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Video Games time?

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Are you looking to ERP?

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No, video games.

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>Ellen page - fan group

I cant report this thread fast enough.

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Is this how you make friends online? I could really use some friends...

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Go to /v/ and post your steam account.

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/v/ is not a place to make friends

It's one way

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I did that once and got two friends but I didn't like either of them.

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I'm waiting for the right person to give my Steam friend virginity to.

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Beggars can't be choosers.

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It's not a big deal

People from /v/ aren't real people.

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I really wanted to be your friend but you are in the ellen page fan group. I'm sorry.

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We don't play any of the same games.

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We could at least chat.

I don't have anyone to do that with any more.

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See this is why I can't be your friend.

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Why does Ellen Page have such a huge forehead? It's enormous!

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Is it ``state the obvious day'' on /jp/?

This thread is shit.

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Please stop bullying me, this is why you don't have any friends. Change your mean ways before making steam friends.

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videogames or chat, what ever you like /jp/

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Does /jp/ want to play Minecraft with me? We could make shrines and have fun...

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Are bans stored in cookies now or something? I got banned a few days ago and when I tried the ol' router ip switcheroo I got a notice saying I was ban evading. Clearing my cookies solved the problem, but is this new or have I just been getting muted for so long I never actually stuck around long enough to see a ban?

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I haven't had any problem with ip switching like usual. I never clear my cookies either.

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I want to be your friend but I don't have Steam installed. Do you have a throwaway email account?

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Vanguard Princess will be released tomorrow. Anyone want to learn it with me?

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I'm not jumping through hoops for somebody I don't know on /jp/.

If you don't have steam or skype then you're out of luck!

Besides, if you want friends then you should have an IM program installed already.

Who actually communicates through e-mail besides old ladies?

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I'll add you if you would play ae with me

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Yes, do you have a server?

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No, I've played with /jp/ before though. It was very fun and relaxing. I don't know what happened to that server.

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Well you might not remember me, but you made a thread like this one back in 2011 and we talked for a while. I was using MSN

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Do I have to buy the game? I'm a worthless NEET with no money...

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People who aren't tremendous fags

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Yes but it's 2014 now and MSN is dead.

You need to catch up.

Get a job!

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In this economy?

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You're mean.

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Shit friend 0/10

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Excuses are like armpits.

You're a sociopath, don't try to tell me I'm mean.

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you weren't this mean the last time we talked. What happened?

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No matter how much you want to get rid of them, you are bound to them forever and unable to conquer them?

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God, what a shitty thread. OP, you really outdid yourself 10/10.

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Any diablo 3 otaku here? C'mon already...

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Everyone has excuses, and they usually stink!

You are legitimately either a sociopath or completely autistic beyond what I can actually understand.

You need to figure out how to deal with social situations better.

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Steam is an enemy of your freedom.

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Stop calling your potential friends sociopaths, its not nice!

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Time to get this thread deleted.

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Should I play again? Is the expansion out?

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Is DotA discussion allowed on /jp/ yet? Any s a d b o y s want to do ranked?

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No but patch 2.0 is out...

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You're the only one here, dude. Sorry.

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Oh okay. I'll think about it...

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It's 2014, we don't have freedom.

Check out my tumblr


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I don't like people with a lot of text on their steam profiles

keep it simple please

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Are you dyslexic? Does reading hurt your brain?

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we should learn this game together /jp/

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You are way too normal for most of our tastes.

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Just play dude c'mon...

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this is how gay you are

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You need to stop obsessing over what year it is.

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Please kill yourself.

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it makes your profile look ugly

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you were cuter 3 years ago

I don't like this new Naz. you're too aggressive

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bump, neets and hiki's are most welcomed

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do you still play kof?

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I get along in the real world just fine.

Most people enjoy my presence.


It's full of my user handles on various gaming systems and links to sites and other profiles I have.

It's not my fault you live on /jp/ and don't go anywhere else.

I've learned that in life you need to be aggressive to get what you want or you just get stepped all over.

Hey, that post got a lot of reblogs.

I'm rusty, but yes.

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Just look at that forehead! It's insane!

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Why are you shitstains responding to this attention whore?

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Says the fat guy on the internet who's going bald.

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Why do people post ``screenshots'' that aren't actually screenshots but just pictures? I don't get it

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Yes, self-centered posts about social acceptance against pseudo-controversy tend to be popular among the brainwashed and unwashed.

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If you shaved all the hair off my head then peeled the skin off my skull and stood it on end, the resulting wall of flesh would not be as big as her massive movie-theater-screen of a forehead.

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Boredom, mostly.

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Because they like me more than they like some sociopathic jerk that refuses to reveal their identity?

It's cute and funny and self-expressive.

Is it wrong to be self-expressive?

SJW on Tumblr is pretty annoying, that's why I mostly do movie reviews and video game posts.

Have you even read it?

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Did I say you could respond to me, fabenabler? Don't you have a Ryo thread to create? 死ね

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Who am I quoting?? #LOL

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Novelty value. We haven't had one of these in a while.

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Fagenabler*. Excuse me.

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The mods really got pissy about me making these threads so I had to lay low for a loooong time.

I almost got a full range ban.

I really don't know how you can be homophobic on /jp/ when most of you boys are gay

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are you the "naz" person


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From now on, whenever you read "Nazrin is a mouse." think of this guy.

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Always have been, always will be.

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I was here long before those threads started popping up.

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somehow it never really took off

unlike the cola touhou that was ruined for /jp/ indefinitely

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Fuck off, normalfag.

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I'm sorry I couldn't be your friend. Here's a cute Nazrin picture.

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I don't think you know what that word means.
>most of you boys are gay
You'd like to think that. You'd like to think you are in good company, fagging it up with everyone else. No, you are a small minority that shits all over 4chan with your unabashed faggotry. Just because you're a pathetic loser who can't get a girl doesn't mean you have to suck dick. But hey, im talking to a useless waste of space here, you'll never learn. Please die.

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Are you really trying to take the moral high ground here, anon-kun?

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>noun \ˈfō-bē-ə\

>an extremely strong dislike or fear of someone or something

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ummmmmmmmmm why do you have these saved?

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Why wouldn't I?

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If you're asking if i'm morally superior to you, the answer is yes.

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You're so deep in the closet, you're finding presents anon-kun.

We can help you, but you have to accept yourself for what you are first.

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Nazrin a shit. OP a shit. This thread a shit.

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Please don't be mean to Nazrin. It's not her fault.

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They hate what they don't understand

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It's not Nazrin's fault a huge faglord likes her.

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Shut up, you.

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Nazzy only wants to have fun

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Maybe I should have applied to be a janitor.

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It starts with cleaning out the attention whores and feeling good about yourself, but sooner or later you'll be combing threads on page ten for comments that insinuate you suck, buying meth so you can stay up for 30 ban request sprees, and eventually exploding in a fit of pique and deleting the whole board.

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This isn't how you make friends online...

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Nazrin is a mouse.

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It seems as if you speak from experience.
Why did you become so shit?

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the day that /jp/ got deleted was so bittersweet.

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That's happened at least twice, you newfag.

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I started playing again