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1. Eiki's hat
Just look at this breathtaking piece of headgear engineering. It oozes raw power and pimpitude. One look at this glorious beast and you know that whoever has the fortune to exist under it is one of the most powerful beings in Gensokyo.

2. Medicine's ribbon
For some reason, it looks so cute sitting there all by its lonesome on top of her head.

3. Aya's tokin
2 words: dem balls.

4. Reimu's ribbon/hairtubes
Ribbons are cute, but the hairtubes are what really earn the number 3 spot. They're pretty, recognizable, and seem to be mostly unique.

5. Marisa's hat
It looks so soft and comfortable, and the ruffled white liner is a nice touch. You could also probably sew hidden pockets into it if you wanted to.

Honorable mentions:
Seiga's hair stick/chisel
Futo and Tojiko's eboshi

Last place: CoLA Remi's hat
This shapeless, amorphous abomination never should have seen the light of day, and is an affront to good hats everywhere.

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Reimu isn't even wearing a hat and Ran's hat is the best you fucking piece of shit go fucking killyourself

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>Reimu isn't even wearing a hat
It's on her head. We'll consider it one for the purposes of this discussion.

>Ran's hat is the best
Ran's hat is top ten material, I was just too lazy to list that many.

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You now realize that since it covers her ears, Ran's hat essentially makes her deaf.

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Epic. Simply epic.

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I want to hug the fox youkai

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>1. Eiki's hat
You have good taste. Although I'm not too fond of Aya's hat personally, and Marisa's hat should be higher up.
I'd replace Aya's hat with Tenshi's hat or Kasen's buns.

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Iku's hat oozes class and even has an oarfish crest on it. It definitely deserves a high place.

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best hats

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hilarious dude, here's the correct ranking.

1. Suwako
2. Tenshi
3. Eiki
4. Yuuka PC98
5. Mystia

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It's just cloth, not an explosive device removal helmet.

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>no 1 mention best hat

for real?

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That's not a hat.

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I really like these.

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how do 2hus deal with getting hat hair?

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most commonly by keeping their hats on

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>no love for keine

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I have a tattoo of Keine's hat on my dick!

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Best hat indeed

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>4. Reimu's ribbon/hairtubes
At least mention her goofy mario hat.

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tiny2hu a shit

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Is this the yama thread? Can this be a yama thread?

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I'd replace Medicine's ribbon with Keine's pagoda, and put Tenshi's peach tray in the honorable mentions.

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No, this is the Touhou hat thread
Post about Touhous and their hats

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Say that to my face motherfucker

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maybe he means this hat

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>>The greatest hat's are invisible to a mortal's eye.

1. Kaguya
2. Nue
3. Parsee
4. Yuuka
5. Kogasa

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My apologies, that was a grievous lapse on my part. Keine's fortress is almost certainly top 5-worthy.

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best hat

1- Yukari's elegant hat
2- Patchouli's moon hat
3- Koshi's hat
4- Renko's fedora
5- Meiling's dragon hat

worst hat

1-Remi's puffy hat
2-Yuyuko's dreamcast hat
3-Keine's lunch box hat
4-Eirin's ugly nurse hat
5-Sakuna's bowl hat

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BEST HAT (ignoring accessories)

1. ZUN Hat
2. Ran Hat
3. Yukari Hat
4. Tenshi Hat
5. PC-98 Yuuka Hat

Honorable Mentions: Marisa Hat, Keine Hat, Iku Hat, Yuyuko Hat

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>worst hat
don't bully the haco-taco

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>Yukari's elegant hat
Yukari's hat is very nice and soft-looking, but all it has to separate it from Flan/Remi/Yuyuko's/Patchy's hats is a ribbon. It's best or second-best out of the mob caps but it's not number one material. Ran's hat is better due to the ofuda on it and the cute tassel ears.

>Meiling's dragon hat
It's quite nice, I agree.

>Remi's puffy hat
Normal Remi's hat is mediocre. CoLA Remi's hat is a sin against nature.

>Yuyuko's dreamcast hat
It's cute and fluffy-looking. Why don't you like it?

>Keine's lunchbox hat
You're just wrong.

>Eirin's ugly nurse hat
It's just average. I guess if you don't like her silly color scheme I can understand.

>Sukuna's bowl hat
Not sure how I feel about this one. It's cute and autismally retarded at the same time.

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Aya's new hat

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I miss Metal Gear Online. It had the best hats.

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Do Kokoro's masks count as hats?

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i consider them accessories

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Renko has a nice hat. Someone said it looks like an Orthodox jew hat.

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Renko has a nice hat
So does Maribel, slap a red ribbon on it and she's Yukari.
Both hats are simple, yet elegant and characteristic. That's why I like Yukari's hat too.

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its like a top hat, but shorter.

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Isn't Renko's hat a fedora?

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Do not deny it, friend. That Touhou is euphoric just like me.

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"heh heh, time to trick this stupid blonde goyim"

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I think it's called a pork-pie hat. Anyway, it's neither true fedora, nor neckbeard fedora.

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Eiki's hat is best hat. With a hat like that, you know she is the law and she don't fuck around.

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>Last place: CoLA Remi's hat
Why the hate?, I think its cute. Like a huge-ass bonnet.

I prefer her normal one, thought.

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Eiki definitely has the best hat, no doubt about it.

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Epic. Simply epic.

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Sukuna's hat on the other hand is the laziest excuse of a hat. Worst hat.

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i forgot the jan doesn't know jap lol......

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worst 2hus

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Who says you need a hat to be good?

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It's too shapeless and too large. It just looks plain retarded.

Kasen's buns are nice though.

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I like Koishi's hat.

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I am going to fucking murder you

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It's a pretty lame hat, man. Don't lie to yourself.

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If you had to wear one Touhou's hat every time you were in public or in the presence of someone else, who's hat would it be?

You can only take it off to shower or sleep(Or you can keep it on, the vast majority of these hats seem comfy as hell)

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Reimu's hat.

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Probably Tenshi's hat.

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1. Anything that wouldn't be worn by the Big Bad Wolf masquerading as Grandma in a Warner Bros. cartoons.

2. The sort of granny nightcap worn by the Big Bad Wolf masquerading as Grandma in Warner Bros. cartoons.

That's really all there is to it.

Shikieiki gets a break because she's got Enma's crown, but it really wasn't until after 10 that ZUN actually made headway in the hat department. Pun not intended, image entirely relevant.

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this post is bigoted against ribbons

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Shiki Eiki's. Because I, too, am a Judge of Paradise.

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best toho best hat

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silly hats

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