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wich 2hu wud u luv

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Which wouldn't you?

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you ;)

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You cannot devote your heart to more than one Touhou you wannabe bigamists.

Now tell me, who is your one and only waifu?

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My heart is large enough for many. We have to share waifus with each other so it is only natural we choose more than 1.

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Marriage between 2D and 3D are not legally binding.

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Keep trying to rationalize your infidelity you wretch.

Your waifu deserves better.

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The one that wud luv me back.

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post 2hu or i will sage!

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Too bad she's a Miko, nerd. For the time being she's sworn to celibacy.

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I don't think Yukari would return my feelings. Oh well.

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Define luv.

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Yog-Sothoth, of course.

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Baby don't hurt me. Don't hurt me no more.

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You into taking advantage of the intellectually diabled, dude? Gross.

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No, I just love Okuu.

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pick someone with a brain dude

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do not save samples
do not post samples

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I don't think I deserve her, oh well

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Don't tell him what to do! The heart wants what the heart wants and besides, despite being intellectually challenged, Okuu would make a wonderful wife and a caring mother.

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What happens when I luv them anyways?

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You should probably ask your parents about what happens when 2 people love each other. It is pretty lewd

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loving a touhou is sometimes a one-way road

no fictional character (without major problems) could ever love me

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Never noticed she had 2kat

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Hong Meiling is best 2hu

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Fish 2hu

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She's top 20, at least. 2nd best SDM after Patchy.

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Unrequoited love is indeed painful. Just remember that 2hus are not judgemental like the girls in your everyday life.

Do your best and cherish your chosen waifu and she will love you back!

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None of them have brains, they aren't real.

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Somewhere in the infinity of existence, there is a place where the 2hu you love is real, and she loves you back, problems and all.

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And you live here, where no one loves you

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It makes me happier knowing she's out there somewhere even if we'll never meet. Besides, I've got parents and other relatives who at least claim to love me.

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Komachi, I would inseminate, impregnate and make her mine for all of time.

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Would you have a babby with your favorite 2hu?

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How do i have babby?

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Artificial insemination? I don't really know fish biology.

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She shits out an egg and he has to jizz on it.

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Is the touhou hype dead already?

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lmao 2kat

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I didn't see myself having kids until I thought about having them with Yukari-sama. I'd consider making a few cute half-youkai abominations with her.

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i found out.
it's like a normal girl except the lower half is fishy.

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I wish I could be with her forever.

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who is this?

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looks like a moon cunt

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mating season

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trips confirm.
remove moon cunt.

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I'd fuck a moon cunt

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Sure, but I don't want Yukari turning it into a shikigami or anything.

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If you really need to cheat you can cheat on her with her all night.

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Isn't it great?

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I want her to slowly and gently drag her long nails all over me, or scratch me behind my ears

how do i get a girlfriend with long nails, only jewish girls/tubro sluts do it.

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It's At_classics, they're always sample.

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I bet Kagerou is a scratcher.

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I read that as Snatcher
>tfw no 2hu/Snatcher crossover

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If you fug a 2hu, do you gain its powers?

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And maybe Sakuya.

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That part where your wife answers the phone pretending to be a SNATCHER scared the shit out of me when I was younger.

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Which 2hus do you think would turn out to be SNATCHERS?

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What happened to her?

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Heart-shaped pupils are such a wonderful thing, and made even better by her red eyes.

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The part where the one disappears in the hospital freaked me the fuck out. That was a damn good game.

Yuuka and Koishi both make me feel a bit uneasy but it would probably be someone we least suspect. Marissa would make a good Random Hajile type

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I want to fuck kagerou in her unshaven asshole!

>> No.12121940

>Marissa would make a good Random Hajile type

Maybe PC-98 Marisa could be Elijah.

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That got me too. Slowbeef did it justice too which made me happy.
Mokou and Kaguya. They aren't really immortal, SNATCHERS just replace them quickly every time they kill one another or die.

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You.. you just blew my mind.

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How do you control your horny for touhous?

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I don't see how there's another choice here. She's pretty much perfect

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What about her? I'm genuinely curious.

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I masturbate to lewd pictures and situations of said touhous, of course.

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But that's not controlling your horny

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I'd never be able to choose. I'm fond of Seiga but I think she's way too risky.

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She tried making you baked goods but it didn't go so well.

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low maintenance

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Where do chips come from in Gensokyo? Does Yukari really spend time dragging bags of chips through her portals?

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I wish I could sing well so I could pretend to serenade my favorite 2hu with beautiful music.

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>not posting best 2hu
>posting subpar 2hus

What the fuck.

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Good taste.

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Mokou of course.

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don't be so vulgar

>> No.12122620

aren't you paying attention?

you can't luv more than one 2hu

how do you think your 2hu would react to your infidelity?

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I said maybe, as in an instance where it was unrequited. Flan is the one and only otherwise.

>> No.12122662

Good taste
Ran-shama deserves some love

>> No.12122666

Would she be more loyal to you or Yukarin though?

>> No.12122674

Yukarin but some things can't be helped
She'd essentially be the stepmother in this case

>> No.12122678

Are you saying you would "luv" Yukarin too or that she would take care of the kid?

>> No.12122685

Yukari is quite lovely but my love only goes to Ran.
I compare her to a stepmother because I have a feeling she would be difficult with me but would be fine with watching the kids

>> No.12122717

Man...I wanna MARRY a fairy...

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Have fun, looks like you'll have a smile on your face when she's done with you.

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Difficult because she wants Ran to herself?
Cirno should not have breasts.

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She doesn't have ``2kat''.
The long sword is called Roukanken and it is a katana.
The short sword is called Hakurouken and it is not a katana. It is the ancestral sword of the Konpaku family.

>> No.12122823

She's generally flaky and pretty lazy so honestly I don't think she keeps that close of an eye on Ran
I can't say exactly why she'd be difficult but it seems like shes just tiring to talk to

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you guys know that if you lived in Gensokyo and you cheated on your waifu she'd fucking kill you right

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She would never need to worry.

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I doubt any /jp/sie has what it takes to make a stable, long-lasting monogamous relationship work.

You'd all cheat on your waifus or mistreat them or something.

And once they'd had enough they'd destroy you with magic lasers.

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Cheat, no. Mistreat, doubtful. Something, depends. Maybe.

>> No.12123613


I think anyone would hate me after spending enough time with me. So I guess it's accurate.

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Why would I do that to begin with?

>> No.12123628

Never! I would be the stay at home type husbando. If anyone was cheating or abusive it would be her. Though I doubt my noble and loyal Momiji would ever hurt me on purpose

>> No.12123633

Well, dogs are very loyal so I suppose even if you mistreated her, it would take A LOT to trigger her to fly off the handle.

>> No.12123639

Don't be so hard on yourself. I'm sure you have many good qualities you don't realize.

>> No.12123640

Momiji is a wolf not a dog


>> No.12123644

Damn, you just destroyed that poor nerd.

Bully me next time? Please?

>> No.12123652

Inubashiri. Inu = dog

>> No.12123660

So Suika is actually a watermelon?

Momi is a white wolf tengu. Any characteristics she shares with a modern domesticated dog are purely coincidental

>> No.12123667

I would never cheat on Okuu. Hell I don't even so much as fap to any other girl besides her, 2D or 3d.

>> No.12123673

Cheating? I've been a virgin all this time. If I wanted to fuck that badly I'd have went out and done it already. Not sure I could have even gotten a girl if I tried.

>> No.12123684


Nah, I'm pretty lame. Fortunately I don't mind if people don't like me, as long as they aren't too jerky about it.

>> No.12123725

If that is true it also means that somewhere, in the infinity of existence, there is a place where the 2hu you love is real but has repeatedly raped, while crying out your name, by an alternate myself and fellow /jp/sies.

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thanks for the nightmares dude

>> No.12123742

If through some miraculous convergence of universes that you are united with your waifu, remember to always take it easy and never let her out of your sight. We'll be watching you.

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>First day at work, get a text message.
>"Are you taking it easy?"
>Immediately drop everything and sprint home as fast as I possibly can.
>Notice my apartment door is open, I'm too late.
>Slowly move my hands from my face and peek inside.
>Entire apartment is covered in shit, piss, blood and cum.
>Shit jammed up the faucets, in my USB drives, dripping from the shit-covered ceiling, my waifu is unconscious and dripping with hot glue.
>Message is carved into the finely caked shit covering my floor.
>"I f*cked you're Touhou."


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epic responses as always /v/r/a/s ;^)

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>> No.12123851

The joke here is he calls others crossboarders while failing to recognize a years-old /jp/ pasta right?

>> No.12123969

That hurts

>> No.12124138

10/10 waifu's.

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>> No.12124228

I love all the Toubros who share in my unfaltering love for all things Touhou!!

>> No.12128302


don't say that

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Why is he so perfect?

>> No.12130052

A+++ taste

>> No.12130052,1 [INTERNAL] 

This is an epic thread

>> No.12130427 [DELETED] 

Holy shit, Quads
The Legend really is best touhou

>> No.12130438

Are you cool yet?

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>> No.12131058

I would love all Touhous! I also love all the Toubros who share in my unwavering devotion to all things Touhou!

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This is just awful.

Just awful

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I agree.

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suwako best toho

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All night long.

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Tanks and Explosions is a way to get on my good side.

>> No.12132834

I devote myself to Keine, Keine and Keine.

>> No.12132863

They're the exact same fucking thing.

>> No.12132965


>> No.12132975

They're not even the same resolution, never mind the same checksum.

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the most lovable toho

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Remilia and only Remilia

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You do realize they're lying to you right?
Yukari a shit

>> No.12133035

I had a girlfriend for 4 years. Things went pretty well until she broke up with me out of the blue. I imagine the age difference for to her since she was 4 years older than me. It could be something else but I really think it might have been the age difference.

If an age difference like that could bother a human than it sure as hell will bother a thousand year old youkai. Works out if your favorite is a human but otherwise it could become an issue unless you get your hands on some of that immortality.

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What can you guys tell me about Touhou Niji Sousaku Doujin?
Is it good?
Does it revolve around the story or is it just the characters screwing around?

>> No.12133070

That gif is hella cute. It really brightened my day.

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Yuyuko, until death do us part

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I want to hug Meiling.

I wonder how it feels like.

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How would you and your waifu deal with the stresses of domestic life /jp/?

Just how dysfunctional would your home lives be?

>> No.12137882

enjoy your death

>> No.12137942

Parsee probably does have the most yandere potential, but that's a good thing.

>> No.12142842

That's what I'm thinking, how would I even have two 2hu's agree to have sex with me I doubt I could get one.