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Yukari lets you use her powers for one day.

What's the first thing you do?

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Suck my own cock.

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Gap her into the sun/a black hole, keep the powers forever.

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If Yukari dies, her powers are gone forever. Way to suck.

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I gap the powers into myself, and THEN kill Yukari.

Even if I don't keep the powers, Yukari is still dead. I call that a win.

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Steal a reasonable amount of American dollars from an FDIC insured bank.

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kill this faggot >>11918809 , no one who tries to harm Yakumo-sama deserves live.

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Gap myself to Gensokyo for the day.

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If I gap into Gensokyo, will I be kicked out after the day is over?

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I can't decide between stealing nigerian gold and touching 2hu boobs.

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why not both? you have 24 hours and two hands

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I would gap myself into Yukarin's heart

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Steal a huge amount of money from japanese banks and settle down in Gensokyo. Also gap myself a nice house there to live in and multiple other useful things to keep around, including a lot of books about magic.
The rest of the day is spend trolling people on a global level.

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Combine the two, steal gold nigerian 2hu boobs.

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End world suffering

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Steal money and jack off onto 3D women.

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Snake, you can't do that!

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suck my own dick/ fuck myself

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Suck off a bunch of guys.

Yukari's power over boundries is only surpassed by ability to sleep with anyone and everyone at once.

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Kill the dumb bitch and anyone who likes her

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Extend the boundary of which time I am allowed to user her power to infinity, duh.

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I'm saging extra hard, but you can't see it.

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Head to Gensokyo, woo my love Yukarin, and live out my days in happiness with her. Also, I might make a pocket universe where WH40K is real, for shits and giggles.

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Manipulate the boundary between undergraduate and graduated.

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This. This would be great.

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find kyouko and snap her broom

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*farts in ur face*

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I'd do reality my ten desires

1. Fuck Yukari's ass.
2. Steal money.
3. Steal some Eirin's drugs.
4. Slap Kaguya in the face.
5. Slap Sanae in the face.
6. Slap Youmu's ass.
7. Slap Reimu in the face.
8. Slap Obama in the face.
9. Cum in you're favorite 2hu and then slap her in the face.
10. Steal an R32.

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I proceed to violently rape the conservation of energy principle

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Gap Yukari and myself into a place where her power can't be used anymore. And then, she'll be mine. ALL MINE.

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Science man please go

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you and I have a lot in common maybe I can do both of these things for you.

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Turn 3D into to 2D or >>11918807

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Depends on what I can do. I want to never age and live in Gensokyo and have high speed internet and a big penis.

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Fuck every JAV whore out there.

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Pathetical animal
Give me pleasure
Your death makes me come

Tears of pain
Flooded her innocent eyes
Her young body covered with blood
And I'm just getting started
To dominate her precious body

I live to hate whores
Cheap sluts, fucking cunts
You live to die

Blood comes out of her mouth
She tries to scream

I'm a sick fuck
I kill for pleasure

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Wait! I thought /jp/ loved Brainbombs.


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Get her to make Ran make Chen my shikigami and make Chen my imouto to love forever. And make myself 2D.

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I perma my powers.

Then I make it so I can understand what the fuck Yukari is doing.

Then I have innocent fun in Gensukyo.

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Gap all nukes existing into the USA and set them off

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Gap into Gensokyo and find some magic artifact or something that would allow me not to get killed by a Youkai the moment Yukari takes her powers back.
Learn magic for fun.

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Leave a few holes open in places that are secret to me only giving me a form of instant travel. I've got one whole day to do so I'll have a bunch of spots.

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>so I can understand what the fuck Yukari is doing

Protect Gensokyo and be a role model for other youkai.

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Gap myself to former hell and serve Chireiden forever.

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Create a gap connection between every /jp/friend's houses so we can finally have the /jp/ (di)mension!

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but, the gaps will disappear at the end of the day.

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that wasn't in op's post though. nobody said you had to close them.