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Do you think Orin would make a good mother?

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Sure, why not.

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She probably smells like burning and death. Not to mention she doesn't live in the best neighborhood.

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What does burning smelling like?

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God damnit I want a pet ;_;

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>She probably smells like burning and death

my mom smoked too

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Orin is love

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no, she's too young at heart

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young girls can be mothers too.

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you missed an adjective

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young girls can be GOOD mothers too.

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frazzled, guilty-feeling young mother detected

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No, I'm just not one of those /jp/ motherhumper zombies that think any Touhou with a disgusting old fat body can be qualified as a mother.

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hey i hate the hagfuckers too don't get me wrong

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The worst is probably those Kanakofags that post the same ugly images of her that have nothing to do with motherlyness.

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Who doesn't?

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let's spare a thought for poor Ran

she puts on a puffy skirt and suddenly she's 20 years older and 40 kgs heavier

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Ran is fine, because at least the fans dont try to force a certain mindset of her onto everyone else.

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Ran is adorable and motherly.

I want to eat fried tofu with Ran.

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Ran I can understand how people might consider her motherly, but thinking Kanako would be a good mother is just retarded.

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Is Yukari a good grandmother?

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No, because she isn't a grandmother. She's under 20 years old!

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Hagfucker masterrace reporting

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Go "reporting" in back to /b/

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Takes a crossie to know a crossie!

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Yukari a shit

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Oh look, a hagfucker misbehaving and spewing his shit everywhere, what a surprise.

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Lolis a shit

Oh look, a /jp/sie being an autist! I'n not even sarcastically surprised.

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What are you trying to prove with these images of her exactly? Are you reinforcing how ugly she is?

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I'll keep postin' as long as you keep gettin' mad. da ze

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>lol u mad XD
keep being a /b/tard motherfucker, you're only proving my point.

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I thought Kanako's appeal was more masculinity and strength than motherliness
Besides being depicted busty a lot, she doesn't seem very maternal

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>masculinity and strength than motherliness
Kanakofags have never, ever, EVER tried to even consider that trait of hers, since all of them are secondaries.

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Yes, they do. I haven't been able to have a Ran thread open for more than 20 posts because they talk about almost nothing other than momma Ran and the mother fetish really turns me off.

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Stronk Kanako is cool. She's a bit of a badass IMO. Not very motherly. I mean, she chucks fucking telephone pole-sized onbashira out of this air with zero effort. Kanako is cool.

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I feel like we've had this thread 1000 times. Down to the tee.

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Maybe I just am too new to /jp/ to know, but how could she be anything else with that posture?

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Kanako is cool.

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Kanako looks more like business mother than anything.

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Which 2hu that would likely to be soccer mom?

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not a hag



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yukari is a beautiful young girl

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she is a pure young maiden

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that's actually an okay doujin

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party time?

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it's already started

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I love you Yukarin!

And she'd be an awesome mother. Maybe not all that kind of nurturing, but teaching you a lot and being fun and easygoing.

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hey kids, condense your Yucurri threads

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Yukari is love.
Yukari is life.

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Yukari is like dakka: You need more than too little and less than too much, and there is no such thing as too much.

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Maybe you should condense your non-yuccurri threads so we can have more yuccurri threads.

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pstona orin in an orin thread

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I'm not sure why, but I've always been completely indifferent toward Yukari.

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we can help you become DIFFERENT

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Go into the gap, anon.

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I would go inside her gap, bare and raw if you know what i mean

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Just watch for tentacles.

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Considering how she treats Ran, it would be best to keep her away from children.

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are you bait?