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It's not even next week, but extras from Forbidden Scrollery Volume 2 is out.

Chubby cheek Sukuna a qt

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Where can I buy it?

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Remilia is canonically English speaker now.

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is she asking for english books?

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So, Kokoro's skirt have holes is really canon huh?
I don't really like her design where her skirt have holes, it's a bit lewd, y'know?

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What are you, time-traveller from Victorian era?

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I want a sukuna with all accessories

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Its only lewd if you don't have a pure heart

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She writes a gratitude letter to Kosuzu in English. She can understand what Remi writes because of her ability.

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confirmed for softest

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She looks so... 90's

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Kanjii are HARD.

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why doesnt she wear small little shoes?

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That smile.
Those eyes
That pout.

Ah~, such a lovely portrait as always.
I want to kiss Harukawa's hands.

It goes without saying that Milady would be proficient in more than one language. I bet she can speak French as well. They moved the SDM from somewhere in Europe after all.

At least this would confirm that you could properly serve as her buttler from day 1.

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I still haven't gotten FS Volume 1 yet.
I guess I'll get them together then.

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Look at that fat fuck. She probably wears a bowl on her head so she has something to eat out of at all times. She probably doesn't even clean it after she's done and just puts it back on her head.

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That's what a cover will look like, by the way.

Projecting stop.

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So is SA still the only game whose character's never appeared in official manga?
And no, I don't count cameos.
Fuck you, ZUN, fuck you.

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No. I will make fun of her weight and you will tolerate it.

I'll bet she hides inside of that box and and pigs out on sugary snacks so she doesn't have to share.

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Reminds me of the fairy manga and it's short and fat characters. Not too fond of that. I'm glad that time is over.

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What do you define as a cameo? Yuugi's actions are plot-relevant in WaHH even if her only appearances are in thought bubbles. And Koishi was assisting with Kokoro's play, rather than just showing up for no reason.

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Their fault for living in a hole.

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>fairy manga
>short and fat characters

You are mistaking puffy clothes for body fat. Observe. Also compare Moe's Remilia and her glorious beautiful dress.

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Those are not satisfying things. I want to see a chapter with some focus on a character where they have dialog. UFO has not had a real one either unless I forget something. There is Symposium of course so it's not as barren as SA.

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I prefer fairy manga to this style personally. Although I think both draw Marisa wrong.

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Why won't you die already?
Even Trevor was better than you.

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Fairy manga had the best body proportions.

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Just look at those fucking bicepts

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>Yuugi's actions are plot-relevant
What actions? Yuugi didn't do a thing.
>And Koishi was assisting with Kokoro's play, rather than just showing up for no reason
And other touhous were watching Kokoro's play rather than just showing up for no reason.
No, that was fucking a single panel and it's not even clear if Kokoro knew about Koishi\s presence.
>There is Symposium of course so it's not as barren as SA.
Every single character appears there, so it doesn't mean a thing.
No, it's even worse than that. SoPM had dialogues of representetives from each game: Kanako, Byakuren and Miko. But no one from SA.

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Is there a way to buy it online?
I don't have any clues with this kind of stuff, help plox.

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I prefer more child-like body proportions.

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That's what fairies themselves are for.

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>What actions? Yuugi didn't do a thing.
Kasen borrowed her sake bowl for that party. Later she told Suika about it, which led to Suika tracking down Kasen.

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And to borrow sake bowl Kasen had to go to underground, right? And since there is no other way, she had to pass through the bridge with Parsee. I see, so basically Parsee appeared in WaHH too.

Are you fucking serious? That was actually even less than a cameo.

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what the hell are you doing?

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>mfw theres a roleplaying faggot near me

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Yeah, I meant neither have had a real manga role but at least Byakuren had a huge part in SoPM. I still believe Yuugi will show up in WaHH for real, but I've given up on the rest.

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Yuugi is essential seeing there's one more Oni not revealed yet to complete the Four Mountain Devas set. Also people from the underground should stay underground. Except Koishi and Orin which seems to be more active.

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Last deva is HRTP final boss.

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I guess by "the rest" I mean Satori. He could credibly make several others appear (just doesn't) but Satori is firmly in the Flan Zone I think.

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Why is Moe Harukawa so GOOD?

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Talent and years of practice.

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Where do you buy them?

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Dammit. Now the lewd is canon.

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>Reimu not being a bitch
>Reimu actually treasured people's gratitude.

I guess the whole her being a brute isn't right at all.

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Yeah, she really softened up in recent years. It's been a slippery slope since the last chapter of Sangetsusei.

Maybe it's because people have actually been visiting the shrine recently.

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Which chapter is this?

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Is it avaible already?
I can't find it on Amazon.

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Her bitterness is what made made her such a brutally effective miko though. She's only going to become soft and ineffective now.

How big would the shitstorm be is ZUN ever decides to retire Reimu and insert new miko?

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Who are you wuoting?

That's no roleplay, what you just read was just a form of wishful thinking.

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I get a feeling..............
Sometimes in the future, Shinmyoumaru will be a new main character in a game as Reimu's partner

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ZUN is unpredictable, but I like the way you think.

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I have to admit, the mangaka makes the most lovely looking Remilia ever. That uncanny eye of her is just so mesmerizing.

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I want to use sukuna as onahole

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Translate it weebs

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In this thread DDC's stage 6 boss was referred as
Sukuna: 3 times
Shinmyosomething: 1 time, but author had to check wiki to write it correctly.

Good job, ZUN. She's a stage 6 boss and no one even remembers her first name.

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"Three Fairies", volume 1. Hirasaka's doujinshi. No scans available, to my knowledge.

I approve of your shaming of people who can't type Shinmyoumaru's name.

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Why didn't he name her Shameimaru and save us hassle?

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When are they gonna have a Rinnosuke dedicated chapter? Or at least introduce more hot guys.

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Top lel

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The only 2hu I have trouble remembering how to spell is rinnosuke.
I never know whether it's morichika or mochirika.

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Because Aya isn't small.
Because Sukuna isn't a bird.

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C'mon, this is entry level Japanese.

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me too

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good thing she didn't try to remember wackysacky

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Ten Desires gave me way more trouble with character names than DDC ever did. (Toyosatomimi? Futatsuiwa? And is it Yoshika Miyako or Miyako Yoshika?)
I will keep referring to Shinmyoumaru as Sukuna, and Minamitsu as Murasa, simply because those names are cuter.

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>Yoshika Miyako or Miyako Yoshika

Who the hell cares about last names? I don't see anyone using Knowledge, Whiterock or Reiuji, it's always Patchy, Letty, Okuu. Calling touhous by last name is stupid.

And then lets take some shitty character no one cares about. For example Murasa. Half of /jp/ don't know her first name and the other half believes that her first name is Murasa.

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>I don't see anyone using Knowledge
What a sad day and age we live in.

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I blame the japanase for putting their first and last names in the wrong order or in the right order seemingly at random.

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Her first name is Captain. How can anyone not know that?

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I pity the plebs who don't even know the name of the best 2hu, Minamitsu.

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pffftttt hahaha

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No point in making a new thread. Chapter 15, soon.


I guess this includes volume 2 advance sales. Still pretty good.

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I bought a volume two days ago from amazon, will it have it? If not, from which site can I get those extras for next time?

>> No.11921373

Will it have what, chapter 15? No. It and everything advertised on the cover of the new CompAce issue will be in the new CompAce issue.

No idea about extras for volume 2, sorry.

>> No.11921421

I see, where can I get a CompAce issue though?
One thing is finding ZUN's written works in the "official" volumes, another thing is ordering a magazine..

>> No.11921470

In roughly the same places you'd buy a tankoubon in. For example, on Amazon.


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since when did reimu have a tiny bed prepared for when a tiny person were to be living with her?

>> No.11921721

I guess she had a dollhouse when she was a kid.

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>detective maiden
are they gonna make this a thing, it was already present before.

>> No.11921731

Her job is to go around and solve incidents, so she's already a detective.

>> No.11921729

she had already done this before with not-reisen in SSiB.

and come on this shit happens at the tea party at the end of every game.

>> No.11921734

yeah but not with a sherlock holmes costume.

and where the hell did she get it?

>> No.11921743

now I wanna see hirakwa draw utsuho with long sleeves too.

>> No.11921745

Same place all Touhous get their clothes.

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Who else.

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Yukari, you goddamn westaboo, stop forcing Reimu to cosplay your Euro novels.

>> No.11921846

Yukari has been a lot less present lately.

Last time was when she was trying to pretend a radio tower was a cool thing back in OSP and looking uncool in front of Reimu and Marisa to which she started sweating.

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Not really. This was the last time (not counting the obligatory HM background appearance)

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Was that before or after it was revealed that she was using zashiki-warashi as Gestapo?

>> No.11921904


>> No.11921948

Gestapo was secret police. They could arrest anyone and everyone. Gestapo was used to control crowd, they were overseers.
Zashiki-warashi can't do anything on their own, they are mere spies. Spies are used when you can't control something.
So your comparison is incorrect.

Anyway, why did Yukari send them to the outside world? What did she mean by "this kind of chance doesn't come very often"? The chance to serve people from outside world? What's good in it?

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It's because she got a pet kobito.

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Is chapter 14 even translated?
There's nothing in the archive.

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That's a shitty spoiler, but looks like Nitori is going to show up.

Allegedly the translator stopped releasing drafts, so if it's not on the wiki, then probably not.

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I don't know where to ask and I don't feel making a new thread only to get "The pleasure of being cummed inside" reply.

I've recently bought SoPM and FS2, inside FS there was pic related while inside SoPM there was what I'm going to post next. Does anyone what do they mean?

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I'm specially intersted in that gold thing

>> No.11923475

It's a special edition for volume 3 to be released in December. It has a Kosuzu figure in it along with other goodies.


Just your usual survey in most mangas. This surveys how you knew Touhou, etc.

>> No.11923483

Oh, thank you, does Amazon.jp sell the preorder too? Usually Amiami costs more in my country.

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Chapter 15 is out

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Prediction for chapter 15: Nothing happens.

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oi vey!

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Enter the Kappa Klu Klan

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Are there pages missing?

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*farts in ur face*

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W-Who's her? I can't recognize her without the hat..

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The special edition cover makes me wish there's a 2hu boardgame.

>> No.11923867

Yes, obviously.

>> No.11923893

Yes ZUN, please give Nitori more screentime. She clearly has not appeared enough. I hope Sakuya returns soon. Have not seen her in a while.

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i knew it. around kappas never relax

>> No.11923920

Wow, she's really small, isn't she? Nitori, that is. Other kappa, too.

>> No.11923932

pffttt. what you want? hina or the aki sisters?

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You sayin you don't want Hina to actually do something?

>> No.11923970

>Have not seen her in a while.

But she appears every two chapters of any mango.

>> No.11923974

i want hina to be raped and mistreated

>> No.11923979

He was being ironic.

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That's against the law.

>> No.11924049

ku klux klan.

instead of hating niggers they hate humans.

>> No.11924053

>those boots
where did she get those from? don't think they existed in gensokyo.

>> No.11924943

>Couscous enters Gensokyo.

Oh no! Which means Kebab will be next. Quick. We need to remove it fast!

>> No.11925037

There are a lot of these things around and they seem never to get translated.

>> No.11925458

Finally we will get our frilly burka 2hu

>> No.11926334

Harukawa Moe.
She seems likes to draw many characters wearing boots.

>> No.11926413

There's also a funny omake with ZUN talking to a bird (I guess Hirasaka's avatar) somewhere is the faries manga.
It's sad because usually stuff like this has some relevant information, like ZUN emails that give major points on the touhou canon, but people prefer translating porn doujins, I still don't get why would you want a porn doujin to be translated.

>> No.11926418

What does it talk about?

>> No.11926423

So post it here. Maybe someone with strong enough skills can read it.

>> No.11926454

I don't even remember which chapter was from anymore, the page was in some raw rar since nobody translated it.

>> No.11926457

So link to the raws then. I don't think I ever saw any here besides some rough scans some anon posted here and there.

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I'd post it if I had them.

>> No.11926465

"Winter Olympics commemoration - exotic cuisine edition! Drinking in Tunisian cuisine!"

It's not about Touhou. But I have some of them saved, if you guys want them.

>> No.11926469

yes please

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By the way, what you guys really want are those:

Transcribed just a few days ago.

>> No.11926478
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Okay, more like a month than few days.

#47. (48 is >>11926460)

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>> No.11926499

Seems like that's all I have. I saved them from Futaba's /55/, you could probably find more of those scans in their archives.

>> No.11926501

Thanks a lot.

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Tfw, and the list isn't even updated.

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Here it is, probably not touhou related at all

>> No.11926526

/jp/ is so strange sometimes. It's never next week, anon. The week next week is the week of the current week when you get to next week. I thought everybody knew this.

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>> No.11926678 [DELETED] 

*farts in ur face*

>> No.11927292

Oh god.

>> No.11927423

Judging from the original's color, her ass shouldn't be naked, but covered in bloomers.

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>a green Alien or some shit next to Reimu

>> No.11928953
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Shit. I meant Remilia.

>> No.11928956

That's a Chupacabra

>> No.11928958
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I can't stand it how she keeps getting shafted and only seems to be good for cameos.

Isn't she supposed to be a VIP in the Human Village? Being the harvest deity and all? I could understand why Shizuha wouldn't make big appearances, but Minoriko? Shizuha is fine, too, though

>> No.11928978

It's Remys pet chupacabra. It likes alcohol, and sucks blood from livestock. It's named Tupai
In the official doujin it escapes and causes a bit of a ruckus.

>> No.11928988

>In the official doujin

The word you're looking for is "manga".

>> No.11928991

"Official doujin"? Name?

>> No.11928997

He's referring to Forbidden Scrollery. Chapters 6 and 7.

>> No.11929111

Only farmers like her

>> No.11930083

>Official doujin
too cute

>> No.11931587

Aww Kappa girls are soo cuuute.
those multi-pocketed skirts, those backpacks.
why cant I get my place invaded by a mob of cute Kappa girls.
Also, Nitori confirmed for flat, plastron flat

>> No.11931695 [DELETED] 
File: 826 B, 120x160, 1392874794110.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>kappatalist Jews

>> No.11931950

Do not trust the kappa scum

>> No.11937566

What is there not to trust about Kappa?
Its not like they are going to ass rape you.

>> No.11937669

Who is the girl in squares?

>> No.11937678

They're pretty bitchy, especially Nitori who SoPM revealed is a huge self-centered bitch who thinks herself as superior to everyone including humans and other kappas but gets nervous around them.

>> No.11937682
File: 216 KB, 1280x718, bully.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She is still kind of an asshole though.

>> No.11937702
File: 84 KB, 500x132, fairy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Remove Kappa, free fairies.

>> No.11937726

>thinks herself as superior to everyone including humans and other kappas but gets nervous around them
That's pretty realistic, I like it

>> No.11937778

You can't be fucking serious, not only is that not realistic, realism is the least possible aspect one would appraise from a fucking touhou. Come on, it's obvious you're just saying that cause you like Nitori, just say that, don't say ''it's realistic, I like it''.

>> No.11937823

I actually don't like Nitori very much. But her new appearances are making me like her more.

And people thinking themselves as superior to others and outsiders while getting nervous around them in real life is a common occurrence. Try studying some sociology.
Just look at /pol/, has a superiority complex with minorities alone at home yet probably acts nervous around them in real life.

>realism is the least possible aspect one would appraise from a fucking touhou
I'd agree with this, except when it comes to personalities and motives.
It's usually the fanbase that "simplifies" characters. If you stick with canon material and read profiles, a lot of the characters seem oddly human. At least in my view.
Reimu is the most "human-like" character in the series. I think she's very "real" in her personality, attitude, and such.

>> No.11937823,1 [INTERNAL] 

holy shit this guy isn't even ironic

>> No.11937823,2 [INTERNAL] 

How dare someone unironically enjoy things!

>> No.11937823,3 [INTERNAL] 

>being autistic is acceptable
lol i bet you also condone ponyfuckers

>> No.11937823,4 [INTERNAL] 

They can enjoy their bestiality cartoons all they want. Far away from me. On their own board.

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>> No.11937823,6 [INTERNAL] 

LMAO what a fucking loser

"oh god, soon you will be mine, animegirl-sama"

>> No.11937823,7 [INTERNAL] 

If you think about warosu and /fit/ sound more or less the same.

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>> No.11937823,11 [INTERNAL] 

I know you are but what am I?