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Does Alice have a drug problem? Nightmares?

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i like the delusional/hallucinating alice theme but i have no pics saved :_;

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Alice is a good girl. She wouldn't take drugs.

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I agree she is a good girl, but doesn't she take a butterfly dream pill each night?

Which is why i asked does she have a drug problem or suffer from nightmares?

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We only know she buys them. She might be using them in her research for all we know.
That said, it is possible that she might have nightmares too.

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Whoa, where is this from?

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It's an edit of the opening to the anime "Kyousougiga".

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>butterfly dream pill
Zhuangzi should sue Eirin for violation of intellectual property.

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>Does Alice suffer from nightmares?

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I don't know man.
Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

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I love Alice

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Loli Alice had a rough childhood

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What a coincidence. So do I.
In fact, my goal in life is to become Marisa so I can be with Alice. Even if it's just as friends.

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Something that troubles me about Alice is that she is a recurrent customer of Eirin, due to those pills of her that make you have good dreams.

How shitty can your life be when you cannot be free even within your own dreams?

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She needs a hug very badly.

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People don't usually become youkai as a result of having lived happy and fulfilling lives.

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Remember what the dormouse said;
Feed your head
Feed your head

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Alice has more than just drug problems!

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Why was I dumb enough to click that

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Maybe Alice just has shitty mundane dreams all the time and enjoys the butterfly dream very much. Maybe Alice is just that kind of straightforward, organized person, who likes being able to dream the same dream consistently.

I wonder if Touhous ever have dreams that they're living ordinary lives in the outside world.

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Alice should hang out with Marisa more often. Maybe she could stop taking the pills.

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/jp/ might be the last place I expected to quote Jefferson Airplane but I'll be damned if White Rabbit isn't an amazing song.

Speaking of white rabbits, I'm surprised ZUN hasn't made a reference or something with Tewi and Alice yet. Unless I missed something.

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now that you mentioned it, I guess there's not even much fanart about Alice/Tewi.

Alice chasing Tewi or sometthing

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We must all train ourselves to not be so impulsive...

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It's because being Alice is suffering.

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Alice does drugs!

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I love Jefferson Airplane

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For some reason I love to pretend Gensokyo is a place where everyone is constantly stoned out of their minds, and that's why none of the dialogue makes sense

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Yuuka probably grows some good shit, and Eirin takes care of the pills.

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I too like to imagine this sometimes.
Gensokyo, truly a Wonderland in which one can take it easy to the fullest.

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You try living next door to Marisa and not end up developing a drug dependency.

Every night she doesn't take those pills, Alice has nightmares of Marisa climbing in her window, snatching her dolls up.

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Becoming a youkai would make it all worthwhile, though. Assuming you wouldn't end up being one of those mindless man-eating ones forever.

I won't deny that I like to imagine Heaven's Reward Fallacy actually being a real thing. Perhaps it's just that I'm weak, but a bit of wishful thinking now and then eases my mind. It's an escape that I sometimes deem necessary.

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>Eirin takes care of the pills.

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Blazing with Alice?!

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where are the drugs?

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How exactly did Alice become friends with Reimu and Marisa after that incident? It had a rather more extreme conclusion than most (being the last before the implementation of spell card rules) and I imagine being part of an invading force that resulted in the burning of your childhood home (even if they aren't the ones who actually burnt it down, they provoked Shinki into doing so) would be a hard first impression to overcome.

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Just because they didn't have spell cards doesn't mean Reimu actually killed everyone there.

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You misspelled "spanking".

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You meant "sparking".

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I'm having nightmares... of how CUTE Alice is!

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Alice's feet!

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I'd love to do lewd things with Alice. Like kissing her feet and letting her use me as a toilet.

I have an Alice problem.

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>I have an Alice problem.
Me too. I mostly avoid /jp/, otherwise I'd end up spending hours caressing every single picture of Alice I see.

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Part of Alice will end up inside of you. Often. I'm jealous

It's because Alice is one of us

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Looks more exasperated to me.

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I love Shanghai.

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You'd have nightmares, too, if you were a serial killer.

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Does Alice even fucking exist?

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because that never happened in the Windows continuity.
Dolls in Psudo Paridise is Alice's back story now, and even it has been retconned once.

Alice in Windows is just a meek girl, with a large but hidden magic potential, who was bullied a lot for being blond. While hiding from bullies one day she found her grimoire "hidden" (Yukari) in the hollow of a old tree. She then used it to get revenge for being bullied, but the her revenge led to a few accidents, a few fires, and a few deaths.

When the Hakurei Miko came to investigate the fires and death(s) Alice panicked and fled into the forrest of magic with only her Grimoire.

She "found" a abandoned Victorian style house near the center of the wood (Yukari) and sheltered there. She used her Grimoire to survive, and by doing so she inadvertently attained a ageless and deathless state and became a youkai.
A couple decades later she screwed up the courage to return to the village and found that she and her incidents had been completely forgotten, the couple people who recognized her assumed she was the daughter of the Alice they had known.

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During her exile in the forrest Alice may-or may not, depending on how you view the first release of DiPP that was replaced six months later- have killed 8 young village men or went into the Forrest of Magic to clear trees and farm and start a branch village.

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Alice has only become friendly because of her relationship with Marissa.
When Marissa's dad moved her to the edge of the Forrest of Magic due to her fires and explosions annoying the neighbors and costing him too much money in property damage, Alice finally had a normal human neighbor.
Marissa had never heard of Alice, but with a personality that is 180deg opposite of Alice its unlikely that she would have been afraid of her even if she had known. And except for the big personality difference Marisa was much like Alice. Blond, precociously powerful, forced to move away from humanity because of her powers. They in short order became friends, then substitute sisters, and then lovers.
In a short few years Alice became a generally sweet girl, making friends with all of Marissa's friends, including the Miko, and getting acquainted with the community. How much of this is her enjoying being part of a society again and how much is simply she doesn't want to offend or cause trouble for Marissa is a open question.

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I dunno why, but her nose is annoying me in that pic.
so I made some adjustments.
(I'm not a pro at photoshop btw)

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I want to fuck all of Alice's dolls and make Alice watch

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You wouldn't survive such an encounter.

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who knows. maybe she will call Aya and make perverted dvds

and you will be a laughing stock

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moshi moshi

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no she isn't

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She's got nightmarish problems sometimes involving drugs, but probably not in the sense you're thinking of.