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>Alice Margatroid is a known user of the red pills.

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In that article they never said she's the user.
She just buys them.
Probably for retarded experiments since she's a magician.

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Alice does drugs!

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Best 2hu!

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I like Alice even more now. She is the lonely angsty teenager no one love, including her own mother and do drugs to escape real life in a desperate attempt to also be noticed.

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I'm sure there is enough porn about Alice taking drugs to address this issue.

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So Alice is the /pol/est 2hu?

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She isn't murdering visible minorities and oppressing leftists on a daily basis like Reimu does.

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Nevermind, I just saw what you did there. (And I like it)

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Alice is aryan!

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Would you get high with Alice while listening to acid rap ?


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who is her favorite pianist?

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wtf am I looking at there?

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Did janny just actually misread this thread as another Alice thread and deleted the active one? I don't get it.

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Well she did in that "Alice in Wonderland" thing. You know, "eat me"/"drink me," that shit's about taking drugs to do shit to you.

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I love Alice but hate it when she's depicted as a perfect person or harem protagonist in doujinshi, like in Millet Soup's works.

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remember, >he does it for free

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Why dont you go back to /sp/

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Fuck off with your spoilers.

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Is it true that Alice is the most popular Touhou among gaijin?

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Alice thnking she'll be more popular if she cosplays as Youmu.

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I'd rather listen to dub with Yuuka and Yukari, if we're talking getting stoned with a 2hu.


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Who knows. She's like 19 or something on my list.

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Alice is so /pol/.

I like her even more now.

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I hate it when Alice is depicted as a perfect rape target...which is nearly all the time.

What the hell is up with that? I want some vanilla, damn it!

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Holy fuck that is even creepier if you look at it while you listen to the song

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I consider all rape porn as shit (no feminist bullshit on my mind either). I just don't get it, I mean if you like a character why rape? This shouldn't be confused with rough consentual sex or even bondage, I'm okay with that if both are into it.

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What if hate the character but find them attractive?

Does rape count as hatesex?

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Don't call Alice creepy!

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Is she? I think there's better rape targets.

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A lot of the attraction of rape, sexual slavery, and the like, comes from one, or both, of two tendencies:
1) Destruction of innocence
2) Control and domination

Alice hits all of these marks as a girl who is made out to be this virgin doll-like human who is also haughty and aloof.

Personally I find it a bit warped, but as long as you aren't acting it out on other people without their consent, or are spamming your fetish everywhere, I just let it slide. Keep that shit to yourself.

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She uses it to dream that she is an ancient Chinese philosopher!

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Alice and Marisa are just two young girls that are trying to make it in the big city!

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Decantering from such a height.. incredible!

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>knowing where the epic maymay comes from
No anon You are the crossie

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Please don't involve Yuuka and Yukarin with you shitty music tastes.