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Has /jp/ ever tried lucid dreaming in hope meeting their favorite touhou?

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"in hope of meeting their favorite touhou"

>Error: You cannot delete a post this old.


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I fuck little girls

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Well I guess you could use lucid dreaming to accomplish that.

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Fuck that. I managed activate lucid dreaming by lack of sleep by looking at my hand and clenching it to punch someone. I got to excited and woke up paralyzed face down on the pillow and couldn't breathe. Felt like someone was on top of my back.

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Pulp the 2D girl. Inject her straight into your veins.

I know everything. I am everything.

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I have no control, even over my own will.

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I'd much prefer a cut /jypsie/

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Cut /jypsie/? Are you a cannibal?

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Not lucid dreaming but I had a dream about me taking SDM to somewhere with my car. Sakuya-san was on the front seat and I don't know why but she was annoyed the fuck out of me, I was the most fun dream I had these days.

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I meant cute (._.')

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*it was

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I can do it, but I stopped since every waking moment becomes more painful and unbearable.

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I tried making a Tulpa. But it spoke to me and I got spooked...I still feel it's presence every so often.

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>lucid dreaming
PLEASE fuck off with your stupid metapsychic shit

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Are you angry you can't experience God's gift of natural virtual reality?

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Lucid dreaming is scientifically proven, it exists. It is nice, too.

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I'm going to lucid dream you getting fugged in the butt you nerd.

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That's gay, dude

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Yes, I just can't keep myself dedicated to train to do it.

I am massively jealous of people who can do it easily.

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I hope you're not implying that it doesn't exist. Hell, I've experienced it on many occasions and I haven't put any effort at all into learning how to do it intentionally.

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yep and I awake crying and never attempt to do that again.

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loud silly girls

and OP is just in here bein' silly himself, there is no such thing as "lucid dreaming" that's supposedly the result of doing some ritual or taking some drug, that's some silliness that's gone around the boards a couple of times and finally crash-landed over on /x/

if you want to dream about some videogame, play it all day and sleep lightly

if you want to dream enough you start to realize it when you're dreaming, do the same. That should work. Alternatively, just live until you start to realize it when you're dreaming, it happens to everybody at about age 14 (and if it doesn't, you're just retarded and not actually a person, so shut up.)

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i dont have dreams and when i do theyre only nightmares

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Tulpa maybe but not lucid dreaming.

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whoa dude you're so mysterious

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I want to dream about Yuugi

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I don't have dreams and when I do, it's fucking sleep apnea.

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>that feel when can't ever sleep without bad paralysis

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Can I be a gril in my dreams if I lucid dream?

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Maybe. Focusing on changing your gender might wake you up though unlike a regular dream unless for some reason you are a girl before you enter the lucid state.

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I haven't been keeping up with getting better at lucid dreaming for some time now. But thank you for reminding me! Now I will pick it up again.

By the way, I've met Yukari a few times in my dreams.
She's always playing pranks on me. Every.single.time.
Always doing some stupid shit that keeps me from progressing or outright hijacking my dream.
Once she trapped me on a tree and didn't let me get down or wake up for what felt like hours, while the sky looked like something that a mortal shouldn't lay eyes upon.
Another time she turned my dream about being a badass survivor in an apocalypse into a whacky, colorful game show in which I was forced to participate with other touhous.
Just you wait, Yukari Yakumo! One day I will get you.
And when I do, I am going to hug you!

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I also strongly recommend creating a tulpa, astral projection and anything magic related.

>“Many devotees, especially Europeans and Americans, come to India and want to discover the secrets of yoga, tantric powers, magical siddhis. And they go to all these supposed gurus, who give them very light austerities and ask for a money. Lots of money, you know? So these Americans, these Westerners, they give the money, and they get some little secrets of yoga, and they go back to the West and open a studio and teaching their little secret, and they charge more money. And what does this get? Karma. Karma for the guru who charged money, karma for the Westerner who paid the money, karma for the students who pay money to go to the new studio to learn the little secrets. Ah. And it’s really all for nothing, it’s for little siddhis that aren’t worth even as much as a book or a cell phone today.

>Listen, I will tell you a real secret. If you want power, real power, power like Vrtrasura, Naruda Muni, Arjuna, Mayasura, Bali Maharaj, or Lord Ravana, you only need one secret, one practice. It is a mantra, a mantra that can give you literally anything you want, anything you need. Ah. Listen carefully, here is the mantra:



>You fix your intention or your goal in your mind, and then you chant this mantra, at least 1728 times per day.

>If you are impatient, you want to make real progress very quickly, you chant it 6912 times per day. But that is a severe austerity, that takes real dedication, I don’t think anyone has it today.

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I had a threesome with Bern and Lambdadelta in a dream, once.
But never with a 2hu yet

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I'll probably never try lucid dreaming, because I had a bad case of sleep paralysis before without even trying to trigger it, but I wish you good luck, anon!

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>She's always playing pranks on me
at least she not ripped your arms off like me.

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That sounds like you did something to piss her off, anon.

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Nop, she only appeared suddenly and say something like "ara~, Do you really want to go to Gensokyo, I'll help with that" and then she cut my arm off and said "don't worry your arm is now in Gensokyo, but I'll back for your other pieces in short" and then I woke...

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Did you notice anything unusual about your arms later on irl?

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Fuck, that actually made me laugh.
Yukari is such a jester!
Did it hurt?

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In a nightmare is common that your arms or your legs get a cramp but on that ocassion I don't felt nothing, even scared.

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I need to stop being tsundere about Yukari or this will probably happen to me.

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Nope, I'm too talented at sleeping. I think I would have other priorities if I was able to control dreams though.

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not really...
but her face dude, you should have seen her fucking face.

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I've only had one 2hu related dream and it was about Koishi knocking me down every time I wasn't looking because I forgot all about her as soon as she left my field of vision. When I woke up I was kind of surprised but accurate the dream depiction of her was. I also thought it was weird that I would dream about her since she doesn't even rank amongst my favorites.

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She is subconsciously your favourite.

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She got addicted to attention in HM and wants yours.

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I dreamt I had sex with Aya when I couldn't masturbate last week. It was a pleasant experience.

It's not that hard to have wet Touhou dreams. You just gotta stop masturbating for a while and think about Touhou while falling asleep.

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>live until you start to realize it when you're dreaming, it happens to everybody
This is exactly what lucid dreaming is. And it can be induced using drugs.

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About same here.

Worse is that I got into lucid dreaming but it was always imperfect.
I get the whole body vibrations and buzzing noise all right, then I get the "twirling inside a tornado" feeling but my vision remains black. I can listen to any song I want to, but that's about it, my "lucid dreams" are a fucking mp3 player at best.
And that's when I'm lucky and don't spend 50min trying to enter one then give up.

Going into a lucid dream right after waking up is easier but it require preparation, and if you move a little too much or get too nervous you're fucked. And the only time I got a "realise I'm dreaming" moment was 6 years ago during one of my very few wet dream, and it wasn't that erotic at all, the thing I was fucking didn't really have a human shape, it was just some strangely shaped blob of flesh.

Please /jp/ show me your ways.

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I wanna have sex with cute flesh girls

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