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Why are all the best 2hus tall?

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Because you aren't a pedophile.

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They're only considered tall if you're a <6'0" manlet

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I want to marry Reisen then make love to her!

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Because an imposing figure is striking and powerful.

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I love Eirin but she doesn't have enough artwork

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Couldn't find a giant Alice.

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Said no one ever.

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Premise: invalid.

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I like my 2hus in all shapes

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Is that a true? Suika is tiny (sometimes) and Reisen is only middling height. I'm not sure you've checked your facts.

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And sizes

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What if my favorite 2hus are drawn with inconsistent proportions and can range from tall and busty to short and flat and all points in-between?

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You should stop hanging around Nue, then.

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I'd like to live in her toe cleavage.

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Is there some canon heights for all the 2hu?

I remember hearing that Marisa is midget

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No canon height, it depends on the artist. She's pretty short in CoLA, though.

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There is some ZUN e-mail about some heights but it makes pretty much no sense if you look at how the characters are drawn. I think it only fits for CoLA and nowhere else because it was made around that time.

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The closest we have to canon height is a translated email interview from ZUN.

> • About how tall is everyone?
> Even a rough idea, like order of height, would be fine.
> I personally wonder about how small the young girls, Cirno, Rumia and the fairies are.
> About 120–130 cm?

I might officially announce an order of height if there's a demand (since I set up a height comparison chart in
the production materials).

However, backing up a bit...generally speaking, they're about as tall as girls in their early teens ['10代前半' means 10 to 14 years old]. A
suitable breakdown would be something like:
Tall: Sakuya, Meiling, Yukari
Fairly Tall: Reimu, Yuyuko, Alice, Letty, Ran
Fairly Short: Marisa, Youmu, Patchouli, Lunasa, Merlin
Short: Remilia, Lyrica, Chen, Cirno, Rumia, Flandre
Basically, if we consider the top level as the height of a human in her late teens or older ['10代後半以降' means 15 years old or above] and the bottom
level as the height of a human in her early teens ['10代前半' ], that puts them in a fairly short class (though none of that
level are human). If their sizes appear to be different on the game screen than given above, it's because of
some mystic force like perspective, so pay it no mind.

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Tallhous are LOEV

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I want to be hugged by a tallhou

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Tall ladies are ugly and smelly

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She looks clean to me.

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I just want to cuddle with her, it doesn't matter if she has STD's id i just want to cuddle, right?

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I wish I could type correctly

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I'm not sure you know just how many stds there are, and how many ways they can be spread.

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Attention all touhoufags,

Leave this board immediately.

We are lelgion, we do not forgive, we do not forget.

You have been warned.

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I think most of the characters vary quite a bit depending on the artist, but I'd say in general Yuugi and Kanako are generally depicted as huge.

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STDs, by definition, can only be transmitted through bodily fluids.

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> by definition
...but I am 100% sure you don't know what that phrase means.

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It means the meaning of a word.

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tallhus are the most pure

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>tfw 200cm

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Would Yuugi take me in if I got lost in the underworld?

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She'd probably wonder how you got lost there and then take you to the entrance or to one of the yokai near the entrance.

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You'd have to beat her in a contest first, and oni haet cheaters so you'd have to be crafty.

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What could jaypee beat Yuugi at?

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Challenge her to a fight and then throw a rock at her head.

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Contest on how far you can shoot your sperm.

You know she can only shoot it downward, but who knows, she might pull some incredible bullshit since she's Yuugi.
Well, It's just a suggestion. Maybe it's worth a shot.

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Being depressed!

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"You challenge Yuugi to a fight and cowardly throw a rock at her head, though with your meager strength it doesn't do much aside from make the Oni angry. What do you do?"

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Tell her I don't want to die a virgin/

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"Your weak groveling disgusts the angry Oni, with your head down you don't see the strike that ends your pathetic existence." Game over.

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Next time I'll use a sling
You can kill someone with that, should knock her out.

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That sounds like a good idea, but you better practice with it. Don't want to miss.

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Because you subconsciously view them positively simply because of their height. it's just the facts, manlet.

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>tfw yukari is tall
>tfw op is right
>tfw i'm 6 feet and I would love to be hugged by a 6'6" yukari
>tfw tallhus are masterrace

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now she throws a rock at you and you get smashed to a pulp

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Yukari is an entire foot taller than me...

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Go kill yourself, manlet.

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I wish manlet meme didn't get picked up because its so overused like the word edgy. Its just annoying at this point.

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Don't worry, they'll grow out of it.

unfortunately, you won't.

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Isn't it better to be short so you can be closer to your loli girlfriend when she wants to give you a kiss? Also it's not very pleasant for a little girl to give you a hug and headbutt you in the nards.

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Nah, just gonna wank myself off instead.

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Why is shoulderless-dress Yuugi so godly?

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