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Touhou realism?
Touhous drawn with realistic human features.
Show me something new from the moeblob stuff

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None of these look realistic. I suggest you get out of your basement and look at a human being once and a while.

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No thank you.

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dont be so literal, you know what the thread is asking for

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is this real enough?

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Nice hair.

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this but with a silly hat?

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zomie zombie

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these eyes are still oversized

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Dunno if good enough but here you go.

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Oc by me donut steel.

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holy shit it is so realistic that it almost looks like a photography

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>oversized eyes

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That Aya... wow.

Who are you quoting?

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Girls are actually hotter with noses. Japan, bring animu down 30 years.

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He's quoting the JPG. A picture is worth a thousand words, Anon!

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what Aya?

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Meant to refer to >>11945642
Aya should totally dye to a redhead.

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that sounds pretty interesting. a redheaded aya

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I have this.

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Post some realistic art porn

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She's cute

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lol plebs

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This one right here is spot on real. Reimu looks like the pleb she is in tjis pic

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Ah wooo...

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Realistic gap granny

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this guy is pretty real

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Why do so many artists draw Yukari as a Japanese? Isn't she supposed to be white?

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Yukari is love life etc

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wow, very cute girl

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i want to lick her arms

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Go away.

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How old was she anyway?

I can see her dominating me very well.

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Holy fucking shit why would you want to get dominated by anyone let alone a fucking child. Go kill yourself before I find you and slit your throat you worthless fucking cunt.

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Please no bullying.

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She was 16 or 17 in those pictures, if I'm remembering correctly.

Whenever I play with lolis I always let them do whatever they want with me and that usually ends up with them bullying me around. It's fun and exciting.

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I thought she was like 20 or something.

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What other things you do with lolis?

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Maybe. I thought it was 16 or 17. Either way, I remember reading that and immediately feeling a bit sickened by her old age. She's older than she looks, just put it like that.

Go to the park, or the gas station, or play games, or watch TV/movies, or just talk.

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why hasn't anyone posted this guy?

are you all dumb in the head?

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I love oil paintings like these. I wish I could draw like that sometimes

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Are you trying to get me jailed?

Realistic drawings that some person could claim is below 18 and lewd is highly illegal here in Sweden.

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most tohos are over 100 years old

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damn, kanako look old

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This one is really well done.

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I asked about a year ago for the original picture from which that drawings is based on.

The girls were cute.

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no moe blobs here

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Rather like this one.

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the realest touhou

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This is the only half decent one here and even so it's not very good in terms of realism

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might be able to scan them this week but for now here is some things this thread inspired me to do.

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Patchy wants to give you a big wet smooch!

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I threw up. Take responsibility for my poor keyboard!

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They're just cosplay figure paintings

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Ugly japanese mouths, look like they're trying to hold back puke, which saddens me because it ruins it all.
Cutest of the thread.
Then again, half of the fucking thread is just manface on 2hu so whacky.

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Lol nice nose gaijin-san!

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thanks !
I was able to scan them at my school today and even received sidelook by a student when doing so.

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here is the other one.

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>Go to the park, or the gas station, or play games, or watch TV/movies, or just talk.
Taken out of context I would have seen you and your loli friend as two Scottish heroin addicts lurking Edinburgh

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Those aren't oil paintings, unless you mean the first one in it's uneditted state. The one of Remilia and Flandre is photoshop.

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How's my sketch /jp/

I know I forgot her braid

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Doña Florinda?

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what tools do you use ?

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I worked on contrast because you couldn't see well on the first one. I excuse myself if you find it inappropriate

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A lot, but on that just an H pencil and an eraser.

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these are nice

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Does this look real enough?`

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trademark ZUN tube legs spotted


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ok, thank you, . Is yours mechanical ? I personally stick with HB mechanical with diameter 0.7mm and an eraser, that's what I used for >>11967321 . I don't really know how to use the other types beside HB.

Thank you ! If I have the motivation, I may draw rumia and kaguya or reimu

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These make me want to find a fashion magazine.

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/r/ kokoro

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What would you do if a major, expensive and renowned fashion company started making clothing and other wearables based off 2hus?

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visit /fa/ and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh

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Sort of - I used an old Turquoise lead holder, but a lot of the time I use a Pentel Quicker Quicker 0.5mm. The upshot to a lead holder(or normal pencil) is that you can put a longer point on it and cover larger areas very quick.

Other leads are pretty straightforward - H to 8H is harder, B to 10B is darker. The H line lays down lighter lines with greater difficulty the higher the number, while the B pencils with lays down dark lines very fast the higher the number. H pencils are great for drawing lightly, stuff you're going to erase later.

Here's lead holder for plotting + mech for drawing sans ribbon because I'm forgetful.

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Okay, thank yoiu very much for your accuracy. Did you just draw that mokou ? Are you rather fast ? I am very slow I'd say... for example, I spent 1 good hour to draw the marisa.

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I did. Both sketches were about 15~ minutes. Speed is something that comes with practice, so keep at it.

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I saw this painting by Helene Schjerfbeck in an art exhibition. Instantly reminded me of Remilia.

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This one's pretty cute.

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Well, it's true I only draw casually... are you into art studies or such or is it just a hobby ? Do you invest much time into it ?

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Have any of you fuckers even seen a real person before, because none of that looks human at all. It's just drawn without contours and fancy photoshop brushes instead.

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Why isn't she wearing a wig?

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I'm going to college for art, so yeah...

[spoiler[Not a Touhou this time.[/spoiler]
A lot of them emulate the kind of soft lighting that tends to hide the planes of the face of has a flattening effect, combined with the sort of features you'd expect from a Super Dollfie. Realistic faces like on this Bouguereau >>11964283
aren't super cute enough to be Touhous.

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I'm going to college for art, so yeah...

Not a Touhou this time.
A lot of them emulate the kind of soft lighting that tends to hide the planes of the face of has a flattening effect, combined with the sort of features you'd expect from a Super Dollfie. Realistic faces like on this Bouguereau >>11964283
aren't super cute enough to be Touhous.

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ow, I see.

Do you use software to draw ? or exclusively physical support ?

A meilin because I can't scan the rumia now.

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but booger-roo's stuff is hella cute dude

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Pretty much exclusively traditional. When I do use digital, it's Sai.
But it's not moe

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woah, that one is so heartwarmig,

ok !

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Realistic 2hus you say?

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so hawt

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Delicious exposed feet


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It isnt a crime if I masturbate to classical foot art is it?

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Yes it is, dumb gay fetish.

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B-but I get boners when I looked at classical feet pictures in my history classes when I was in highschool