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So why are you stillva Touhou fanboy/girl when KanColle is the hot new fad?

Personally, I don't like boats.

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I get the vague impression that Kancolle is not really that respectful towards WWII.

Also, the English language community is like totally shit.

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kancolle is too complicated for me

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The boat girls aren't as cute.

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I don't really know what it is

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It'd be a good thing, since unwanted tertiary weebs will have something else to latch onto

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At least one person in this thread is talking to himself.

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Well it's not me.

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Why do I prefer Touhou to Kancolle?

Because Air Force > Navy, that's why.

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The number of secondary Touhoufags playing Kancolle right now is very small. Circle recognition, outside of the porn artists everyone knows, is near zero.

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I prefer planes. Ships are dumb,

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If i was interested in naval warfare, i'd play a game with actual ships, not some browser game with random girls.

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not a shmup, lewd canon images.

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the japanese arent usually sensitive to wwii

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I'm not into Touhou that much, but Kancolle looks boring and too much pandering.

I feel that it tries to be Touhou but with more sexualization and pandering. Perhaps they succeded.

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You're right on all counts but it's still enjoyable.

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Because Kancolle is a card game. If it were an actual game I probably would have liked it.

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Most of the designs are boring.

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Kancolle has cute girls, but the actual game is even more boring than touhou.

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social card battle games are some of the most cancerous shit in the world, right up there with mobas

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This. I don't get what's so good about card games. You're constantly fucked by the RNG and the only action you'll ever have is pressing buttons.

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If Kancolle were an actual strategy card game I'd like it a lot more than I do.

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dota 2 /jp/ isDEAD

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It had potential with the kind of setting it has too. They could have made it ace combat but with machine girls.

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But I'm not anymore. Touhou games take effort and talent, absolutely no fun if you lack those. Kancolle is nice and easy to relax with, so it's not nearly as depressing to play. 2hu wins in the fanmade stuff department though since Kancolle has nothing but porn there unfortunately.

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I don't play either. Does that make me a secondary?

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If you pay attention to secondary works, yeah.


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Based ZUN. Thats why.
But seriously, KanColle wasnt that exciting and I much rather prefer trying to memorize all the patterns in the touhou games

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Hot new fad? Barely anyone knows about that.

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Kancolle is a temporary fad, Touhou is forever.
It's as simple as that.

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That's just wishful thinking. ZUN needs to step it up if he wants to remain a cultural icon.

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Give him some time to find new things to plagiarize.

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At least Touhou has been time-proven, still going strong in popularity after almost 20 years.
Even though said popularity didn't really boom until 12 years ago.

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Actually playing it seems like a bit of a headache, I can't get into something I don't play. The uninspired character design doesn't help either.

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>Hot new fad? Barely anyone knows about that.
Except everyone who's seen a cover a Comp Ace, Comptiq, Famitsu, or Febri in the last half year.

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The problem is he doesn't.
He only make games for himself.

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It seemed interesting until I realized it was just a shitty browser game.

Atago is cute though.

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I got really bored of kancolle.
Yamato and Taihou were the most in demand last I checked, and I had both.

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I will take your Yamato

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You can trade now?

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Already into Touhou and too lazy to learn the names and specs of every fucking ship. My mind is full of enough useless WWII-related info already. Plus, Kancolle doesn't have pic related.

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I've already devoted so msvh time to Touhou that I feel its a waste to change fandoms

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I like both.

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Because I'm not a filthy bandwagon jumper.

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>Kancolle doesn't have pic related.
my nigga

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dam FUKKEN right

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Joke's on you, I independently burned out on Touhou well before I started on Kancolle.

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That doesn't matter. The only way to not be a bandwagon jumper is to be interested in Kancolle before it was popular or after it stops being popular.

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Yukarin solidarity, my tovarishchi.


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Like with Touhou, nobody in the West had ever heard of it before it became popular.

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You don't have to devote your life to one hobby.

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You don't have to, but in that case you should accept your filthy bandwagon jumper status.

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My hobbies aren't determined by what /jp/ is doing this week.

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>implying that anything can really be dangerous for touhou universe
itt fagots

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I have a complete lack of interest in playing Kancolle, and I kinda feel I'm missing out. I guess I'll just watch the anime when it comes out and embrace my dirty secondary status.

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On the bright side you can just watch an episode or two to see if you like it rather than having to go through all that proxy nonsense and language barrier.

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/jp/ isn't playing Kancolle.

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because its a boring shitty pay to win mobile phone game with blobby anime girls who gives a hoot about that poop ass game

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It sounds like you don't actually know what it is at all dude.

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He's close enough.

I've heard it described as "one of the best browser games" but browser games are mostly awful so it doesn't say that much.

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Some browser games are really fun, so you never know.

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It's one of those things I've grown to hate because it's being shoved in my face wherever I go. Plus all the girls seem like they were designed on fetishes.

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Posting 2hus

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You must despise Touhou if you hate things being shoved in your face.

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It depends on where you hang out.

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Yeah, I am a Touhou fan because it's the kind of thing I'd get into. Kancolle isn't.

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Why are you spamming shitty images?

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Because I crave attention, obviously. Thanks for helping

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>the English language community is like totally shit
what are you even doing in /jp/

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My phone can't understand moonspeak :(

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>muh sekkrit club xDDD

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I don't get it.

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I'm content to remain a Kancolle tertiary. Touhou has more enjoyable characters, better music and enjoyable fan games. Also it will be playable in future unlike an online-only Facebook game.

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>I became a hipster, i liked 2hus before they were cool :DD

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I don't like anything that gives the Japanese a chance to show their nationalism. It's annoying, what do they have to be proud about militarily?

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KanColle's so blatant about quickly cashing in with attractive designs it's not even funny anymore

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They had a lot to be proud of militarily in WW2 which is where the ships are from.

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This is all that's left of something like 300 ships.

Better luck next time.

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Already fighting a losing battle less than a year after war with the US.

None of their territorial gains were achieved against a proper military, either.

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You don't need a reason to be proud of your country.

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I joined the air force in the hopes of being just like a real 2hu, dodging projectiles in the air.

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I think you should.

>> No.11914543

cool analogy

>> No.11914544

Do you need a reason to love your parents? It's the same thing with your country, it's not something you choose.

>> No.11914552

I think you should need a reason to love your parents, too. My parents are good people so I love them. My brother is shit so I don't love him. I barely met the rest of my family so I'm indifferent to them.

I think we just have different mindsets.

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did I do well on touhou bingo

>> No.11914569

does anyone even have the answer key for this??

>> No.11914571

I don't think so

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are you still in osan?

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Goddamn duplicate characters and samey faces I give up for now.

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thats cause frickin ZUN use the same face for all the characters. its all about hats and hat accesories

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I don't like either

>> No.11914767

then why are you on /jp/?

>> No.11914768

/jp/ luckily has more to offer than doujinshit

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Kancolle is a corporate monstrosity.

>> No.11914773

So are idols and Touhou.

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this is otaku culture and technically an otaku is any person who has a strong interest or hobby in something. there can be car otakus, gun otakus, camera otakus, travel, music etc. but the majority of the time /jp/ likes the same things

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Idols are, Touhou isn't.

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Because I just don't automatically like something just because it has cute girls with cute and/or silly outfits in it.

I don't have anything against KanColle. I just don't feel like it's for me.

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KanColle: Press Button mindless simulation battle thingie

Touhou: Bullet Hell that encourage player's improvement in game.

This is why i'm still with Touhou.

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Does anyone else think that the devs aren't really thinking about the future sustainability of the franchise's popularity. They have a manga, game, and numerous manga all in the works, and the main goal of these is profit rather than trying to get more people into the franchise.
At some point, either they're going to burn out, or the fans are.

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And that's why Kancolle is just a temporary fad, compared to Touhou which has lasted for over a decade.

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Because starting to play Kancolle requires a lot of effort apparently, and the game seems to be pretty boring, so I don't think it's worth the hassle.
The characters are interesting, but I think Touhou would still be #1 for me anyway.

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Kancolle doesn't have an immaculate soundtrack.

>> No.11915058

I'm pretty shocked at how people still haven't gotten bored with the same music and the same arranges

>> No.11915071

Yes, because he ripped off of those

>> No.11915069

ZUN is just like JSB, Mozart and Beethoven. I'm sure many people will still listen to his music in 400 years.

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Because the music is worlds better and I don't like how the characters in Kancolle all look really slutty. Sure touhous get sexualized tremendously by fans, but by default they are not.

>> No.11915238

kancolle got me into reading ww2 history.

>> No.11915588

kancolle scares me, especially the general threads
it feels so invasive
i don't like idols but the idol threads don't make me feel so intimidated

>> No.11915591

Agree that they aren't what /jp/ is like?

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I still can't win the lottery. I've been trying in earnest to play this bitch for months and I keep falling asleep before it's go time.

I'm a loser.

>> No.11915613

Set an alarm.

Imagine all the autism of the STG threads on their worst day with none of the skill, and mix it with wch 2hu fuck. It's distilled /jp/.

>> No.11915623

GuP+WoT >>>>>> Kancolle

>> No.11915627

Start now, lottery is open now.

>> No.11915637

It's meh.

Shitty yet somehow addictive.

>> No.11915660

I don't normally watch anime, but I loved GuP.
I played kancolle for a bit, but got bored of it really fast.
I'm not autistic enough for WoT. I watched some of those "pro" games and it looked really lame.

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>KanColle is the hot new fad
>hot new fad
You just said it yourself OP.

>> No.11915705

I enjoyed GuP very much too.
About WoT, why stay for that shitty game when you can play superior War Thunder?

>> No.11915709

Lottery over, did you get in?

>> No.11915720


This actually made my opinion on Kancolle a little better.
However, you won't feel this much affection from playing the game itself. So, it could have opposite effect.

>> No.11915725

that animation could've been touhou

>> No.11915726


>> No.11915727

Those 10 are from ships that are included in the game, which around 120. If we count lots of destroyers and submarines, as well different types of ships from both IJN and IJA that aren't in the game, the number is probably around 50. That's still about less than 10%, though.

>> No.11915728

what will the context be though?
most 2hus are powerful independent female that give no shit about man.

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>> No.11915731

In the game, flagships can't be sunk.

Then again, this shows us who the real flagship is.

>> No.11915781

About 4 notes from 1 beethoven song that he even referenced in the manual.

>> No.11915783

which one?

>> No.11915786

Septette, the first bar sounds the same as this.


It's about as much of a ripoff as using a sample in a song.

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I never tried Kancolle, but I like Kiso and Tenryuu.
Nothing more than design-wise and looks, of course.

I'm not sure about personality since the only information I got is from few fanarts.

>> No.11915792

the resemblance is superficial. I wouldn't even call it a ripoff.

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>> No.11915802

Because the music arranges from C85 were mostly shit

>> No.11915817

the music is boring and the girls are REALLY boring. when you see a touhou you go damn now that is certainly a touhou look at her silly hat but when you see a kancolle they just look like a generic anime girl with no distinguishing features

i guess shimakaze is kinda cute? only design that stands out enough for me to learn their name.

>> No.11915839

That miniskirt and belly are sure distracting.
It's not something that you'd see in Touhou.

>> No.11915858


its lewd but in a cute way i think. though looking at their other designs its likely just cute by accident instead of intentionally

>> No.11915915

as using a sample in a song.
Sampling songs is the same as ripping off.

>> No.11915967

Technically, Nobody would actually say so though. It happens all the time in the music industry and people don't even notice most of the time.

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I don't like either. I'm exclusively a Ryukishi07 fan.

>> No.11916032

Card games are autism simulators, the girls have literally no personality, and the music is nothing special.

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>> No.11916136

I dont like video games. I just like cute girls.

>> No.11916150

Then Kancolle is right up your alley.
They're cute, have voice and don't mind being lewd.

You can imagine them as your pet, girlfriend or even sex slave if you want.

>> No.11916207

confirmed secondary

>> No.11916222

Not this shit again. Bet OP is a crossboarder provoking things up

Bet he is from /a/ and is laughing at all of you.

>> No.11916259

I have autism but I'm waiting for Japan to make a card game with gameplay that's actually good.

>> No.11916261

No one cares about kancolle enough to be provoked.

>> No.11916273

More like the only people who do never leave their general.

>> No.11916877

Even? your face is even! I find Touhou games enjoyable

>> No.11916913

KanColle are gonna be the modenr Pogs/80's Ninja Turtles/He-Man

Incredily popular, and they will cling and fade out in a couple of years.
I wish some little girl or jailbait cosplayed as Shimakaze or the other little ships before it stops being popular.

>> No.11916925

2lewd.. I dunno why they don't do u15 cosplay tho

>> No.11916929

If those girls show their butts in swimsuits, then they sure as hell can cosplay as Shimakaze without being spread eagle.

>> No.11920076

Can I just like both?
Personally though, I still like Touhou but the heavy requirement of the new games on my shitty computer prevented me from playing 13.5 and 14 often.

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>> No.11920120

The characters seem so bland, like poorly designed corporate moe-girl cash ins.
I also don't care for mecha musume, which seems to just be "slap some metal bits on a girl and call her a robot or something."
The music is also pretty bog standard and nothing interesting.

>> No.11920121

Isn't Kancolle already declining?

>> No.11920128

2hus are more diverse and imaginative, and seems much less interested in grubbing for money.

It feels like Kancolle is dying already, in any case.

>> No.11920140

Zun-sama hand crafts each game with tender love and care, he has all our best interests at heart.

Also all the Kancolle girls besides the popular blonde one all look the same to me. Don't get me wrong, they are cute, but they are generic anime cute. Also the music is shit.

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Not enough goofy hats to distinguish them?

>> No.11920162

with the silly hats, touhou becomes less boring and we should thank the ZUN for the hats

>> No.11920203

Touhou is created with love. Kancolle is created to sell figs and other moichandising.

>> No.11920208


It would be a start! But for me, it's that at a quick glance something like 60% of the ships seem to wear some variation of schoolgirl/miko top and standard skirt.

Obviously among the hundreds or whatever there are some pretty good ones, but a huge majority are very same-y.

Compare to 2hu where most characters are recognizable at a glance, be it due to color scheme or outfit or hats.

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How long until ZUN makes a trash youkai? Has this already happened?

>> No.11920241

Wriggle already exists

>> No.11920249

Hey it's Shimakaze.

>> No.11920541

That is what I thought but the lottery space are all taken out within 30mins. Where the fuck do all these players come from? Multiple account holders? Chinks account seller?

>> No.11920544

Thirty minutes is a long time. Back in August they were filling up within three.

>> No.11921778

Took me until now to realise that unremodelled Samidare has one more HP than all the other starters, although remodelled all have the same HP.

How slow am I?

>> No.11921804

It's pretty understandable seeing as how destroyers are only obviously divided into Mutsuki, not-Mutsuki, and Shimakaze. All the starters besides Samidare are Fubuki-type destroyers with 15 HP. Destroyers from Hatsuharu on forward get 16.

Even though a lot of them have subtly different base stats nobody really cares since they all cap the same. Also in trivia nobody cares about, Fubuki and Tenryuu drop with 17 luck but it goes down to 12 when remodeled.

>> No.11922071

That's because most sister ships wear the same clothes. But at least the characters have actual personality and don't need to be created by fans like touhou.

>> No.11922083

Kantai Collection characters are one-dimensional caricatures given life by their voice actresses. Maikaze likes dancing, Shigure has PTSD, Ikazuchi takes care of the admiral and Chiyoda wants to jump her sister.

>> No.11922093

Not to mention character interactions are limited to either "I want to fuck her" or "she crashed into me, I don't like her ".
Not to mention the only jokes you can really make have to do with historical trivia or obnoxious memes. You can only do lol Akagi eats so much, Ryuujou is flat so many times.

>> No.11922096

But didn't touhou pretty much start like this too? I mean, simple characters who had pretty much no deep aspects whatsoever. I don't really think it became succesful after ZUN actually bothered with writing those books and manga. It all started with shallow characters which the fans could think about them the way they wanted to.

>> No.11922115

There were character interaction at least.
With kancolle, the characters have no interactions with one another.
Even in the official manga, character interactions are very basic. The same joke is made over and over. Aside from a couple of the more notable characters, almost all siblings can be pretty much seen as having a single personality.

>> No.11922143

I don't mind the whole "blanks-filled-in" thing. Often what gets inserted is moe garbage but it's quite possible to do interesting and subtle things with it.

Cirno has been dumb for a whole decade and still going strong.

The light novels should fill in some of the blanks. I've ordered both.

>> No.11922157

Aren't you a good little consumer. Once the kancolle fad ends, you'll be wishing you had bought porn with that money instead.

>> No.11922161

Didn't mean to quote. Wrong thread too. Oh well.

I'd care, but I also know most don't.

Most sister ships wear the same clothes but I thought it was still easy enough to tell them apart at one glance.

Of course, sister ships being really similar historically, should also be likewise in the game, so there's nothing wrong with sister ships looking similar, as long as it's not too similar, and their personalities differ. But such cases are actually quite few.

So all the fans need to do is to fill in the character interactions as well as the deeper aspects of their personalities. Not much difference.

>> No.11922171

I do all my porn on the computer. I only like having paper copies of things that are long enough that you could spend an hour or two reading from start to finish.

>> No.11922182

Then buy some non-h doujinshi.
All you're doing is supporting the people that will eventually drive kancolle into the ground instead of the people who are actually trying to keep kancolle alive.

>> No.11922196

I guess that would probably be a better use of money but I like having physical books too much. I ordered some history books as well.

Second novel doesn't come out for a week so I can still add shit to my order, I suppose.

>> No.11922235

>Buying porn

What are you, a faggot?

>> No.11922238

Those are the best outfits a girl can wear so there's really no reason for more.

>> No.11922239

I get so fucking hard whenever I bring porn to the counter and there's a cute girl there. You should try it sometime.

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I like the "blank template" character more but still given some sort of backstory, hints of personality and many unique traits, as long as the fans can really get creative with adding the fan-personality.

I especially like story based on speculation of backstory more.

>> No.11924032

You just want to be able to write fanfiction more easily.

>> No.11926212
File: 505 KB, 1119x1600, touhou_adventure_v2_19.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As long as it's not made by retards, fanfiction can be an enjoyable fanservice.

Fanfiction isn't really a bad thing.

>> No.11926323
File: 1.39 MB, 936x925, 1393419430724.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If ZUN keeps forever postponing Mima's return, I just might.

>> No.11926347

Because I originally liked Touhou because I liked the games. And KanColle is a browser game so I can't bring myself to ever give a shit about it.

>> No.11926360
File: 579 KB, 700x1036, mima!~1354519392608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

same here


>> No.11926414

I've been playing for a while and I like the setting but I think I need to quit. I always feel the need to take these settings seriously and I'm just not able to do it, the way that I was able to do so with Gensokyo.

The more I read about the war, the more I can't get over the fact that the whole WWII AU fanfiction thing is just totally fucking weird.

>> No.11927092

in the west, otaku = animu otaku. there's no other type, since everything else is a geek.

this is a western site.

>> No.11927142

People are going to burn out on the game very soon. But that doesn't mean they won't still be interested in the manga and anime.

>> No.11927265

The mangas are very dull, and the anime is a crap shoot, not to mention most animes give only a temporary boost in popularity anyways.

I'd much rather they did an anime after the series has gone on for a long time, like what Busou Shinki did. That way, it would be more of a tribute to the series and service to the fans rather than a money grab.

>> No.11927285
File: 7 KB, 208x243, images.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Touhou isn't an online kusoge.
The franchise and fanart aren't shit either.
This creepy webgame is just like so many others, it's contrived. There's as far as I can tell no more actual content there than the average pachinko machine.

And it's commercial so it can still have an approved official anime. Fuck.

>> No.11927336
File: 57 KB, 337x303, trashclose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only thing i might look at is the porn. The games could not be a shittier genre. Free-to-play online social card game? No way in hell am i playing that shit.

>> No.11927343

touhou has games

"kancolle" doesnt

>> No.11927516

>"kancolle" doesnt
If a browser game doesn't count as one, it will have a Vita game out this year.

>> No.11927549


That's boring. I bet you eat pizza every day and like it too, nerd.

>> No.11928737
File: 843 KB, 954x662, 1393498078390.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Which 2hu would win in a powerlevel fight against them kancolles?

>> No.11928760

No part of kankore is social. Why do people keep calling it a social game? Do they really just not know anything about the game?

>> No.11928766
File: 109 KB, 620x448, rabbitthingy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure about them but I don't. Not ever going to, either. Why don't you shut up about it already? You post about it at eerily regular intervals on at least two different boards on this site. You're bein' kinda a pain (of course, you know that already, that's probably why you're doin' it)

>> No.11928770

H Class 1944 would wreck everything if only it had been constructed that is.

>> No.11928771

This is the first time I've ever mentioned it. Your ability to tell people apart is as poor as you are willfully ignorant.

>> No.11928817
File: 623 KB, 787x975, Murasa_chousokabe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Minamitsu is a ghost whose ability is to sink ships.
Now do your math.

>> No.11928820

In the most complete calm, and in the strongest hurricane
On the blue sea are coming ships
Maybe, that is why sailors understand,
what is the ocean of love
To these brave guys even trouble is not trouble
They're helped by a guiding star.

Girls, [should] love simple romantics
Courageous pilots and sailors.
Girls, [you should] drop homely boys.
You shouldn't give them your love.

A fast plane with a white trail
wrote on the sky "i love you"
Who can wish happy birthday to their girlfriend
the same way as a pilot
to these brave guys even trouble is not trouble
they're helped by a guiding star.

Girls, love simple romantics
Courageous pilots and sailors.
Girls, drop homely boys.
You shouldn't give them your love.

to these brave guys even trouble is not trouble
they're helped by a guiding star.

Girls, love simple romantics
Courageous pilots and sailors.
Girls, drop homely boys.
You shouldn't give them your love.
You shouldn't give them your love.

>> No.11928822

Can she sink Yukikaze?

>> No.11928826

I actually translated this for the offtopic sailor thread at >>11928764
But then the bastard janitor deleted it, so i decided to post it here, since this thread is about the same stuff and the song will make lots of you bastards sad, as its' message is "girls should stop going out with beta NEETboys and go out with us, aplpha normalfags". It's a russian song, in case you were wondering.

>> No.11928828

put a chen in between to make it proper

>> No.11928829

If nothing about it is social then change the wikipedia page of it.

>> No.11928832

Okay, I did.

>> No.11928878
File: 869 KB, 2480x3507, 1393503155493.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any 2hu above stage 4 can, you just need to remember that 2hus have bullshit hax, heck even Cirno alone would trash them simply by freezing everything

>> No.11928886

>any 2hu above stage-

Touhous don't get stronger as the game progresses, nimwit.

Yuyuko was a S1 boss at one point, Satori keeps Utsuho and Orin as pets.

Seiga and Futo are more likely to mess up your day then Miko.

Patchouli is just as strong, if not stronger, than Sakuya and Remilia.


>> No.11928892
File: 638 KB, 1066x1500, 13118916221187.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, but you are forgetting who the strongest is.

>> No.11928896

The "unsinkable" thingy is bullshit, anon.
I hope you don't take that seriously.

>> No.11928898

I know, but only kuso TTKs should be able to sink her.

Also, can Murasa sink subs?

>> No.11928904

No I didn't mean that literally you faggot I was just trying to give an example, heck if you want to compare I'd say even Letty, Chen or Nitori can take them on all at once

>> No.11928908

Because Kankole music a shit, and Touhou is stagnating, with it's music no longer Michiru Yamane tier, being barely repayable and nothing but tedious to my ears, with new touhous catering to the monster girl fad and generally not conforming to the Touhou design archetype that ZUN pulled off flawlessly up to 12.

The only ones he's managed to do correctly since 12 is the Mask girl, the Jiang shi, and the Tanuki.

The rest look like they belong in a mobile game, RPG.

Mainly because they have no hats, or their hats look like shit.

That hobo with the hand is especially garbage, not only does she lack a hat she's basically a poor man's Hong Meiling.

Get your shit together drunkard, bring back some PC-98 characters.

>> No.11928911

I feel like Kancolle is already dying down, but maybe that's because I hardly go outside and have stayed in my room since last Comike. I tried the game just to see what it was like, but then I realized it's just another virtual card collection game. It's like trying to get dubs on 4chan only worse because only I get to see what's going on.

But this game is more likely to be the next Idolm@ster than the next Touhou. The company behind Kancolle is just going to keep milking their series until the fad dies out, or if the fad dies out.

>> No.11928925
File: 33 KB, 346x347, laughing mooninites.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Implying IN isn't the last good Touhou game

Touhou is already dead, man.

>> No.11928928

>That hobo with the hand is especially garbage, not only does she lack a hat she's basically a poor man's Hong Meiling.
I had a hard time guessing who you meant. Kasen or what? In which case, lol get better taste, Kasen is the saviour of 2hu

>> No.11928951
File: 210 KB, 342x357, scientist okuu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

So you can marry the ship girls?

>> No.11928954

They are ships, not your waifus. They can not love you.

>> No.11928955


>> No.11928963

Subs can be sunken so yes

>> No.11928966

I agree with you to some extent, but I find Kyouko and Kasen likeable. No real opinion on the blatant monstergirls so far, I'll have to see more of what they're like if they show up in some of the official doujins.

I believe 13 is where he took a page out of bad ecchi series and started directly gender bending historical (mythological?) figures into "moe anime girls"...ugh. May or may not be related...but it's just something I've always found to be a lazy and hack writer thing to do. It's like.."NO EXPLANATION! THEY'RE A MAGIC GIRL INSTEAD OF A GUY NOW!"
Never really liked "Rule 63" when it pertains to official works instead of a "just for fun" fanon thing, I always have that nagging feeling that I'm reading a bad fanfic since I'm familiar with many of those characters beforehand.
(I imagine this opinion is likely unpopular, whatever. Character in question, the only one as far as I know) http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Toyosatomimi_no_Miko
This TL;DR may or may not be part of your own reason for finding something "off" though.
(Before someone brings it up, I'm aware of characters like Suika being based on Shuten Doji and what not, but the keyword is BASED.)

I'd also like to see more attention given to the PC-98 era. Might be saving their return for when interest is low in the fandom. Characters exclusive to the first game have almost absolutely NOTHING on them.

Agreed, I like Kasen...she's one of the few Touhous that seems to have a moral compass. (Course I haven't read all of it as of yet...)

>> No.11928973

You can restore their IRL wreckage and marry them AND be acknowledged by the state.
#REKT, 2hu

>> No.11928975


>Since they have already abandoned their body and flesh by the time they resurrect, there is some degree of freedom to the forms they can assume
>Miko changed to a look more suited to modern times.

ZUN explains everything. He even explained the gameplay, you think he'd leave something like that out?

>> No.11928983

So...the prince "wanted to be the little girl"?

>> No.11928987
File: 1.09 MB, 1500x1200, flanbully.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are people on /jp/ right now who think monster girls are something newly introduced in the last Touhou games. What the hell? Try actually looking at the characters in the games. Unless you are one of those people who think vampires are not monsters because they are dark and mysterious like yourself.

>> No.11928990

I think he doesn't like Wakasagihime actually being a half-fish. Some people treat wings and tails as accessories.

>> No.11928995

Maybe. Or maybe he just wanted to fit in.

>> No.11929020

And this proves that not only there is a way to go to Gensokyo, but that said way can also turn you into the little girl.
What are you waiting, /jp/?

>> No.11929043

I don't know why many people seems to don't realize this, but the reason TH12 and 13 looks "off" than the previous games because it's fucking religion-based. Of course he'd add something like buddhist nun, priest, onmyouji, etc and since they're based on real thing that still exist he can't just put silly dress or hats on them, and even he still did that to Byakuren. She's just as frilly as your typical 2hu.

But there are people who think that the design are shit for no reason other than "ZUN is declining". Maybe they should complain about how he took religious and historical theme, which actually limit some liberty in design.

I, for one, don't mind that he tried to put something new to the franchise. It may not turned out well for some but I still appreciate it.

>> No.11929048

Zun is a hack using the latest fad. Next Touhou you'll see the return of Ruukoto and the Tsukumogami of a old WW1 boat left forgotten in the ocean.

Any resemblance with any other fandom is purely incidental.

>> No.11929113

good luck figuring out how to resurrect and gain ability to change forms.

you're not jesus.

>> No.11929115

I just need to poison myself with mercury right?

>> No.11929127

good explanation, dude
Also, I think new 2hu's (TH14) designs are quite decent

>> No.11929240

mercury deaths are painful bro

>> No.11929244

No pain no gain.

>> No.11929249
File: 186 KB, 800x575, 1393518613884.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

OP was junk and it's mostly /b/tard porn assholes ITT? That explains a lot

>> No.11929251

if you die in pain, you can't concentrate your last thoughts/faith into what you want your afterlife to be like though, since they're full of pain.

>> No.11929278

It's okay since I won't actually die.

>> No.11929635

Sweet jesus, looking back, you can really tell in this thread when someone hasn't played Kancolle before throwing down their opinion.

Though to be fair, we've stopped discussing Kancolle a while ago and have gone back to arguing about if Touhou's relative decline.

This quality thread is why I hate us.

>> No.11929897
File: 273 KB, 580x931, 1361062880611.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11930635

Because I find bullet hell shooters to be more fun.

>> No.11936208

I just realized Nitori's design in HM probably based on that one character in Monogatari series.

>> No.11936209


me in the third panel

>> No.11936217

What? Which one?

>> No.11936220

The one who always carry oversized bag.
She's called "Snail" or something if I remember.

There's even Nitori video parodying her, though it was made long before HM.

>> No.11936289

mayoi hachikuji

>> No.11939142

As long as they start the battle with orange HP, not even Murasa can sink them.

And even if Murasa sinks a ship, I have something called a damecon which will revive the ship and render her unsinkable for the rest of the battle.

>> No.11939221

One is an inspired, fun and challenging independent game made by one man, followed by an established, creative and loyal community.
The other one is a pandering and nationalistic time-sink made by a big and aggressive company, followed by horny niwaka and weebs.

>> No.11939273

That's only until the devs add new enemy ships that can sink ships from green, unless you purchase super ship armor which you have to equip to survive, only 500 yen a piece.

>> No.11939280


>> No.11939287

Creative is a nice way of referring to the thousands of porn creations.

>> No.11939297
File: 900 KB, 1039x1450, sour grape monkey.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>followed by an established, creative and loyal community
They already jumped ship.

>> No.11939303

Good riddance, I hated that guy.
And I hate his fans even more.

>> No.11939314

And who are doujinka that you like?

>> No.11939320

Did she? She just released a touhou doujin in C85.

>> No.11939324

Wow look how easily this guy turns on others.

>> No.11939337

It's not my problem if you only search for porn and ignore all the games, music, animations, non-porn manga and amazing art that comes out every year.

>> No.11939338

They all died.

>> No.11939352

Hell of a community.

>> No.11940059

I don't like Kancolle because I hate idle games.

I'd rather hurt my own eyes watching intching million bullets on screen than waiting hours and hours for a repair before going out on another mission after another mission.

>> No.11940073

Most of mine died, too. Some defected.

>> No.11940135

That's kind of what Kogasa is, except people liked her.

>> No.11940139

Unrelated question.
Did he mind that westerners are pirating his games? Did he said something about it during AWA?

>> No.11940143

The short answer is no.

>> No.11940148

Is that answer for the first or second question? or both?

>> No.11940151

Both, I think. I heard about it a few years ago, so I can't give a source. You'll have to take it at face value.
He mentioned that he'd received offers from Western publishers to license Touhou but he declined them all. The reason he gave at the time was that he didn't care that much about reaching a Western audience. The rest is conjecture but it seems he knows there's a fanbase big enough to warrant interested publishers, but he's fine with keeping things as they are.

>> No.11940164

You mean that he's aware with westerners pirating his games because how big the fanbase is and he's just fine with it without saying anything?
I know that ZUN don't aim for profit but at least he could said something about the freedom to download his games, but support is preferred. Same goes with mangas and print works.
At least no one will possibly feel guilty.

>> No.11940169

That's how I interpreted it. Japanese copyright law is discretionary. He knows there's a Western fanbase big enough that it's being downloaded but he's not pursuing it at all or making any effort to license it. That sounds like a nod to me, or at the very least he's looking the other way.

>> No.11940447

I think by booming 12 years ago rather than 20, it might had saved it from being a burnt out fad. If Touhou would had gotten popular when HRTP dropped in '96 and boomed a year or two later, series would and burned out by maybe the 7th game.This is just a wild guess tho so idk.

I really don't think he seeks to be a cultural icon really. He seems like one of those dudes that knows he famous, got popularity and people know him, but really don't give a fuck about it. Like he is grateful that he got all the fans and love and support but he don't let it get to his head.

>> No.11940451
File: 270 KB, 1492x2138, kankore036.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kancolle has officially sanctioned hyper lewd. No reason not to "JUMP SHIP".

>> No.11940453

All he wants to do is to make games and drink bear.

I think he even stated himself that he would continue making games even if he was the only one playing them

>> No.11940455

If anything Kancolle getting stealing all the lewd artists from touhou is all the more reason for me to love touhou

>> No.11940458

Once I die, I will meet ZUN and he will bring me to Gensokyo.

>> No.11940463

You mean, the non-lewd artists aren't jumping ship as well? I'm surprised.

>> No.11940466
File: 221 KB, 1492x2141, kankore035.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's too bad westerners are so self-righteous that they can't handle lewd done to their sopure waifus. The amount of degenerate porn of Touhou drawn by the Japanese is staggering.

Touhou lewd isn't even official anyway while Kancolle's is so why do you care? The fan art has no bearing on Touhou itself.

>> No.11940468

I guess touhou just has much more potential for non-lewd.

Go to e or exhentai and search for touhou while filtering out everything except non-h.
Now do the same for doujins.

I wonder if there are really more non-h doujins made than h-doujins or if it's because mostly non-h doujins are getting scanned

>> No.11940471

I just think touhou is not supposed to be lewd if we take ZUNs intention and the overall vibe of the world he created into account, so I think non-lewd material does more justice to how touhou really is.
No need to get your panties in a bunch, I don't really care if you masturbate to anyone or not

>> No.11940475

You're the one sad about Touhou lewd in the fandom. I'd say you're the one whose been upset. I think you're hilarious though for caring at all. Lewd will always exist and Touhou has attracted that more than any single other property.

Either way, who really cares dude. You're trying to give some cosmic meaning to Touhou and its existence when it's just an otaku game. And where there are otaku there is havoc.

>> No.11940476

when u game over t here's not restart tho

>> No.11940478

>You're trying to give some cosmic meaning to Touhou and its existence when it's just an otaku game

Maybe to you, for some others it's something that helps us in our daily life, akin to a religion.

>> No.11940484

You should do stand-up

>> No.11940494

And we (as in those of /u/ who often go proclaiming yuri to be the purest form of love) can't even attribute it to the lack of guys in Touhou either because even Kancolle's yuri doujins are far lewder than Touhou's.

Though given the fact that Kancolle, despite being a non-H game, is being hosted on an otherwise R-18 site, I'm inclined to believe that it's H doujins that have a higher tendency to be scanned, because I don't see either Kancolle or Touhou as having any more potential for lewd or non-lewd. Of course, that Kancolle's hosted on an R-18 site might motivate the lewd doujin artists more than the non-lewd ones.

>> No.11940560

Then again, thinks with the most amount of fanservice often have the least amount of porn, see Neptunia for example

>> No.11940563

I don't like of KanColle girls' design.

>> No.11940571

I think they're pretty half-assed with their designs, as well.
Just strap a command bridge on a girl's back and call it mecha musume

>> No.11940578

I never liked Touhou. I really don't know why. I don't hate it either, but even though there is some pretty good Touhou fanart out there, the character designs just didn't appeal to me.

As for KanColle, there are only a few designs I really like (Kaga, Akagi, Haruna...), but I think I like overall design better. The whole WWII battleship thing is a pretty strange though.

>> No.11940592

The devs would never make such a dick move. People are already suffering from RNG hell, doing that would definitely make people quit, and they won't want that.

The devs are many things, but lacking common sense isn't one of them.

>> No.11940620

give a girl a dress and fluffy hat and call it a touhou. fantstic.

anything can be marginalized.

>> No.11940630

There's so much more about each touhou other than apperance since they originate from japanese folkslore though.

>> No.11940631
File: 329 KB, 605x806, 1393877123949.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I haven't masturbated to 2hu since kancolle happened

>> No.11940658

That doesn't show in their design so much though.

>> No.11940677

I masturbated to kancolle when I played it, but I got bored of playing it, and somehow that carried over to the girls. Now the girls seem boring too.
I should have never played it, then I probably would feel ambivalent towards it.

>> No.11940679

That's bullshit and you know it. ZUN may lack talent and skill, but he sure as hell is creative.

>> No.11940705

Neptunia doesn't even have many doujins to begin with.

Go look at how the ship girls were designed again, the accessories of each ship girl correspond to all the different parts of their historical counterparts. Even Shimakaze got a justification: >>>/a/103027357

>> No.11940905

But you cant even play it if you dont come from the moon.

>> No.11940933

Look at this illiterate retard.

>> No.11941459

It's just school uniforms and plamo.

The Kancolles originate from WWII, so they have their stories too. It's just not anything you can really take seriously when the ships are girls.

>> No.11941690

I prefer them

>> No.11947422

Can I use my Isuzus to modernise Murasa so she can sink ships even more easily?