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Upgraded your Yuka

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my old hardware isnt suited for this new upgrade

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You can't upgrade what's already perfect.

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It looks pretty, are there any new features that come with this edition?

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I downgraded Yuuka!

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Sakuya upgrade in progress.

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Yuuka would have the good sense to wear undergarments that fit her properly, that's an impostor.

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Upgraded your Yuka

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What if they did fit her properly until just then?

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wriggle get out of yuka's clothes

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Yuuka can't change her size on a whim, that's Suika and Whatevermaru's bag.

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Yuuka is a lady with a vagina!

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Wh-what? Girls don't have vaginas! That's gross!

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That's why Yuuka is a lady, not a girl.

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I want sleepy Yuuka, not muscle Yuuka.

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That seems more like something out of Dead Space, you know those tumorous creatures.

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Fat Yuuka!

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Why are vaginas gross? I think they're actually quite pleasing to look at, and must feel exceptionally warm around your penis.

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You called?

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Nah, they look gross. I'd rather suck on a penis

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More plump Yuuka please!

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Me too.

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Her head is too small compared to her chub.


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That's because you're actually gay.

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It's not like I put much thought behind my choice of image.
I just picked the first thing I found.

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I was criticizing the artist, not you. No worries.

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I want to tease her.

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Yuuka's vagina is really gooey and cozy. Very cute!

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Is it fertile? Can I plant my seeds in?

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Just make sure to take care of the seedlings!

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This set got uploaded?

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Quite a while ago.
This one recently came out.

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It's called google reverse image search. I found it in under a minute. If you really must, though...

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Thank you. I'm so lazy.

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Mom, it's been a month since you last showered. Please go take one, you smell awful.

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I like when she stinks! I encourage Yuuka to not shower for another 5 months!

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I want to marry your mom, dude.

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I want your mom to beat and rape me.

Also >/jp/
>telling others to shower

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But then a single whiff of her pits would knock you unconscious! And her feet would put you in boner induced coma!

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Flabby smelly mother

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>boner induced coma!

Is such a thing even possible?

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Yuuka is fit to bear many children!

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When all the blood leaves your brain and moves to your weiner in the presence of milfsky particles, it can lead to high impact cerebral hematoma which can lead to a coma.

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No, silly, you would gradually get used to her stink as she continues to not bathe. Eventually the odor would be absolutely repulsive, but completely bearable, and entirely arousing!

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I also would like her to not shave any of her body hair! She should have the thickest bush, the most hair covered legs, and the hairiest armpits! I want the hair on her head to be very greasy, as well.

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I'm getting turned on

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Me too. Nothing hotter than deliciously unkempt moms.

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One of my guilty pleasures is looking used up and busted vaginas with really big meat courtains using google incognito. then I imagine that a woman is "forcing" me to lick it.

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Pet the pussy

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Oh, I'm glad you like it. If after 6 months of not showering isn't enough, I would extend it to a year. I can only imagine what she would smell like after a year of not showering. And how long her hair would be, oh goodness. Her armpit hair would be visible without her even raising her arms, bush that goes onto her thighs... And the super greasiness of her green hair!

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what about her skin and her bedsheets?

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Skin would be very oily, and start to brown with lots of dirt. This would show clearly on her sheets, leaving a brown imprint. It would be possible to take it farther, asking her to sleep in the same sheets the whole time. Those would absolutely reek, and I can't help but admit my arousal when I think of lying in bed with Yuuka, and lifting up the covers, and putting my head down the covers, as the putrid, warm smell flies into my face. It would be absolutely heavenly.

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Thanks, made me cum.

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If you cum within 20 feet of Yuuka, she will get pregnant. If you cum inside her, it's guaranteed octuplets.

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You nerds are gross. Yuuka is a classy lady that needs to be respected and treated nicely.

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Yuuka is in heat!

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Yuuka is changing so GET OUT!!

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I do what I want.

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Yuu Yuu Yuuka

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Then so will she.

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Yuuka's soft butt!

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nsfw, NSFW!!!!!!!

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I love Yuuka's jugs

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youkai moe

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I've got a thing for undressing touhous

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Whenever I think about Yuuka my heart speeds up and my head feels funny. Am I ill?

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It's called being in love!

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The best.

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If the people in white say anything, tell them to come for me, too.

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Embarrassed Yuuka is so cute. I want to hug her and stroke her head, then lightly kiss on her forehead.

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I want Yuuka to make fun of my small penis then make me prematurely ejaculate with just her thumb and first finger!

>> No.11977065

>first finger

What the fuck

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Yuuka + Rin = Yukarin?

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First finger next to the thumb? pointer finger?

>> No.11977110


She's fine as long as she brings back murderpresents everyday.

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She is truly youkai moe.

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The most beautiful.

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Yuuka is STINKY. I am going to smell her after she does a year of not bathing!

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Wriggle pls go.

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Smelly, sweaty drunk Yuuka...

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I want to bury my face in that cleavage.

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>who am I le meme quoting?

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We all do, friend.

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I want to bury my face in this after she's had a very long walk on a hot day

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I want to use Yuukarin's butt as a pillow.

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Huge, soft, and warm

>> No.11985690

Puffy vulva!

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you guys had gay sex

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I want to go for a walk with Yuuka. Maybe we could even hold hands!

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I hate you guys for posting about her smell and armpit hair and all that. I was at the mall yesterday reading it and got a boner.

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Yuuka is bullying Alice!

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Yuuka sweats rather easily. She even gets sweaty and odorous when she's just nervous.
Or when aroused.

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Why is Yuuka so perfect?

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Yuuka doesn't smell, you nerds.

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Why is it so much fun to watch Alice get abused by Yuuka?

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I want to impregnate Yuuka!

>> No.11988735

Hello ninja Yuuka.

>> No.11988885


Knife moe~

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you ruined it

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Don't call Yuuka an "it".

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I do what I please.

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Yuuka is a smelly lady, but I don't mind.

>> No.11988998

She does, but of flowers.

What? You live in a flower field for years on end and you will smell like it too.

>> No.11989006

You know what kind of "smell" I was talking about.

>> No.11989020

You mean like a stinky lewd sweaty smell? Because Yuuka does smell like that.

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So this must be what a Wriggle fan feels like.

>> No.11989089

I meant that as a compliment! I think it's great that Yuuka is smelly, and gets flustered by her own disgusting BO.

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What's the matter, anon?

>> No.11989622

>You will never lick an unwashed for 1 year yuuka armpit

>> No.11989640

Why am I even alive?

>> No.11989675

Because we need to build our portal to gensokyo so we can lick unwashed armpits!

>> No.11989678


What does it smell like?

>> No.11989707


She's naturally very hygienic so she doesn't need to wash

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Yuuka has fat thighs!

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I thought Yuuka was a classy and refined lady. Why are people lewding her up?

>> No.11992503

I really like it when a girl has smelly, fragrant fat thighs. They let you know that she has been made just for breeding.

>> No.11992829

Because she's a classy and refined lady.

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Megane Yuuka

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A classy and refined lady with smelly, hairy armpits is extremely lewd.
The juxtaposition between the two only adds to the appeal.

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Yuuka's thighs....

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>> No.11999301

are probably really sweaty and gross

>> No.11999304

Please stop trying to force this "gross Yuuka" thing.

>> No.11999305

Please stop trying to force me to stop forcing this "gross Yuuka" thing.

>> No.11999307

Don't mind him. He's acting edgy here but deep inside he probably just wants to lick all over such a "gross Yuuka".

Or actually, maybe he's forcing this onto us, hoping that we'll stop loving Yuuka so that he can have her all by himself?

>> No.12005440

Yuuka, please let me lick your dirty body after months of not bathing...

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>hoping that we'll stop loving Yuuka
He's not doing a very good job then.
The various scents of an olid Yuuka only enamors me all the more.

>> No.12012513

What if she has never bathed


>> No.12012719

I wouldn't even know what to say if that was the case

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Wow this thread is still alive.

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She gets an A for effort, at least.

>> No.12020687

>adding a shit ton of bloatware
Fuck you HP.

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I can get behind this upgrade.

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