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I like my older woman 2hus

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Come on she's way too young to be lumped in with the likes of Kanako and Yukari.

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i agree. who actually considers meinling to be old?

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Yoogs isn't old.

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Keine also doesn't belong there.

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Iku is old?

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Keine, Komachi, Iku, and Meiling shouldn't be there if that's supposed to include all of the lovely mature ladies. They fall into the "not a loli or teenager but also not old" category. I do agree with OP's sentiment, though. Older Touhous are best Touhous.

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Seiga should be on there too.

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mamizou is gross

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Keine is clearly soccer mom

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the ones you mentioned are still in their prime, my guess is that theyre in their 20s or 30

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Yeah, they haven't quite reached the thousand+ years of age required for membership in the Old Maid club.

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Seiga a shit, no one likes her

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Nigger, Seiga is great

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Where is Ran?

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Why is Iku looks like Kuroneko?

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Right here

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No she's not.

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Her zombie is great, she is just like a blue-haired Yukari and also a shit

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Yoshika is awesome. No arguments there, but so is Seiga. I'll admit she's a lot like Yukari, but I think they're still pretty different. Maybe I just like her because Yucurri is my favorite and they're similar. Whatever.

captcha: house taosafe

Kuroneko is best girl but overall oreimo a shit.

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tbh, the leaf on her head looks dumb

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Why is Yuugi on there? I have never thought of her as old and I don't think anyone else has either.

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ZUN told her:
Get a silly hat or else you're not getting in the game!
She had to make do with what she had, man.

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It's a Tanuki thing so you can blame folk lore for that. I do agree that it could have looked better than a weird ass hat for that design though.

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Seiga reminds me of an opium smoking Yukari. I know she probably doesn't smoke opium but I can't help but think of that since Seiga reminds me of 19th century China.

And I agree, Yoshika is great.

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Not him but fuck you, sometimes the original image is absurdly big and I'm too lazy to remove the sample part of the file name to keep people from pointing it out.

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I watched some of ALISON's really trippy videos last night, and the idea of Gensokyo as a place where everyone is constantly high is surprisingly appealing.

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I'm sorry. I try to always click the full res button. If it's really a problem, just reverse image search it and grab the full one yourself.

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this is now yoshika thread, cant get any older being dead

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What is she eating?

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Yessir. My Yoshika folder needs expansion.

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I have many Yoshika pictures and no Seiga pictures.

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Is her head actually removable? Will she die if you take it off?

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Older Touhous are the best

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Tewi is 1300 years old. Does she count??

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Yes. Feel free to post her as well.

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She's too much of a loli to be an old lady.

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Puffy Tewi vulva

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yeah, a loli

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creepy, yet strangely soothing

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Wow, so is that picture.

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not as gross as YOU

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Says the guy that posted a picture of a rodent.

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Nazrin is a mouse.

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Granny thread

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Onee san's, dude

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Yeah, that's what I said.

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Mmm, ba-chans...

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A mouse is a rodent, but a rodent isn't necessarily a mouse.

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notice me senpai

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Komachi looks lovely in that OP image.

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It's OK to use a more general term. You can just say you have a computer, for example, and there is no need to say the exact brand.

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it would be EXTREMELY painful..

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It's not really the same thing. A computer is a computer, but a rodent can be a mouse or a squirrel as well.

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A computer can be a desktop, a laptop or a tablet.

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Or a calculator.

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That only proves my point further.

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How so? You don't have to be specific all the time even if it might cause confusion.

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???- Rihoko - Tsukasa - ??? - Haruka - ??? - Ai - Kaoru - Risa - Tsukasa - ??? - Rihoko's annoying tea club friend

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She's a big girl.

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Don't ever post that image again

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Tewi's delicious rotting, decomposing body

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for you

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I said no