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What is the thing with Touhou fandom? Every Touhou fan I've asked have either tried the games once or twice, or never played them. But still they're "fans", fans of what?! Sure I get it if you really like some franchise because you enjoy a game, a TV series, a manga, a movie or whatever. But the Touhou franchise isn't anything but games and the "story" (if it can be called that) is ridiculously thin and shallow, there's nothing in them that would provide a basis for the fandom that is seen everyfuckingwhere today. Are people really becoming such aspies that they become "fans" of a game franchise despite not having played the game, just because they've seen cute pictures of manga girls and some IOSYS flash movies?

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They just want to belong to a community.

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>and the "story" (if it can be called that) is ridiculously thin and shallow

There's actually a large amount of interesting lore if you care enough to dig into it a little.

But does it really bother you that much that people like cute 2d girls?

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I like Touhou because of the cute girls, fan stories and discussion, and Gensokyo.

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Every Touhou fan I spoke with is a huge STG fan.

It's called a biased sample. Of course both kinds exist, but you only meet the ones you associate with in the first place. I don't mind my bubble one bit, and if you mind yours, you probably shouldn't surround yourself with idiots.

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>But does it really bother you that much that people like cute 2d girls?

Not at all. What bothers me is what seems to be people jumping on a bandwagon because of just having seen... pictures? Fan made pictures and flash movies of characters in a game they've never played? Feels to me kind of like a self-proclaimed "nerd" who dresses up in Zelda cosplay and get piles of merch and shit but never even played the games... "oh look at this picture of Link, he's so cute".

They could at least put some effort into it...

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My thoughts exactly friend. a Large majority of people I seem to come across seem to know little to nothing about the actual series itself, but rather know a couple popular songs and think Flandre is best 2hu because U.N. Owen is the McRolliest song.

It's a damn and utter shame that people like these exist, but there is a nice group of people who do actually put more than 30 minutes into the game and put lots of time and effort into it. Which is reassuring and makes me happy people like this exists.

We have "primaries" and "secondaries" for this exact reason. Just try to ignore the secondary shitheads that lurk mostly everywhere outside of places that aren't /jp/, and you're in the clear. Good luck.

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>Sure I get it if you really like some franchise because you enjoy a game, a TV series, a manga, a movie or whatever. But the Touhou franchise isn't anything but games
That hasn't been true for a long time; there's plenty of official manga and short stories.

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black reimu is mai waifu

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touhou is muh favorite anime

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Nue is the only grill in that picture that is even remotely fuckable, and she looks like she has already sucked a million dicks and taken just as many in all her holes.

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if there are things such as primaries and secondaries. is there such a thing as tertiaries?

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Some people use tertiaries as a term to define the kids who run around using CIRNO BAKA BAKA as an le epic maymay without knowing what touhou even is. Or at least I do anyway.

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I like Touhou before it was cool

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this tewi girl in the pic op posted is this girl in this video, hilarious

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People who browse /f/ are tertiaries.

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>I'm cosplaying Racin'
I'll never stop hating people who can't properly pronounce shit.

>But the Touhou franchise isn't anything but games
So lets just ignore that someone could be a fan of the manga.
Or the music CDs
some people are fans and the only game they play is soku.
its why we have the system
Primary = Plays the games
Secondary = Doesn't play the games
Tertiary = IOSYS baka baka games 2 hard my girl is the cutest xD
Quadrinary = "I don't know what that is, I just like this one character I found."

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>Primary = Plays the games
>Secondary = Doesn't play the games
>Tertiary = IOSYS baka baka games 2 hard my girl is the cutest xD
>Quadrinary = "I don't know what that is, I just like this one character I found."

the unwritten rules have been wirtten!
should be made into the sticky lol

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I couldn't careless about fake 2hu cosplayers, you know that they're shit so why are you even arguing?
But, I still don't understand why you guys are being so mad at people liking 2hu just because they see a single lewd picture of Remilia or something.

Just let them be and avoid them.

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>But the Touhou franchise isn't anything but games
Wrong, but you know that, of course, as this entire OP is a not-veiled-at-all "filthy casual/secondary" whine. People like Touhou for reasons different than your own, sport, try not to let it affect your blood pressure.

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Even if you don't care about cosplayers, would you frig the nue cosplayer if she offered her holes up to you at no charge?

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>would you frig the nue cosplayer if...
Just what do you think I am? A disgusting normalfag or something?

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What about people like me, who really don't know too much about the lore, but play the games every now and then, maybe few times a month, just for the gameplay?. I love the music and probably know most if not every track from the series, though. Would I drop somewhere between primary and secondary?

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youre mixed race

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Oh, well. I'm okay with that. Thank you for clarification. Have a Ran as a reward.

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Not that unusual. That's the stage that people reach when they've gotten tired of the story and lore and just play the games. Most superplayers are like this. Some even mute the music.

This stage also happens when you've liked STGs since forever and you just play 2hu like any other STG.

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fucking cosplayers isn't normie activity...is it?

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It is a thing that you can be an elitist in, normie or not. A lot of people do it so I guess so, but there are people who put their hearts into their cosplay.
That is what is important. Heart.

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it is, but only in the eyes of the touhou elitists

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I'm curious, how do you pronounce Reisen?

I just hope you're not one of those idiots who pronounce it like the german word.

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Sounds a bit like Racin' but not the same

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Oh look it's this thread again.

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Oh look it's this post again.

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I hope that same nice group of people actually buys the games too.

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We used to call people like this tools. I hate it when people claim to like something simply for the purpose of labeling themselves.

Take a look at most of the shitty boards and newer posters. They invent things like board culture through ratings systems, popularity polls, and memes. They fashion an identity for themselves even though the reason they're supposed to be here is to abandon all identities.

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It's instinctual for humans to divide into groups and then proclaim their group superior, even if deep down they don't like what their group stands for or believe it is the best. People on anonymous boards create and exchange memes and board jokes as a way to prove to themselves and others that they too are part of the group. It also provides a self-esteem boost to people "in the know" (aka oldfags) to see someone who isn't (newfags) and either insult or educate them. It's also the same reason some people hate crossies, even ones that don't shitpost. They are part of a rival culture and thus can be seen as defiling the sanctity of the group, or diminishing the "in-the-knowness" of non-crossies. The fact that boards segregate themselves using things like memes and in-jokes is just a consequence of how most humans work.

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thats not the same girl
the tewi in the video is his gf

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I do not approve of cosplay because it is an act of normies appropriating my hobbies/interests and then going around and having more fun than I have, all the while rubbing it in my face by posting their vile photographs of them in the peak of their retardation all over the web where I can see it.

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Cosplayers provide gross, fat and ugly renditions of characters I like; I cosplay to be better than them.

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Touhou is about music ONLY.

But seriously, touhou is about the universe and the characters and the world not how pro you are at the game, its something created and has a lots of things about it.

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You should of known just by the fact that they were talking about touhou in public.

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This is the post of someone that has either never played a game or is complete shit at it.

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Awesome post. This is what I think of when I think of /jp/ as opposed to /a/.

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/jp/ is also a fan of dividing into groups and then claiming that your own group is shit.

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That's because the entire board is shit. They're just being honest.

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Im better than you, my interests are superior. What you like sucks. AHAHAHAHAA

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bully pls go

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Spoken like a true vergin. You would not feel this way unless you have a small rape complex as you angerly force your mean cock into her as you say "Huh!? Huh! Hows my dick small now!? You bitch!" all the mean while the girl you were doing it with would definitly be into such a thing because she was being put into her place. All women desire that in done way. Only bitches would say something like that to you and only bitches can be dealt this way in their placement setting/enjoy it that way.

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No, I agree with this >>11993487 anon. A big part of touhou for me at least is the universe. A lot of people say the plot/lore is thin and non-existant when really I feel that most of it is just implied. That's the fun part though. Having long discussions on the motivations of certain yokai or how a certain mechanic in the touhou universe works, it can all be pretty great. Not to mention it serves as a window to Japanese mythology, a topic completely foreign to a lot of people.

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Bro, do you even sarcasm?

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I mostly play the games, though I can never win them.

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Cool never knew there was some kind of system like that. Is it kind of like:

Primary - Fan of the games, plays the games
Secondary - Fan of the characters, posts on /jp/
Tertiary - Fan of the fandom and memes, posts on /b/
Quadrinary - Fat cosplayer girl


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Mostly this.

I downloaded and played all the games up to ten desires but didn't want to expend time on getting so good at them that I could actually beat any of them (except PCB) on anything higher than normal. Too many ragetears and too much rote memorization for me too actually be decent at the game.

I still enjoyed the characters and the world of Gensokyo though, not to mention ZUN is a master at orchestration, I love touhou jazz arrangements.

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I always been a fan of the folklore and seeing the approach in touhou catches my interest, cute girls and all its just to make it fun.

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Just for the record, the word you're looking for is "quaternary".

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that cirno looks pretty rad

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touhou is basically the eastern version of warhammer 40k. That's heresy xD

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They are not fan of Touhou, they're fan of the fandom itself.

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I like Touhou because /jp/ wouldn't shut the fuck up about it so I picked it up through osmosis.

I didn't like the games because I don't like danmaku. I prefer R-Type or Blazing Lazers.

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They are fans of the fandom.
The fandom is a fandom onto itself.

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Video games are for children

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I kekked at animeweeblord420 though

>did you make your own costume?
"uhh I bought mine on ebay, it was uhh eight hundred dollars"

>whats your favourite anime?
"uhhhh mines skrillex"

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Do they it is a joke when do niggers cosplay?

They look nothing like the character they try to dress up ass (not like whites can be any better, all cosplay sucks)