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No bully

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How can you not want to bully this face?

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Because it is cute and I want to hug it!

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I want to put it in

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Remember not to vote for yamabiko scum.

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I want to put it in

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Yamabiko scum is for loving

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I want to put it in.

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That doesn't look very soft and cuddly

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Fuck you

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feelio when the Rumia one will never be scanned

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I don't want any 2hu to be squished like that!! I just want to hug them all like this.

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Thats very dehumanizing.
To call Kyouko It.

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why are you guys so mean to kyouko...

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Kyouko is great!

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>the Rumia one
I am not okay with this

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Are you not okay with it not being scanned, or with it existing?

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There's no Rumia one

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Hey. Don't bully my wife, dude.

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Your wife is a cute

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I do!

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Dude, what the FRICK are you doing with my wife? The only man she needs in her life is ME.

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I adore Kyouko.

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get back to sweepin'

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Nice circle to blacklist
Fuck, even the covers are fucking mortifying and after reading the Mystia one I am NOT amused to see these fuckers made more of this

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What if it was Kyouko saying it to you?

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Man, I want some popsicles.

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I would be very happy indeed. I would not kiss her though, because that is too lewd.

Only head patting.

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What about hugs?

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You can't get married if you don't seal it with a kiss!

And not having kids in a marriage is a sin

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I no longer want to bully the yamabiko scum

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What's wrong with Mystia?

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what does she smell like

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How soft are Kyouko's ears?

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idk, normal BO with a mix of dog probably?

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She's expecting!

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wet doge

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I am not okay with the author's existence

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Not him, but it pisses me off that it's both getting scanned and translated in favor of all sorts of other, better stuff.

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gore attracts the most autistic individuals.

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I don't understand the need to be mean to Touhous.

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I remember a time when I was a young child. I was given an old, yet functioning radio by my father. For whatever reason, I decided to get a screwdriver from the basement and take it apart. I enjoyed thoroughly dissembling and then smashing it to bits. I don't know why and to this day I still feel bad about doing it.

I feel that gore freaks get a similar kick out of what they read, but with a bend towards controlling people. All in all, still very juvenile, even if the person may be "normal" otherwise.

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Soft enough to turn them into a nice pair of gloves

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You don't understand because you aren't a man.

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gore is not manly

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It is rather childish.

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So he is the one behind that Mystia being impaled one.
>That one with the guy using Rumia's entrails as a fap glove.

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Who are you quoting?

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pls post more

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Would bully by shouting at her.

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She'd just echo you, anon.

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I understand but only about thinking about minorities being dismembered, not cute girls.

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If you're far away. Have you ever yelled outside in a neighborhood full of dogs? They bark. If you go up to a dog and yell at it in it's face? It cowers.

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Cute girls are a minority, nice threes.

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Kyouko isn't a dog. Really!

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"As can be surmised by looking at her big ears and short tail, she was originally an animal youkai. However, she does not possess any of the savage habits a carnivore does. Despite her speaking in a loud voice, she is comparatively timid, and when she runs into mountain climbers, she flees quickly."

Close enough.

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Oh, right. Nevermind, it works.
Shouldn't bully Kyouko, though. She's nice.

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She can't be nice all the time. In the rare times she's been a bad girl or if she talks back then she needs to be punished.

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>using Rumia's entrails as a fap glove.
time to put a bitch in the ground

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So glad I didn't read it.

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Good answer.

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sick quints

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Oh, you can let her get away with it. Everyone has a bad day.

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Chensaw shall join you for great justice.

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Teasing Kyouko, wow!

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Weren't they the youkais responsible for echoes in the mountains?

I can't think of a single reason for killing them besides "they are youkais".
But it would be just like killing a primitive, localized Internet Relay Chat just because is "a primitive, localized Internet Relay Chat"

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>"they are youkais."

That's literally all Reimu needs.

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I do similar things with electronics even today, though I usually try to put them back together rather than smash them. There's a strange sense of satisfaction in taking something apart and seeing how it works and then putting it back together and firing it back up. It wouldn't surprise me if that feeling is why some people become surgeons.

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They don't need any help in dying, they're slowly dying off already.

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Don't youkais sustain themselves on belief?
Wouldn't revealing themselves to the human population help that? I mean, if i saw one i would too believe it exists.

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It's like eating your own arm, at first it looks like a good idea then you understand that there will be excrements anyway, so energy losses, so you'll end up dying of starvation anyway.
Or blood loss.

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I'm not sure if i follow. Elaborate please.

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lol stupid yokeys

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Stop bullying the yamabiko scum

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How do I impregnate kyouko-chan

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I'm sorry you had to go through both of them. I'm fortunate enough to have only seen the former one, but I couldn't take any more than this. After seeing the covers to the Kyouko and Nitori ones I had to blacklist the gore tags.

Made me so sick seeing them looking for a good fap.

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This doujinshi is still the most disturbing for me... maybe because I'm a huge sucker for the SDM cast :


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That was interesting.

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If a youkai was to reveal itself to a massive population like the outside world, they'd either
a) Be crushed by the unbelief and pop out of existence
b) Get lynched

Akyuu mentions that the so-called Murphy's Laws cause potential youkai to spontaneously form and disperse, only for you to lose your keys, remote, etc.

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Youkai cannot be harmed by the faithless, anon. Actual guns would never stop anything that is inhuman. Hell, they would even have problems with people like Youmu and Keine.

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>a) Be crushed by the unbelief and pop out of existence
I meant the population of the human village.
A small group move in, live along with humans, start a trade route or two, things like that.

Is a bit difficult to un-believe your neighbour

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Even so, I'm certain the outside world can collect some exorcists to purge the youkai
Some are already involving themselves with the human village, although youkai wouldn't do something so organized.

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Yeah, well, I'm pretty sure Gensokyo's humans are perfectly aware of the youkai around.

There are already youkai living in the human village, and pretty much everyone who has something to trade trades with humans. There are even night shops in the village open specifically for youkai.

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nobody subjects little Rumia to a boston beatdown and gets away with it!

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Unless you can gather some of the most dierhard fanatics in this world, you would still face this problem: They are not experienced with youkai extermination.

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At least they didn't kill her, unlike poor Daiyousei.

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She could have died through blunt force trauma. They did her in pretty bad.

Still, that series is chuuni as shit and basically ignores the fact that most of those slaughtered will be back by next week to chew on arms and drink tea.

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no bully

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I really want to bully it

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Dear /jp/,

I miss you. Soon I will be back and will post more Kyouko. I love you.

From, Anon

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I want to give her a traumatic beating and comfort her right after

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Do that and my cock will be comforting the insides of your anus.

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Please be careful to not yell.
It is nighttime in other countries.

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Noisy dogs get no dinner

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Who needs dinner when you have dessert?

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You eat dinner first before desserts

Spoiled little puppy could use a wallop

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Yamabiko scum falling down in hell

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I want to spray my hot sticky semen on the yamabiko scum's face.

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Why are yamabiko scum? They seem nice and cute.

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Idiot! Pervert!

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She'll scream at your balls until they fall off dude.

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Will she scream at my penis and scare it stiff?

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I don't think that's possible. I don't think she'd even try that.

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Sounds like another Saturday night at the local punk rock dive bar

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She's still yell, and her voice can shatter bones. Making Kyouko cry is dangerous.

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Why would I want to make her cry?

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Don't bother reading too much into it. Looks like newfriends saw that one fag who kept posting it and decided it's a cool new meme.

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I don't know about that. Earplugs + Ear muffs should be good enough.

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No, no. It's more then just loud, anon. Yelling is how she fights; it can cause a lot of damage.
Kyouko's nice, though.

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Then you just have to take her out before she can yell.

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Oh, stop.

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Well, it would only sustain their existance in the short term. the scientific community would classify them as some pygmy offshoot or something, or a group of humans with genetic disorders. With a mundane explanation, it's only a matter of time until they slowly dissapear- the traditional "Gov't will experiment on them" also applies

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Well, that's outside of Gensokyo.
But the human village is a different story, they know that youkais are a thing, and if they are reminded that a certain type of youkai exists then those youkais get the faith they need to live.
Since Yamabikos don't seem to make their presence too much noticed then moving a small group into the village would help.

>"vampires exists, one tried to blot out the sun with a red mist"
>"onis exists, one threw a gensokyo-wide party"
>"yamabikos exists, one live just next my door"

/jp/ get everything backwards, they idol youkais like Rumia and Flandre, and considering that humans that are not citizens of Gensokyo are not covered by the spellcard rules, encountering them equal to "Death" of you are lucky and "Very slow and very painful" death if you are not.
Since Yamabikos are not dangerous (in the sense they won't kill you on the spot to get your blood / flesh / ass-soul / brain / whatever) /jp/ hate them.

In other words, a good rule of thumb is "If /jp/ love this type of youkai then is better to avoid them"

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Oh yes keep insulting me Kyouko chan, I'm almost there!

>> No.11952424

But I idolize Rumia AND Kyouko, anon.

/jp/ is not a uniform entity. Please understand this.