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Why is the otaku obsessed with gum inside with no condom in VN, eromanga and such?
Why inside specifically?
Why not use the condom?

Personally I believe it promotes unsafe sex practices

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>not collecting the cum to make omelette out of it

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But some of them do protect themselves.

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Why wouldn't you want to cum inside a loli?

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gum? i don't get it

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How can you love someone if you don't finish inside them?

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You can finish on their face or between their boobs

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could you be more boring?

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That won't make a bambino though, that's just silly.

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It's a cunning plot of Japanese devs to keep grorious Nippon from dying out.

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I think it's more hot to finish in hand during secret handjob in train, bus etc. I have seen this thing in some eromanga

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You only know true love if she lets you blow a load inside her pooper.

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Sanae's esophagus!

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Sometimes the dialogue and imagery is very sexy.

Just imagine having slow but still very passionate sex with you're favourite pink-haired classmate or plainspoken childhood friend. You are holding hands and her breath is quickening. Suddenly she wraps her legs around your waste and you can feel the fabric of her thigh highs on your back. This is your cue to tell her that you're going to shoot your load. She is happy and asks for your baby batter. You lock eyes, followed by locking lips, as you embrace and both come together. You make several forceful thrusts deep against her cervix, each corresponding to a shot of your milky semen. Even after you are done, you stay in each other's arms as she gently rubs her stomach.

Because otaku will never experience this, it is the primary sexual fantasy for many.

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people in porno have to be screened for diseases first, but you're right, it does help provoke the occasional genuinely stupid viewer into relying on the pill and/or catching perfectly preventable STD's

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I personally want to do >>11945971
with Hina-chan!

I want to make gods with Hina!

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>Suddenly she wraps her legs around your waste
Eww, that's so gross dude

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Now you made me really sad.

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Cumming inside probably feels really nice!

Don't you wanna feel nice!

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I want to fuck a girl, any tips?

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Not using 4chan would probably help. Not trying to be a dick; I'm serious.

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The pleasure of being cummed inside.

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Tip her.

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Do you think cute girls are ignorant and innocent when it comes to sex?

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No STIs in ero 2D land and pregnancies only occur when the plot needs. Cum inside is the best cum.

i don't know where you're from, but in my country anyone who engages in casual sex will use a condom, even the most stupid of thickheaded teens.
once you're in a committed relationship, you'd just check for any infections and then likely swap to the pill.

japanese ero material is always idealized. everything that doesn't serve the H scenes/plot is removed. it's not so much that they engage in unsafe sex, it's that there's no such thing as unsafe sex in ero universes.

Now I suppose it might promote unsafe sex, but I'll reiterate that you or your partner would have to be a total fucking idiot to pick up an infection where I am.

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>baby batter
This is the worst fucking euphemism.

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jack off

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Two days ago I was browsing 4chan. Then I left the house and was almost date-raped by a girl.

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cute pic

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depends on how old they are. by 13 they've probably already had a few sex ed classes - still innocent but not ignorant.

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I agree, it's so out-of-place and unsexy.
I even prefer crude and dirty terms like spunk and jizz to it.

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Worse than manmilk?

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Probably because our chance of actual reproduction is rather low, so our instinct tries to maximize this chance when possible. So otaku probably have a stronger desire to cum inside than others.

Also cumming inside and creating new life is one of the greatest expressions of love between two people.

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>Also cumming inside and creating new life is one of the greatest expressions of love between two people.

Wrong, it's actually things like head-patting.

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>swap to the pill
don't bother. Have kids and then at least there'll be somebody to take care of you when you're old, whose job isn't to strap you into a bed and make you miserable, before you finally shove off.

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>Wrong, it's actually things like head-patting.

Wrong, it's actually holding hands. i held a girl's hand before and it was the greatest expression of love I got to with her.

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I think hand-holding is good too

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Don't forget kissing their nose or pushing/slightly pinching it.

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Rubbing cheeks is cute too!
I’ll now go to bed with a lot of fuzzy feelings, thanks.

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What about this?

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whoa dude are you the authentic purplegirl poster?

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Would you ever gum inside a /jp/ girl?

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There aren't any /jp/ girls they're all xboarders

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Is the guy who deflowers cute /jp/ girls as his job still around?

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Isn't that the one where a girl gets pregnant?

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hell yah broh X) always wear a rubber when fucking Jessica from class. LOL. Love that pussy with condom and cumming all over her face. (learned that lil trick ina porno - thats how we roll!)

fucking literally kill thyself pleb normie.

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>I think it's more hot to finish in hand during secret handjob in train, bus etc. I have seen this thing in some eromanga

Do you have links?

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/a/ pls go

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If you're fucking jacking off yourself off on them to finish, you might as well have fucking jacked off in the first place
Finishing inside feels better

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"All semen deserves to go into a nice, warm womb. Coming anywhere else is a waste".

-Wise Anon, December 2013.

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I'll make tell me directly, or else I won't know what she wants

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How do gay NEETs feel about this thread?

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It can't hurt to say cool stuff to a girl upon meeting her or give her some small token. I don't know about cool things to say, but I usually carry ~3 slabs of spearmint gum around and if I"m standing next to a girl (bus stop, conbini line, etc.) I say "You look like you could use a slab of spearmint gum" and give her a slab.

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did you take the gum inside part literally?

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A slab on the ass?

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Seeing as none of us will ever have sex, the distinction of safe and unsafe really means nothing.

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Gays use condoms too. You can get really nasty diseases like mono from poking each other in the poop hole.

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I am pro-unsafe sex practices as frankly, I'm a misanthropist.

Therefore, I have to endorse any instance of artistic expression which could conceivably beget some neg ass getting pos'd.

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*tips le fedora*

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I want to know how does it feel to be cummed inside, but people hate me and I hate them so I might buy a dog to knot me.

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that's gross don't do that...

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... gross dude

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IS this guy REAL>!!?!

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I want to talk to you

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does this guy really think that otakus have sex??

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<07Disability-san> is it wrong to love as an otaku? truly love? Everyone deserves love, even otaku

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Cumming inside is natural, cumming anywhere else is for degenerates.

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white power

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wow!!! nice website

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please help me find sparky posts


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