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Living in the Scarlet Devil Mansion and serving Remilia is all I really want out of life.

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Unless you are a girl and you can stop time you are more likely to get served instead.

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Living with Marisa and stealing from Remilia is all I really want out of life.

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You said "borrowing" wrong..."until she dies."

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Why don't they just get a copying machine?

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Because then the borrowing witch would borrow the original books, the copies, AND the copy machine.

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2nd worst 2hu

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That's not how magical books work in Gensokyo. They contain magical energy and if you aren't strong enough for it, it will be an unintelligible mess. You'd end up with blank pages, a broken copier, or some pretty badassed paper planes.

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Remilia is the most beautiful and fairest of all flowers (read ladies) I would serve her till my bones shatter performing any task she gave me with the highest attention to detail and up most importance.

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I'm right with the both of you. I'd love to be able to serve such a perfect lady.

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Me too. I don't even care if the constant nosebleeds would kill me. I would gladly offer my life to Remilia.

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What does Remilia smell like?

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She's an expert in regard to the scent of cum.

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Slander and lies.

She likely smells nice, a kind of young loli vampire Ojou-sama smell.

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Vampires are undead, right? What could possibly smell nice about that? She has a bad diet and is surrounded by fairy droppings. Seiga takes special care of her undead minion so there's no problem there.

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Please discipline me Ojou-sama

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I can imagine Remilia smells like tea leaves and iron oxide.

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That depends on the type of vampire. Usually the undead kind is reserved for the "blood drained".

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she smells like blood and she's a biter

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>she's a biter
You say that like it's a bad thing.

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She may be a vampire but she isn't dead.
And Seiga takes care of Yoshika because she canonically is a decomposing body.

Living over 500 while keeping such a lovely appearance its clearly a sign that she isn't rotting at all. And Reimu didn't have any complains about her having any foul smell when Remilia hugged her closely after the events of EoSD.

And vampires supposedly have very low metabolism, but that that would contradict the mandatory vampire strength and speed. Anyways, she must wash herself in some way.

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>vampires supposedly have very low metabolism, but that that would contradict the mandatory vampire strength and speed
Nah, you just need alternative sources of energy. If only there were some source of energy that was hard to see, common in usage among magicians, succubus, and vampires, and quite possibly mythological in nature, so it could get to Gensokyo with ease, that would make things easy. But I can't imagine what.

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so wild

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you must be a wannabe Sakuya.

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So can she get pregnant?

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sakuya pls

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Forgot to post the "it's magic I ain't gotta explain shit" pic.

Cannon says she has the appearance of young girl, so she probably got turned into a vampire before menstruation began. Probably not.

Though, there are case of children younger than 10 years old getting pregnant...

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Where is her nose?

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Yea, but I didn't have it on my computer, and I wasn't going to type a paragraph AND look for a picture. What do you think I am, a maid?

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Izzat Imizu?

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>not dog

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It sure is.

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Based Imizu. He's in my top three favorite artists for sure.

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Same difference.

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He's probably up there for me too. I also like this one.
Has both some wackier stories and great atmospheric ones, all with insane background detail.

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He's pretty cool but I haven't read much of his stuff (I've read the one you posted and maybe one other). If we're talking art quality I think that guy and Imizu are the best. I also like zounose and Warugaki for their ability to switch from creepy/badass to whimsical in the space of a page.

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