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Futo is a Shikaisen, a sub-species of hermit. For someone to become a Shikaisen, they must transfer their soul into an object, like a shoe or bamboo pole, or in Futo's case, a plate. The person must also cut off all ties with their family and friends.

Futo is based off of Futsuhime, who was Mononobe no Moriya's younger sister. She married into the Mononobe clan, but ended up betraying them. Soga no Umako, who was her husband, "carried out his wife's plot" by having an assassin kill Mononobe no Moriya, her older brother.

Back to the main point, to become a shikaisen, you must cut off the ties with you friends and family, transfer your soul to an object, and move to a distant place and enact Ling bao tai xuan yin sheng zhi fu, which means "Numinous Treasure Talisman of the Grand Mystery for Living in Hiding". By doing this, you are protected from heavenly retribution. Once this is done, your body becomes immortal, but only as long as a sīmìng ("controller of fate") allows. Your lifespan may be increased by finding talismans that will allow to live longer. As with hermits and celestials, this is not true immortality, and shikaisens are also known as the lowest form of immortality.

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blah blah blah can we get to talking about Futo's slender legs and loli-like body?

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That's pretty cool but i'm not reading anything about how cute Futo is there.

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I want to marry her ponytail.

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what happens when i lick all over her plate

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Dear fucking lord, Futo is even better than a real little girl! She's a mature woman and is centuries old, and yet she has the lithe body of a loli! I need to impregnate her! I need to make Futo my bride!!

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Seem tiresome. I'd rather become a gap youkai.

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You seem to be quite enamored by Futo

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Y-yes I am.

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best legs
best genki
best religion
best plate

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My mind goes all crazy when I think of Futo's tender ass slapping against me as I slam my dick in her.

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Moriya, huh? So is she a relative of Suwako and Sanae?

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Fun is over.

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Futo is so enthusiastic, but gets discouraged easily. She always bounces back, though!

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nice Youmu, faggots

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She's also related to Fujiwara clan.

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What is she smiling about?

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"Ay, man, how you been?"

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Oh-ho! They should hang out!
I wonder how much divinity she's got?

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Now that I think again perhaps it's not.
Moriya in Mononobe no Moriya's name is not a surname, but first name, so perhaps he's just named after Moriya deity and not her descendant.

He indeed the one who build Moriya Shrine, though. So perhaps he was also worshipping Kanako if we go by the Touhou plot.

In the same course, canon states that Futo decided to defect from Shintoism to learn Tao.
Taking both evidence you can speculate that someone might behind her defection.

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So you became a loner with no friends or family, have to stay in eternal servitude to someone and you have the hassle to go looking for artifacts?
This is not the lowest form of immortality, this is a rip-off!

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Having family and friends are the least thing I want to think if I achieved immortality.

At least Miko is also immortal and most likely also her best friend.

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Futo-chan has the best alternate colours for her sprites.

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Futo is a futon. Don't you want to sleep with Futo?

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deep loving sex with the taoist

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I'd sleep with her so hard, dude.

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>I have gotten a fine idea!
>It will not be cold if the two of us are to sleep together, am I not correct?
>Well then, let us sleep together!

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it's mine

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That's a pretty cute way to put it

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She's supposed to be flat.
Am I about to have sex with a futo cosplayer?
It had better not cost too much.>>11975321

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Are you a fool? How can one have sex while sleeping?

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Who are you quoting?

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She's quoting the text from the image.

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>She married into the Mononobe clan, but ended up betraying them. Soga no Umako, who was her husband, "carried out his wife's plot" by having an assassin kill Mononobe no Moriya, her older brother.

Dick move.

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So let's say I want to marry a Futo. Will I need the Crown Prince's permission? How does it work? I love Futo so much. Can my love surpass the ages?

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You're 1,000 years too young to marry Futo!