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Does anyone here have any experience with female otakus?
I'm wondering how they differ from male otakus.

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They have smelly pussies

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theyre mean sometimes

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Female otakus do not exist. Or probably not in the way you're picturing them.

Now, delete your thread.

Thank you.

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It depends on their powerlevel, but most are despicable. Some rare ones have the same mentality as a male, but most of these are lesbians. But each of them, no exception, still retain at different levels their horrible 3D core disgusting personnality.
The most frequentable ones are probably those that you can meet in high-ranked guilds in MMO. The worst ones are full head-on yaoi fujoshis. Avoid those coming from deviantArt and normal forums, they are all attention whores. They may deceive you into thinking they aren't, but that's because they have a bit of culture about 4chan etc and they know that they mustn't show that part of their personnality, or they are unconsciously trying to appeal to you and try to make themselves stand out from the lot, when they are actually exactly the same.
I won't even talk about cosplayers and conventions goers, those are the worst scum of the Earth and drama catalyzers.

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I'm dating one you faggot.

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Pussy smell - STRONG
Pussy wetness - VERY WET
Willingness to have casual sex with anyone who gives her attention - EXTREMELY HIGH

It's true. I'm a real female otaku.

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wanna be my gf



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gr8 b8 m8

You're not dating an otaku, you're just dating a gamer girlz omg im such a nerd XD

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The like stuff like this and not imouto-ge.

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I am a female otaku

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You think you're so smart but she's passive 1cc'ing PCB right now.

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>, but most of these are lesbians.

They're not lesbians, trust me. They're lesbians in the same way /jp/ is gay. Cant get a girlfriend so they turn to gayness.

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Sorry dude I don't do the gf thing. I just want to have sex. Lots and lots of unprotected sex with many guys. At once. My pussy is getting slippery just thinking about it. I want to have sex with every male in this thread. I want them to mess up my slimy, wet pussy. I want their hot globs of cum deep inside my womb.

If you're okay with that I'll be your ``gf''.

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>They're lesbians in the same way /jp/ is gay.
Speak for yourself, fagboy.

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I'm okay with it, it actually turns me on. Can you be my gf now? I'll clean you up and cuddle after you have your fun.

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The fun never ends.

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yes plz I'll do anything
where can we meet

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Sounds like a plan. If you have a girl, she is mine, and you can have the boy.

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You have to sleep eventually. I'll take that time to lick you clean.

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Do you speak out of personal experience?
I'm not the OP, but I can't believe that 99% of western female "otaku" are actually as bad as everyone makes them out to be.
I mean, there seem to be a lot of talented women involved in the Touhou fanbase (like the one who voiced the entirety of Fantasy Caleidoscope, if I'm not mistaken), maybe we just don't perceive women like that in the west, because we don't have a common ground in which they can distinguish themselves in a non-obnoxious way?

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what if one of us doodoos on her

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I will only lick up spit, cum and piss.

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Almost anyone can 1cc PCB on easy

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>western female "otaku"
They are not otakus in the first place, just fake NEETs to some extent.

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Why would I even mention it if it wasn't on Lunatic, fartknocker?

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Are any of you from the UK? I'm getting really hot and turned on, I can't wait to have sex with people I've never met. This is really exciting.

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I'm a woman with a job and I'm an otaku

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fuck off britbong

Commonwealth fuckers are not even human.

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I don't know, you tell me :^)

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Where at in the UK

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How can one be a fake NEET?
Unlike otaku, the definition is rather firm, so it'd be easy to determine whether or not you're one.

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If you pretend to be one by saying stuff like "Damn, I'm such a NEET" when you're just in between school semesters or something.

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>Do you speak out of personal experience?
Yes. I didn't get involved romantically with either of them, but in many occasions and various environments (offline and online) I observed their behaviour carefully, both in public and in their privacy.

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Did you go to an anime club or something.

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Are you near Southampton? We could meet up anywhere as long as it's nearby. Do you have a lot of guy friends? You can take them along if you like.

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the female otaku i know does a lot of cosplay.. she doesn't hoard manga or other japanese stuff, which is a bit of a surprise

maybe females generally don't hoard as much? I don't know

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Why is there always weird roleplaying in these threads?

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I'm more amused by the fact that this thread got magically an insane amount of females otakus with jobs etc. tehehe

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The one that I had met and knew a little bit was obnoxious and overweight
I'm not very good socially but even I felt I did a better job talking to others than she was

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the ones i know aren't otakus they just do cosplay for attention

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no guy friends but I can get my mom to drive me there
I'll just tell her I'm meeting an old school friend
meet me at the Holiday Inn Southampton?

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But that's retarded.
Also, how do you take pride in being a NEET? I get the appeal of a Hikki life, and would go back if I could, but in my mind, "NEET" is just a designation that comes with the territory.

I'll take your word for it, then.
Personally, I met a handful of women - not quite otaku, but still rather invested in otaku culture - who were generally fun to be around and talk to, so that'll probably explain my bias.

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>Also, how do you take pride in being a NEET?
I dunno. Plenty of niggers and white trash are NEETs. It's nothing special.

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Yes, as I generally consider myself one.
Too lazy to meet people, sit at home playing games and watching anime all day, or reading books. Collect toys, and generally be a NEET. Not like they're portrayed in animes, I would probably be a landwhale due to lack of exercise if I didn't eat almost nothing to save money for buying more anime merchandise.

Judging by the male otaku friends I have, I would say we're very similar other than how we go to the bathroom, and probably have a difference on what sort of anime we tend to focus on vs. the other.. but all in all, same thing, with small differences.

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Did I just see a gay neet hookup happen?

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>I would say we're very similar other than how we go to the bathroom
Yeah, it's hard for girls to piss in bottles I guess.

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Rev up your fanfictions.

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The ones I know are obsessed with Higurashi and Umineko. They also like to say "omochikaeri" a lot.

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Well they are pretty decent VN's

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That sounds really good! I can't wait so lets meet up tomorrow at 6 in front of holiday inn on herbert walker avenue. It's a shame there won't be a lot of guys waiting to fuck my brains out but I can't be picky! Does that sound good to you?

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One of them isn't gonna make it home.

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that sounds fine
i'll be the guy wearing the milky holmes t-shirt

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Unrealistic expectations, but since they're female, they also have the hypocrisy of thinking that it's your fault that you don't live up to those expectations.

More likely to be 3D-friends, instead of pure, 2D lovers.

Since they're women, they're intellectually and emotionally inferior by default. Which is saying something.

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Great! See you there!

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Have not met any of them irl since I live in a shithole but I always keep about 3-4 nip girl penpals. If she is following games/animu it's damn hard to talk to her, most of the time it feels like you are doing quiz instead of having a real talk. They are just not interested in real life, too much into 2D(still wonder why do they post on penpal sites, to get attention maybe).
A normal woman(she may have seen some anime and ofc read some manga, but she is not obsessed with it) often have something to talk about, she is interested in conversation and willing to communicate.
So, I would advice not looking into otaku grils, they are boring. Pretty sure there are some exceptions but I have yet to meet a single one.

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They only watch the anime. English dubbed. And it's a fan dub. By two guys doing all the voices. They don't even know there's a VN or an official dub.

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I always wonder how people can just do this.. I can barely bring myself ot talk to someone, I'd probably have a gigantic panic attack if I even suggested meeting someone..

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Why does /jp/ start blogging at any chance given? Are we that lonely? Get your shit together guys.

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Yeah, man, let's have a serious discussion about female otakus.

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Please post about it here later.

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I wouldn't know because the truotaku grills never leave their house and neither do we. There is no chance for any of us to encounter one.

What's wrong with Higurashi?

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My exgf hoarded her nail clippings

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>The ones I know are obsessed with Higurashi and Umineko.
Well thats not bad I supp--
>They only watch the anime. English dubbed. And it's a fan dub.
They're beyond saving

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Did she make a badass statue out of them

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I don't talk about myself usually because you people get really annoying about it. I thought it was appropriate here but then you started bullying me.

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They're taking the bait. There are no female otakus in this thread, probably just some girl from /cgl/ being proud of trolling /jp/.

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Yes. I basically gathered data (under new identities each time) from:
-about a dozen english and non-english touhou communities
-about 5 or 6 mainstream websites (Gaia, naruto communities etc.)
-a dozen different popular IRC channels
-about 6 different MMOs (anime-oriented or not)
-several dozens themed forums such as vocaloid, dl, VN, umineko, yaoi (I hate yaoi so this one was the worst), etc
-3 or 4 roleplay forums
-skype/hotmail/etc conversations
-omegle conversations

-conventions (went only twice but that was enough to see what's going on there)
-anime clubs from both scientific and literature fields of specialization
-various tabletop communities

But I stopped going from communities to other ones now. It is really tiring to simulate different personalities each time to observe the reactions, and it is now clear to me that nothing will ever equal 2D.

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No she just kept them in a box

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Did you write a research paper and can I read it?

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Did you ever accidentally spill the whole thing?

>> No.12096432

I could sell you a copy for €75

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That's because you're a gross ugly autist. Attractive people don't have problems interacting in society.

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No she kept them under her bed
Her main things were Star Wars and Transformers. She wrote romantic fanfics about both universes. I asked how robots could have sex and she couldn't answer. She also watched anime and listened to anime OSTs on her off-brand mp3 player

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She sounds despicable. Either she was really cute or you're a 1/10 who was satisfied with a disgusting 1/10 gf.

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No, I did it as a personal hobby because I'm a huge autist who wanted to have social relationships and to see if there were any girl worth it out there, but when I reached my conclusion I deleted every note I took after I stopped.

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I'm sure he at least fugged her and had pretty good sensations on his dick

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How sure are you?

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Wow that's harsh. I don't think either of us was ugly. We were both socially awkward so it was a good fit for awhile.

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Well whats the point in having a gf if you don't fugg her?

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Yeah we had sex. We were both virgins so we explored sex together.

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this thread.

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I thought I was in fucking /a/ for a second. Good god.

Also, real female otaku do not go outside.

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haha that's a funny screencap of an anime man and some dialogue and it relates to this thread vaguely wow

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According to the female otakus of this thread :

- They have jobs
- They have friends
- They go outside
- They have sex
- etc.

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I don't have experiences with female otakus

>> No.12096509

Lots of male otakus work, have friends, go outside, and have sex. Being otaku just means you have obsessive interests. It doesn't mean you're a celibate hikki.

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jannyboi steamin'

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Was it good?

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Girls are more often employed than guys though. Young men have the highest rates of unemployment.

They need to start using affirmative action to help men get jobs since women took them all.

>> No.12096528

The ones I knew way back when tried to act like their favorite characters and this pissed their normalfag bfs off.

It was a different era.

>> No.12096529

Um yeah it was good. There was a lot of blood, but she didn't cry

>> No.12096535

Thanks for sharing your story.

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Is that meet-up going to end in murder, rape or double suicide?

>> No.12096545 [DELETED] 

We really need a better janitor.

>> No.12096552

Is it rape if they both went there looking for sex?

>> No.12096554

Hopefully suicide, so those filthy normals never come back to shitpost on the jay ever again.

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I fugged a female otaku. Then I found out she had a penis. Then I found out she was a he. Then I found out it was me masturbating again.

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Does anyone here have any experience with trap otakus?
I'm wondering how they differ from female otakus.

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Are we really using the term otaku as a social label? >>12096509
this place has turned to shit

>> No.12096700

No you aint!

>> No.12096708

They are subhumans who can't piss in bottles.

>> No.12096714

>non-virgin normalfags

ahhhhhhh go away!!!!

>> No.12096735

I'm a non-normal non-virgin

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File: 135 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Yuru_Yuri_09_(1920x1080_Blu-Ray_FLAC)_[780B39AD].mkv_snapshot_14.29_[2013.10.11_23.37.10].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>trap otakus

uh.. aren't they just guys who fap to dressing in female clothing?

the only difference that otaku culture brings is that otakus are generally more open to weird behavior.. it's not frowned upon for a guy to cosplay as a female character and go to a convention, even if it involves wearing thigh highs, tights, or a dress or whatever

so to some degree, they're different from guys and girls, but otherwise probably identical

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I don't like how kirino used her dumb brother to act out her real life eroge fantasy

>> No.12097007

I know a few. they're gay and are just as obnoxious about their waifus and shit as anyone else.

>> No.12097009

i'm gay too.

>> No.12097074

It's alright. Kirino is hot, she can do whatever she wants.

>> No.12097086

the only good female otaku are the lolicons
but they are usually cray cray

>> No.12097133

How? Do they worship Satan?

>> No.12097141

No just mentally unstable

>> No.12097148 [DELETED] 

im a girl!

>> No.12097189

I have seen a few kinda of female otaku:

#1 Attention whore - These are girls that are more interested in getting fawned over by otaku males than anime/manga itself. They'll do things like cosplay characters from series they've never seen just because they are popular. Tend to be either a total cocktease or the village bicycle, rarely anywhere inbetween. Best advice; get them drunk at a party, have some fun and move on afterward.

#2 Permanent child - These are girls that never got beyond 12 years of age mentally. They can't stand anything with adult themes (violence, sex, antiheroes). Extremely insular in their tastes. Fine with interacting in small amounts.

#3 Industry wannabe: Either makes her own manga or is working to be a VA. Can be either "No way in hell" or "Hope you have a second plan." A lot of bisexuals and lesbians in my experience. Usually decent enough to be around depending on how often they talk about their future plans.

#4 Raging fangirl - Shouldn't be any surprise, kinda similar to the male counterpart. Lots of glomping and squeeing and that kind of stuff. Kinda like you took a kid with ADD, fed her a lot of sugar, and got her crack cocaine-level anime addiction.

>> No.12097199

Arigatou for this in-depth analysis.

>> No.12097200

Now that I think about it, in high school I think I knew a female otaku-in-the-making of the fujioshi variety. She wrote slash fiction and took it very seriously and didn't seem to show any signs of dropping it.

She's 24 now, I haven't talked to her in the better part of a decade so I have no idea what she's up to these days.

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There are some real hardcore types. They lurk more than they post, and when they post it's usually to talk about a topic they like. Most of them keep to themselves because doing anything else would draw too much attention or be a pain in the ass.

>>12096385 isn't incorrect. The ones who are truly obsessed with something don't like to initiate conversation, and they don't like to talk about things that aren't what they're obsessed with. They can also talk for only a little while before they want to get back to what they're doing. Maybe it's an autism thing, but they tend to act the same as they did when young, but on a more insular level - doing the absolute bare minimum to remain a member of society and then spending all their free time with their interests. There is no time for other people, and if they try to include others, they get annoyed or bored fairly quickly, and that's probably why you don't see much of them.

>> No.12097220 [DELETED] 

>adult themes (violence, sex, antiheroes)
It's really sad that you think sex and violence are adult themes.

>> No.12097235

>adult themes (violence, sex, antiheroes)
It's really sad that you think sex, violence and antiheroes = adult themes.

>> No.12097236

The older I get the less I'm interested in sex and violence and the more I like "innocent and childlike" themes.

>> No.12097244

Same here, and I find myself going back to things I didn't really enjoy much as a kid because I was too edgy for life, and finding them much more enjoyable now.

>> No.12097253

Most of the people who are really into sex and violence are angst teenagers. Having those is not inheritably bad but they are almost always overused in anime, manga, VNs, LNs, games, movies, etc.

>> No.12097268

My older sister isn't very otaku but she is a NEET and a hikikomori. She has a really weird childish sense of humor from lack of exposure to the real world and she doesn't know how to communicate with people and gets really angry at people over dumb shit. Not very pleasant to be around.

>> No.12097301

I knew a female otaku, she was a 300 pound landwhale

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I've only run into crazies or attention whores. Either the screaming yaoi fangirls, 'I just wanna read manga and cospaly at every convention to get hit on', or 'far, far off the deep end'. Unless they're already dating, which defeats the point.

I can appreciate all the fake geeks for bringing more people ever-so-slightly closer to the realm of true geek/nerddom, but after a while it just feels like mockery.....

Secretly I'm just waiting to cash in on the boatloads of bitches I get from being a translator. Yep. Any day now.

>> No.12097336

I met one on one of those game streaming sites. She was a 32 year old woman. She used to work but then she got married and became a NEET spending all her time on the computer while her husband worked. I wish I had saved her contact info, she was really nice and had a lot of useful life advice to give...

>> No.12097340 [DELETED] 

Ok first of all, I'm a female otaku, and I watch English SUBBED anime. Fan dubbs are horrible >_<

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Then we have something in common, lets be friends!

>> No.12097342


>> No.12097362

Don't mean this in a derogatory way but that sounds like very literal autism.

>> No.12097372


There are a bunch at my uni. They are freaks, retarded who actually say "lel" in real life.
They are also obsessed with yaoi. Fucking disgusting. And no, they are not cute at all.

>> No.12097373

Most female otaku are fujoshit or otome whales, the ones that like male-oriented stuff are usually massive sluts or lesbians. Female otaku are just as disgusting as male otaku.

>> No.12097381

She sounds pretty moe. Ask her if she wants to be my gf.

>> No.12097393

I've known legitimate female otaku and pretty much 100% of them are into gay fanfiction, and whether or not they like something mostly correlates to how much of the cast is male. like, I'd go so far to say their hobby is imagining dudes are gay, anime or whatever else they're into just facilitates that.

>> No.12097396

/jp/ used to have the good sense to not call themselves otaku, and definitely not to use it as some badge of honor.

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But that by itself really isn't a problem, people have interests and she's not necessarily going to like the exact same things you do. It's actually a good idea to have things for 'alone time'.

It's the other parts (like being a landwhale or mentally unstable) that cause the problems...

>> No.12097472

Jesus Christ, some sensible insight.

>> No.12097549

Everyone in this thread, please die in a fire.
Nobody gives a shit if you're a female or male otaku?
What are you, a 16-year-old with identity crises issues?

>> No.12097558

>Does anyone here have any experience with female otakus?
>I'm wondering how they differ from male otakus.
different junk

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What does their trash have to do with anything?

>> No.12097572

Fuck off back to /a/, crossie

>> No.12097574

are you suggesting this thread isn't even worse than that

>> No.12097582

>female otakus
regular orgies with normies at cons
if the con is cancelled, they post on craigslist trying to get an orgy organized

>> No.12097585

This so much. All three that I have slept with don't know hygiene.

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Why are female otaku getting so much sex while male otaku are near celibate? Sounds unfair to me.

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My mom is a femtaku
She used to lurk here before it got bad

>> No.12097625

At least we don't have to deal with the STDs.

>> No.12097629

As long as a girl isn't horribly disfigured or weighs 500 pounds she can always find someone to sleep with her.

>> No.12097632

STDs is such an overblown issue.

Why can't guys then?

>> No.12097636

>Why can't guys then?
Because, for the most part, girls aren't as desperate.

>> No.12097638

Post more about smelly pussies.

>> No.12097638,1 [INTERNAL] 

Chair when kigfreak babysits the female otaku thread to find tips to pick up other kigfreaks.

>> No.12097708 [DELETED] 
File: 284 KB, 592x594, 1396550734295.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the same can be said about male otaku since they always have smegma covered dicks in manga.

/jp/ has the strictest standards regarding blogging. You see homo hook-up threads on /a/ and constant normalfag blogging yet that is perfectly okay because jannies and mods are all normals.
You see, they bully jaypese people because they hate autism and want to bully the weak because they are bitter about not having a real job.

what you mean to say is;
>"my le normalfag br who watched dragon ball ONCE decided to humor me and pretend he liked my anime shit so he could get his dick sucked every day"

because we ladies are absolutely retarded and fall for any above average guy who pays attention to us because "OHH JUST LIKE MY ANIMES" and then "OH OKAY YOU CAN BE A DICK TO ME AS LONG AS YOU DONT LEAVE" but then they leave because surprise you decided to date a fucking normie manipulator.

men want to date people with similar interests.
women will say yes to their crush regardless of if he gives a shit about her or her interests
women are more likely to believe and keep dating someone who blatantly pretends to be interested in the things they like when they dont.

like otaku are how you say.. autistic, and can drop you if you arent at their level of otaku knowledge. you could say male otaku are more selective.
At the same time they are thirsty as hell and thus become bitter which turns into involuntary celibacy because their bitterness turns to doubt and self hatred, they take that and confine in the 2D world.. thus, no real pussy to be had.

>> No.12097717 [DELETED] 

tldr: otaku grills have low self esteem and are retards
same as guys

>> No.12097721
File: 419 KB, 480x270, 1387383009591.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think otaku guys should try dating some normie girls instead of outright dismissing them. Of course this doesn't mean attempting to win the heart of a club/bar/party going drunkslut because those belong on the other side of the spectrum and are barely normal at all but perhaps a cute quiet girl with a job and a few relationships in her past. They might be pleasantly surprised how nice a normie girl could be instead of waiting for their perfect 10/10 100% pure virgin grill which will never ever exist to drop out of the sky.

>> No.12097717,1 [INTERNAL] 

Man, nice thread.

>> No.12097721,1 [INTERNAL] 

Getting epic in here...

>> No.12097723

Men have lower standards than women for nonserious relationships. For a serious relationship any normie's standarss are going to be higher than you, male or female.

>> No.12097726

>a cute quiet girl with a job and a few relationships in her past
But this is basically the perfect girl and as such would have absolutely zero interest in your average otaku guy. Besides, "otaku" is still getting thrown around like a badge of some kind. It's a complete negative and implies obsession. No one wants to be with someone who only cares about one thing, especially when that thing is as trivial as anime or games. Male otaku have accepted that and thus live in 2d, female otaku are still female and thus can still get sex if and when they feel like it.

>> No.12097726,1 [INTERNAL] 

Are you upset that someone posted an anime screenshot or the fact that this isn't some shitty bland Touhou thread?r

>> No.12097726,2 [INTERNAL] 

why the FUCK do I have to be banned for another 9 hours. When did the bans stop expiring at midnight EST?

>> No.12097726,3 [INTERNAL] 

Because EST is best timezone.

>> No.12097726,4 [INTERNAL] 

Everyone hates you, gigs. Why don't you just hang yourself already

>> No.12097726,5 [INTERNAL] 

No shit. They stopped using it for bans

>gigs in charge of reading comprehension
>not knowing who I am quoting

>> No.12097726,6 [INTERNAL] 

just ate some of the thai peanut broccoli stirfry i just made. thai green peppers were included and its just great. next time i think ill get some red peppers to throw in as well.

also this thread is probably gay as shit with nerd weebs crying about how they want a cute female otaku to fuck or some shit lol

>> No.12097726,7 [INTERNAL] 

Dunno, I haven't been banned in ages. I guess you should have knowledge on the subject since you probably get banned 20 times a month.

Go cry into your pillow about it.

>> No.12097733

Define the standards.

>basically the perfect girl and as such would have absolutely zero interest in your average otaku guy
Lots of guys take those things for granted. You're just being dismissive again because you hold such simple things in high regard and you believe they'd never be interested but you really don't know for sure what the person is like till you get to know them.

>> No.12097733,1 [INTERNAL] 

Yeah, I went there.

>> No.12097733,2 [INTERNAL] 

Holy shit gigs is owning

>> No.12097736


>> No.12097738 [DELETED] 
File: 150 KB, 789x689, 1355003316008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>perhaps a cute quiet girl with a job and a few relationships in her past.
Well sure thats reasonable. But an otaku guy would probably feel inadequate compared to their partner. From my experience otaku guys (REAL otaku mind you) think pretty highly of themselves, despite being shit eating nerds they have lumberjack sized egos. Having a girlfriend with a job, and has had 2 or 3 past relationships (which probably seems like 100 to them) is a serious blow to the ego, they'd probably drop copious amounts of spaghetti or act like the "self-defeating sympathy catcher" because they give up and think they cant impress the girl because shes so much more accomplished.

I mean, why do you think the majority of male otaku fantasies involve a innocent girl who depends on her boyfriend emotionally and is generally the "bottom" of the relationship. You dont see many otaku saying "man i want to date a 29 year old who has a job and is more sexually experienced than me, i want to feel like a complete manchild in the relationship"

>> No.12097739

No offense meant but, are you really a girl and have you been through some shit before?
>women will say yes to their crush regardless of if he gives a shit about her or her interests
>women are more likely to believe and keep dating someone who blatantly pretends to be interested in the things they like when they dont.

Have you given up on all 3DPD like I have, because I had a very unsuccessful long distance internet relationship on an emotional level once? (Yeah, I'm a permavirgin hikki autist, duh)

Oh well there's always lucid dreaming and magic(k) to curse normies

>> No.12097739,1 [INTERNAL] 

>20 times a month
>implying I ever get less than a 3 day ban
>gigshit strikes again

>> No.12097741

There is so much bullshit in this post, it would take me hours to debunk everything with a serious answer. So instead let's just say:
Fuck off.

>> No.12097748
File: 56 KB, 510x296, 1399109934185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>man i want to date a 29 year old who has a job and is more sexually experienced than me, i want to feel like a complete manchild in the relationship"

Actually... That happens a lot. It's also a common otaku fantasy. Guys want to be spoiled too and lots of girls are happy to oblige. I'll admit there are those egotistical otaku guys (and girls) around but they tend to be extremely inexperienced about the world in general.

>> No.12097751 [DELETED] 

i highly doubt there are women who would put up with my autism.

>> No.12097753

>You're just being dismissive again
>you really don't know for sure what the person is like till you get to know them.

>> No.12097755 [DELETED] 

>man i want to date a 29 year old who has a job and is more sexually experienced than me
i want this so bad

>> No.12097758

Finding someone who is willing and happy to put up with an actual otaku male is rarer than finding the 10/10 100% pure virgin. You're probably confusing "otaku" with "guy who watches anime." Don't worry, it happens a lot. It's like when girls say they want to date a nerd, but really they just want to date a handsome man who wears glasses and a collared shirt instead of a ball cap and jeans.

>> No.12097759 [DELETED] 

I would if your cute.

>> No.12097762 [DELETED] 

not the same anon, but i can assure u im cuter than him

please spoil me

>> No.12097763

Oh yes, the mysterious, enigmatic, unlikable, unfathomable truotaku beast. Get over yourself dude you're not that impressive.

>> No.12097766 [DELETED] 

I can spoil you both, I have enough money. Can you post ur pics?

>> No.12097767

Anyone out of Japanese otaku culture calling themselves "otaku" is attentionwhoring regardless of sex or gender. Only difference is that girls have it slightly easier because it doesn't seem to take much for a girl to be a "nerd" nowadays.

I've not met a single person I could talk with about anime and manga in-depth outside of /jp/. They seriously don't know shit about anything.

And fuck your thread OP.

>> No.12097768

I didn't say it was impressive. It's just how it is. Otaku know they're undesirable and so they don't even try. No one is proud to be a cowardly piece of shit who has an unhealthy obsession with something. They may scorn normal people but that doesn't mean they admire themselves.

>> No.12097771

Well you clearly think you're a big shot. Might not be in a positive way but you seem to think you're beyond other people, hence, get over yourself.

>> No.12097772 [DELETED] 

you want two boyfriends?

>> No.12097774

I've never referred to myself once. Maybe you should get over your lack of reading comprehension.

>> No.12097776

If you weren't referring to yourself then you're merely assuming what an otaku is like. Again, still on your high horse with a bloated ego. Get over yourself. Let the otakus decide for themselves.

>> No.12097778


>> No.12097778,1 [INTERNAL] 


Someone make this thread again. Ban appeal was greatu succasesso

>> No.12097778,2 [INTERNAL] 

why do they even leave these up for so long

>> No.12097778,3 [INTERNAL] 

babysit the thread for 12 hours only for the next shift janny to delete it... insanity at it's finest

>> No.12097778,4 [INTERNAL] 

holy fuck, are there still nerds who buy into that whole "I want a gf who shares my hobbies" crap?

>> No.12097778,5 [INTERNAL] 


Surely you realize that on any 4chan board at any given time the main userbase is 17-21 years old.

You age, they don't.

>> No.12097778,6 [INTERNAL] 

Everything the person said is more or less true despite forced irony and greentext

>a cute quiet girl with a job and a few relationships in her past
These don't exist

>> No.12097778,7 [INTERNAL] 

If only Athens were here...

>> No.12097778,8 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.12097778,9 [INTERNAL] 

I mean yes.
They tend to keep to themselves though when discussing the subject of what they obsess over though.
Being otaku as a female in the West is pretty much kind of like like this because please give me attention", which I can't say is actually a real otaku.
The closest real thing to an otaku woman in the West would university professors that spend their careers researching topics in a broad range to short range projects. One professor comes to mind is that she did a huge video and writing study on the Ainu people.

Female otaku isn't the propper term either.