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What's the best chest size for paizuri hijinks?

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Yes, Komachi is a size now.

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K for Kings

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Komachi oppai is best oppai for paizuri

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Strap it on your favorite 2hu's daki and go wild.

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What does fucking those feel like?

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That they are.

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Like fucking a real pair of tits, minus warmth + the rest of the body.

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Why are these so expensive? I could get several onaholes for that price.

Hell, I could probably get a doll.

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Who knows? Demand, I suppose, and they're supposed to be really high-quality. People will pay it. I've been thinking of getting one unless someone talks me out of it. I was going to ask about it in the onahole thread once the old one dies, it's on page 10 right now.

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I think a C or D would be the best, but really, proper firmness is more important than size and even a B is enough to work with.

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I have done it with A's. Determination is more important than size.

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Good point. Determination - and the girl having fun with it and enjoying herself too, and not acting like it's a chore.

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K kasen

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I can see her nipples!

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get out normalshit

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naizuri is best

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mad cause you'll never get some

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If you do paizuri and other miscellaneous things but never actually stick it in, you don't count as a normalshit yet.

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fucking #REKT dude

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I'm pretty sure touching any part counts as normalshite.

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yeah me too

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I wanted to see that

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archives man

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What does paizuri feel like, /jp/?

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How would I know?
I have no idea
Bet it feels good though...