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A kiss?

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My mouth is gonna be too big for hers I can't even put my tongue in that hole.

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sure thing buddy, if you don't mind my mouth tasting like cum

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I want to cuddle with Cirno and then have her nervously reward me with a kiss afterwards

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Miko's warm smile brightens up my day.

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Me too, I hope nobody else posts in this thread so I can see her cute smile every time I scroll down.

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Kissu~ Kissu~

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kissing with /jp/!

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I've never kissu kissued. Am I gay?

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You're just focusing on your wizard training.

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I'm afraid of kisses and everything that follows.

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Yeah that's pretty terrifying.

I meant in a personal context dum dum.

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Kiss the screen

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All that mashing together of moist meat parts seems kind of gross and unhygienic.

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Sorry, I'm not gay.

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Only if you post my waifu

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It can actually spread hpv/herpes/whatever junk that only idiots, whores and drug abusers ever get, if one or the other person already has that in their mouth. Tongue is even worse, though mostly what that spreads is just the common cold.

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Eating is unhygienic too, but people get over it.

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good luck, anon

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Eating is enjoyable though.
swapping saliva brands is very gross

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I do not find eating enjoyable.

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Next you're gonna tell me you don't like pooping.

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Eventually if you keep constantly trading mucous with someone, you'll practically double eachother's immune systems.

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I would really like it if I never had to eat or poop.

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But pooping can be very cute. Imagine how embarrassed an adorable little girl would be after everyone in the house got to smell her huge, stinky dump.

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Nobody ever wants to smell my dumps!

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I want to kiss mommy.

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I would smell your poop, Anon-kun.

The notion of being able to forever seep in your piquant aroma gets me really hot...