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How to quickly ruin any porn comic:
>full censorship (118)

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Softcore is better anyway. Who cares.

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Lightsaber dicks are my fetish.

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Such a disappointing doujinshi.

You'd think that Hijiri /ss/ would be hard to fuck up, but they managed to do it.

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I liked it

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the Reisen ones are much better

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I have a daki by that artist.

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What a SLUT

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I didn't like the reisen ones except when tewi is on it

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Why does she have a hat-umbrella so suddenly.

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damn right yukari

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Says the gaping whore

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Over the line.

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Hijiri's vagina must be the tightest thanks to all that exercise, just imagine her vaginal muscles clamping against your cock

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Hijiri has a vagina!

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>disgusting cow tits

I'm quouting the image btw

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How long will we have to tolerate this brutal censoring, uh?


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Looks like Japan need some more nuclear diplomacy, if you know what i mean

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But Okuu is not a trained diplomat.

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But nuking them was what started the whole censoreship in the first place!

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Extremely effective, though.

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Was the physical version as censored as OP's digital version?

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Until i their Olympic games

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You their Olympic games?

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He's participating in the competitive shitposting event.

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Gradient hair

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Why her boobs are so fucking big?

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Because she's a trained monk, after all her training she achieved the ultimate body

Also magic

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Why she needed magic to make her body so lewd? is she a kind of slut or something?

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Well she wants to get new believers, so yes.

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ZUN is just being realistic. who in their right mind would not magically modify their own body to be as lewd as possible?

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Byakuren and Eirin are the only ones that might have changed their body

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Even Patchy uses magic to change her body

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bullshit, patche even can't cure her own asma

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that just goes to show you how shitty her magic is, compared to such wise, refined magicians as Eirin and Hijirin.

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fucking agree, Yakumo-sama

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I didn't say she used that magic well.
She tries to use magic to change her body, but it doesn't seem to be working out.

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yeah, because patche is just a mere kid when you compare her with those HAGS who have lived for thousands of years

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>miko calling anyone -sama

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You must call Yukari "sama", if you want to live

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Says the grown man pretending to be a little girl.

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source of this one? looks really good

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How many H-cups do you see there, fgt?

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Her entire torso is a bloated breast in that art

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Now I'm hard