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Have you seen this cat? If so please call the Yakumo residence

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No, I want to keep her for myself

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River fish and wild herbs again?

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After Yukari and Ran passed beyond the rim, Chen was forced to become a comfort woman in the human village.

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Does she like it?

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Dear /jp/

Please take your cat back
We keep finding her shitposting on /v/

Thank you
Best regards

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>implying any other type of posting happens on /b/ 2.0

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Dear /v/, please take your posters back.

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I just wanna talk about Soku. Is that so wrong?

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There's a huge rift between what you claim to want and what you do.

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>Back to the dwahlee bald bowlie sa
Clearer please?

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>moar please =3

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Kill yourselves back to >>>/v/

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You bully me by being a fagshit from /avb/. Stop bullying me and get the fuck out.

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I'm not even who posted any of that. You're just being impolite.

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They are impolite by posting like retards from /v/.

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True, but jumping to telling them to kill themselves is a bit harsh. It worked though. They haven't posted since. I give you credit there.

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Chen is cute.

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I want to fuck bkub chen

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This cat is there! Look!

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Looks like I'm off to Chen island. http://gifsound.com/?gif=media.tumblr.com/0d1d105512deb8a844332e129d5da613/tumblr_inline_mnopelysOn1rr4olc.gif&v=yfSLuEj99d0

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one day, there will be a chen thread without bkub memeposting

let's work hard to make a future we can enjoy together, /jp/

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I hate cats

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I've just been to Futaba, and apparently someone in Japan reads us with google translate and screencaps the shittiest threads for others to see. Have a bit of shame, everyone.

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That's pretty funny, honestly.

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more like the other way around, some autist is making these shitthreads here, put them into the google translator and posts them on futaba too

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I liked bkub Chen before it was a meme
I'm not going to let the popularity or "meme-status" of something get in the way of the things I love

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I wonder what they thought of "My hovercraft is full of eels!"

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Link the thread for everyone to laugh at and see.

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It's gone now, but it was a regular imagedump thread, it just had this posted right in the middle.

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If only I wasn't too lazy to learn how to post there with a proxy or whatever bullshit method is needed.

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It's possible, but I too just can't be bothered to getting around to it

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I remember there was some post way way back on how to do it but it wasn't as simple as setting up a proxy with TOR or anything similar, it involved getting some third party shit for who knows what. I dunno. Maybe it's easier these days and I'll get lucky and see a new post with quick simple steps.

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honk kong