail pedoscum

>> No.12130054,112 [INTERNAL] 

Yes. Why would they not test?

>> No.12130054,113 [INTERNAL] 


le prison rape memee

nobody here is category 5 pedos

>> No.12130054,114 [INTERNAL] 

What are the different categories?

>> No.12130054,115 [INTERNAL] 

Irrelevant, they all fall under "subhuman."

>> No.12130054,116 [INTERNAL] 

Because it's more efficient to sterilize two with a 95% success rate than sterilize one and then waste time with your pedoshit.

>> No.12130054,117 [INTERNAL] 

I'm really curious.

>> No.12130054,118 [INTERNAL] 

They tested to find the best methods and improve their technique. This is literally a well documented fact.

>> No.12130054,119 [INTERNAL] 

Yeah. On grown women.

>> No.12130054,120 [INTERNAL] 

lol what a idiot.

>> No.12130054,121 [INTERNAL] 

What the fuck they are literally in the street squatting like frogs and yelling. This is pretty hilarious.

>> No.12130054,122 [INTERNAL] 

you sound like the worst Onii chan ever

>> No.12130054,123 [INTERNAL] 

I think a girl that age should be able to read stuff like that. No harm. It's not like they're asking to see her slimy parts or anything.