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Still going after little girls, Anon?

What's a matter, scared of a little Marshmallow heaven?

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http://tvtropes.org pmwiki pmwiki.php Main MarshmallowHell

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But there is a little girl in your image.

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No thank you.

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I'm just going after the superior heaven.

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There are no marshmallows there. There is no food at all in fact. What do you mean?

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I don't like my girls having tumors on their breast

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Why is there only lolis and old lady tits?

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i like milfs, but not these kind of bad drawn milfs with balloon tits

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That being said, I love you Yukarin ♥

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A tit that doesn't fit into a hand is too big, not to mention that small ones are more sensitive.

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Small breasts have their own appeal and are indeed also great, but I just have a personal preference for the huge-massive range.

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It's possble to hug marshmallow pillows without going for old hags, you know? <3

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No, just scared of Yukari

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Please kill yourself warmly.

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I'd be too nervous to hug Sanae, because I'd probably get a boner from coming in contact with her big squishy breasts.

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I'd rather a Raspberry Heaven...

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Who needs those big, disgusting lumps of fat anyway?
But damn, do I want to press my face between those!
Just for the pillowy feeling of course.
Definitely not for Yukari's warmth or smell, nope. What do you take me for?

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a rational person

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I take you for someone who loves Yukari a whole lot.
And that is perfectly fine.

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that was a ship in some anime, right?

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I prefer Yuyuko

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Pshhh, the OG > granny-capped knockoff

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Yuyuko is definitely the best.

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I'm going to go after sweet flat-chested little girls all I want.

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I want to cum all over that perfect belly

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hello bunny yuuka

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hello wizard reisen

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I upgraded to the superior blonde onee-san model

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Shitty copy of Sena with uniform.