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which is the best seifuku, long sleeve or short sleeve? also best colors?

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You need to buy this book.

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Short sleeve white-blue

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like this?

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This with long skirt.

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that girl is very close to the uncanny valley

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This, sukeban are great.

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bodysuits > winter uniform > summer uniform

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the fetish kind where the shirt is way too small

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had one like >>12042362 but lost dropped out of college and left it in the dorm and was thrown out along with the rest of the stuff i left there it and ordered >>12042358 now regretting now getting the same kind again time to put in another order

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what the hell dude, they're not cute at all!

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Bodysuits are half the reason I watch anything mecha related.
they're hot as HELL though

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Black, Short Sleeves, Long Skirt.

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It won't go see through if it isn't white.

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It's not supposed to.

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Gakushuin Girls' seifuku is best seifuku.

Jumper and suspender skirts are also cute with a short sleeve blouse in summer.

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Short sleeve
Main colour black with red-white motive.

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Middle is best.

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Serafuku a shit.

No seriously, they look stupid. I'll take a regular blouse with a bow or long necktie any day.

Also, plain black with white or gold highlights and stockings.

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small girls is small skirts

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That whore

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Anything is fine if they can actually do an "absolute zone" correctly.

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But Long Skirt > Short Skirt.

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Totally agree.
The absolute zone goes well with everything, even with those sweater+miniskirt combos that may sound retarded.

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Long is always best. I hate to see skin.

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sailor suits look ridiculous and blazers usually don't fit well enough

ZR is overrated and looks better in 2D

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the boys uniform that the girl is wearing is way better

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The best ones

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The best ones

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Black serafuku + long sleeves + long skirt + red ribbon

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my school had a jumper for summer and a cardigan for winter and it was the ugliest thing ever.

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Students in the summer clothes of each junior high school

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Far right actually looks cute.

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skirts need to be longer

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I love sukeban style!

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Any sleeves, black or white, short shirt, long skirt.

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If I could pick just one good thing that happened because of western imperialism, it would have to be the adoption of sailor suit uniforms for japanese school girls

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Skirts need to be more pure.

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Long sleeve, lang skirt deliquent girl all day every day. No questions asked

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Why do delinquent girls wear long skirts? You would expect them to roll up their skirts like >>12044516 instead. Sukeban confirmed for purest.

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The skirt is pretty ugly, so I like the one on the right the most.

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Long skirts actually look pretty badass and help with the delinquent look.

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