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C'mon, /jp/; mama needs some lovin'.

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woah fukin hawt
I wanna give mommy babies!

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Mama has delicious tummy!

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I want to be close to mom's boobs. She can hug me forever.

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milfnerds leave Yuuka alone

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She's great mother material.

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My boss almost saw that, this is a safe for work board!

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this is work safe

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You don't deserve to be working if you can't appreciate a good Yuuka.

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She looks more like a big sister.

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I wouldn't see a big sister-type character dressing like she does.

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Why would her nipples be on top of her breasts? Really poor art.

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Her breasts are blushing because you're very cute.

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Is such a thing even possible?

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Nothing's impossible for Yuuka

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Yuuka is a bitch.

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She's a boss ass bitch!

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It saddens me that I will never have a busty Yuuka mommy that cheers me up and hugs me close to her huge breasts.

She's a fuckin' beautiful TERA BITCH.

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>It saddens me that I will never have a busty Yuuka mommy that cheers me up and hugs me close to her huge breasts.

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>Abusive, sadist, beat-happy

Eh, better without.

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Yuuka typically being stern and cold is what makes the idea of her being flustered so appealing. To see her embarrassed, blushing, and squirming is a real treat for the lewd glands..

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I like the idea of Yuuka being a lot more caring than people would think, as long as you stay the fuck away from her flowers.

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>Very protective of her children as evidenced in PoFV
>Knowledgeable in magic and close combat
>Feared/Respected by everyone including Aya
>Can make a double out of herself and breastfeed four children at once.
>Green hair
>Youkai moe

Best wife/mother.

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>Can make a double out of herself and breastfeed four children at once.

Or 3 children and daddy!

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Too lewd

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A woman's body is not lewd, anon. Yuuka's breasts may be big and bouncy, but they are made for feeding babies. It's not lewd, it's nature!

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>but they are made for feeding babies.

Exactly, they're for the babies not daddy.

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Why can't daddy drink milk from Yuuka's fatbags?

Lewdness is a concept created by man. Nature didn't intend for Yuuka's body, voluptuous as it is, to be considered lewd! Girl body parts are not lewd! Not the fattest breasts, the gooiest vaginas, or the sweatiest armpits!

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I want to sniff yuuka's hairy sweaty armpits

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There is a time when daddy can suck her funbags, but doing it while your child is sucking the opposite breast is just too lewd!

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Yes, yes, yes!!

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Father and son, both sucking from Yuuka's swollen bags of milk, as daddy gives his son a little high five.

Tell me that is not what having a family is all about.

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With an odor that would knock a yak into a coma.

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>as daddy gives his son a little high five.

Well, I guess you're right.
I hope Yuuka is okay with it.

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I wonder if Yuuka's feet are smellier than her armpits

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Dating Yuuka!

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Yuuka makes me feel easy. I want to buy flowers for her.

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I am going to find out!

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I just realized that I'd be a total mess in that situation.

I'd have to try to keep eye contact with her, and resist the urge to ogle her jiggly jugs of joy!

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Yuuka is fecund!

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Making friends with Yuuka!

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I want to kiss Yuuka-sama's butt!

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where in the world can I find this?!

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I want to eat a pocky from Yuuka's bra.

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That's the worst thing you could give to Yuuka!!

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I want to give it a firm THWACK when she least expects it!

And if she was wearing pants, I'd follow behind her all day, waiting for that glorious moment when she bends down and gives me a peek at her buttcrack.

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Don't give in!
Just keep building affection points for the secret ending after the date!

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Yuuka's armpits definitely would have a more pungent odor.
Both would have a rather unique smell though and would be appealing in their own right.

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The internet.
He should plant and grow some flowers in a pot for her!

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Right after she poops?

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Yuuka looks really smelly there! She's a disgusting lady who doesn't shower!

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That's hot though! I want to smell Yuuka after she doesn't bathe for months!

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Don't be silly.

After she poops it's only fair for you to lick her butt, not kiss it.

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I want Yuuka to tend my flower!

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Yuuka realizing that she stinks and is wafting the odor of her armpits to everyone around her.jpg

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I want to do this!

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woah, this thread grew fast!

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Why are you sad Yuuka? I said I would love your smelly, sweaty body odor that would linger throughout your whole house and be all over your clothes!

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that is not how tits work

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How do they work?

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Don't worry Yuuka, I think you'd smell good.
The most fragrant smelling flower in the entire garden.
She'd have a truly intoxicating scent, no doubt!

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Yeah, a sweaty, armpit-y flower!

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It's rude to say a lady has smelly armpits

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Yuuka smells all over, but her armpits are especially bad!

>> No.11903839

But I love the odor. Yuuka likes plants, right? I'll just tell her that her armpits remind me of a big ol' onion.

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No part of Yuuka smells "bad"
Strong? Yes, but it isn't a bad smell.
Her sweet-smelling odors and redolent scents are pleasing to one's heart and soul!

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Cruel, how cruel!
You don't tell a lady she smells like onions!

It's almost as if you want to make her mad or tease her

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I want to tease Yuuka until her nipples are all pokey pokey

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I want to tease her until she demands me to put it in!

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they smell "bad" in a good way! Her disgusting body odor after weeks of not showering, the smell of her hair all greasy! Her browning, oily skin, and the poop still stuck to her butt! Her gross odors are incredibly pleasing!

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theres nothing more erotic than stinky armpits on a sexy mature lady.

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How disgusting.
I'd bet you'd suck her cock too.

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You walk into Yuuka naked, and she's so embarrassed that she demands you to be naked as well, to make it even. You refuse until she snaps and she begs you to get nude and fuck her!

>> No.11903916

I'll resist until the end!
Even if I end up with her crushing my throat with one hand and the other stroking my penis.

>> No.11903917

don't hurt mommy's feelings

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I'm not hurting her feelings, I'm just being playful.

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>tfw youll never fuck a mature touhou mommy

Just kill me already...

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Yuuka making death threats with a smile on her face!

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He'll get a turn after me dude.

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Someone should post that copypasta.

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Mama's red-haired sister wants to be loved!

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Is it okay if I take Yuuka on a date to the forest?

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Kimmo, please, she's a mature lady.

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Wriggle is a girl.

>> No.11904005

Is Wriggle a suitor?

>> No.11904011

Wriggle is a mouse

>> No.11904014

Wriggle is a nightbug.

>> No.11904017 [DELETED] 

You guys have really stupid ideas.
"I know, I l'll take a touhou that knows everything about flowers to a botanical garden/forest!" - betamax

You have to show her something new, you have to be smooth. I'd take Yuuka to a cattle ranch and watch them artificially insimenate the cows, and compare the vaginas and penises of the other animals that might be there, like horses or sheep.
Everyone likes looking at genitals.

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Please do not be mean to me, you're making me upset.

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I don't want Yuuka to be my mom, I want her to be my wife!

And she does not stink.

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I'll bully whoever I want, whenever I want.
This is my board and you little sh*ts are gonna learn who is the top dog here. First with bullying and then when I f*ck your touhous.

>> No.11904029

It's okay, he just wants to look at horse penises.
This guy has the right idea.

>> No.11904036

Because Yuuka.

>> No.11904034 [DELETED] 

Aren't mother threads normally deleted

Why is this one allowed

>> No.11904040

Because it's the 3rd smelliest mother. Enough to attract mazacons, not enough to get deleted from smelling up the board.

>> No.11904038

No one who censors his swears can ever be the top dog on any board.

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mazacons are otaku culture

>> No.11904042

mazacon best con. lolicons need not apply.

>> No.11904043

The most recent Kanako thread wasn't very active but it stayed up for a while

>> No.11904075

If mazacons are otaku culture, why aren't lolicons?

>> No.11904077

Because you don't read the rules of the site, and see loli goes in /b/.

>> No.11904078

How about siscons?

>> No.11904080

It says loli porn and /jp/ is work safe, so all porn is prohibited, anyway.

>> No.11904093

you can post whatever you like as long as it's 2hu

>> No.11904097

someone make a loli thread

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/jp/ help me I'm about to cum!!

>> No.11904106

Do you think Yuuka uses her own poop as fertilizer?

>> No.11904120

Where are you coming?

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Let it out sweetie, here.

>> No.11904122

Think of Yuuka's smelly feet pressed up against your face

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You want to see Yuuka's full and bare bouncing breasts?
Well too bad!

>> No.11904489

This thread sure spent a lot of time talking about Yuuka's disgusting B.O.

>> No.11904491

Because it smells good, god I want to smell every different odor on her body.

>> No.11904513

I want to smell her secret garden.

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>Youkai Moe
>Now then, absolutely no relation (well, some relation) the only character with a slightly different feel, Yuuka, is actually the last boss I made a long time ago for the STG Touhou Lotus Land Story, and is a playable character of Touhou Mystic Square. A youkai. Yes. Youkai moe~. The reason she doesn't feel oriental at all is because she's a Youkai. Yes. Youkai moe.
>By the by, I think that 10 out of 10 people would read the level 1 barrage 萌風 as "moekaze".
>Wonder if a Youkai would come out. Like in my room, or my workplace.
>A shrine maiden is fine too.
>Also, after Mystic Square's extra ending, as planned, Yuuka received the ultimate magic. The author himself doesn't know exactly what is it.
>It's definitely something moe. Moe~.

You heard it from ZUN himself.
Yuuka gained the power of Moe

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All mommies wear aprons!

>> No.11906152

When I grow up, I want to be just like Yuuka.

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What a coincidence. So do I. I want to be raised by Yuuka to be like Yuuka.

>> No.11906619

True scotsman falicy

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Who Yuuka here?

>> No.11906635

I will be.

>> No.11906785

I want to fuck a mom.

>> No.11906797

You can fuck me, if you want.

>> No.11906819

Will you kiss me after I finish?

>> No.11906917

I already failed in the big breats department and implants are not squishy as the real deal. I'll never be like Yuuka, why did you remind me?

>> No.11906918

Incestual cuddling with Yuuka

>> No.11906928

are you a mommy?

>> No.11906931

the Oedipus complex in this thread is palpable. Were you guys even loved as children? You're all just really sad to be honest...

>> No.11906934

My momma loves me lots.

>> No.11906954

Just for that, I'm hugging my mother when she gets home.

>> No.11906958

Thank you Mr. Psychology 101

>> No.11907007

Do you think there are moms that post on /jp/?

>> No.11907010

Yes, I am! But I don't want to blogpost so that's all I'm going to say.

>> No.11907019

Would you suck mama's hard throbbing cock?

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File: 517 KB, 351x1697, UH OH a roving gang of Sanaes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.11907032

Assuming you're not lying, how do these threads make you feel? Is it weird to you?

>> No.11907035

Can I fuck your daughter? I'll be gentlemanly about it.

>> No.11907042

just fapped to some yuuka

>> No.11907045

How do you know it's not a boy?

>> No.11907048

I know it in my heart to be true.

>> No.11907074

I hope I weird a /jp/ mom out with my perverted posts!

>> No.11907298

It's just boys being boys, I think. It's very cute!

Sorry, I don't think she would like if I gave her to some stranger online, haha

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How come I love these threads so much but my real mom is disgusting and mean?..

>> No.11907310
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you've created an idealized mother figure as a substitute for your cold and distant real mom, dude.

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>> No.11907315

I wanted to like this show because shota but it wasn't very good. Is the manga better?

>> No.11907336

I come to these threads because when I'm feeling down, I like to read the posts and their silliness makes me cheer up.

>> No.11907379

more koko pls

>> No.11907383

you had me until the shit

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Guys! I made my own flower pot for the spring out of clay, and now I'm going to paint it! After I fire it up I'm going to plant a flower for Yuuka.

I think this will make her happy.

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You should watch Black Lagoon instead.
It's pretty good and Roberta gets the /ss/ if that's your thing.
Whole series is rife with femdom overtones too.

>> No.11907781


>> No.11908072

I wanted to plant sunflowers for Yuuka once. I wasn't able to get any.

>> No.11908076

Perhaps you could purchase one that has already grown a bit, from there on you can spread you flowers across the garden!

>> No.11908093

Why does she have a drum magazine on a pistol? Who knows! It's Black Lagoon!

>> No.11908304
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why is yandere yuuka so superior?

>> No.11908341
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10x the love.

>> No.11908345

I like the Yuuka who punishes you to make you feel amazing more.


>> No.11908365

What's with you losers and these "mommies" threads? Weren't you love as a kid?

>> No.11908383

Too much love, now they want to fuck their mommies.

>> No.11908398

You mean mommy proxies. Their mommies are probably more like grannies.

>> No.11908414

Please do not sexualize Yuuka.

>> No.11908422
File: 1.46 MB, 1651x1884, 33951864.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.11909323

My mommy is only 42!

>> No.11909355

Or abused, or held to high standards

is it surprising that everyone on this site has mommy/daddy issues?

>> No.11909457
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I was, but my mother wasn't attractive, and my dad was the stay at home parent

Can't I want an attractive mother who isn't afraid to teach me things as a boy? or make me a pretty girl and hooking me up with her friend's son

>> No.11910474

>held to high standards

Sounds like me, but how does this tie into my Oedipus complex?

>> No.11915984
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Prodding Yuuka's jiggly chest!

>> No.11916155
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>> No.11916249

I like the idea of Yuuka not giving a shit about anybody or anything except for flowers, except as long as she needs to make them feel uncomfortable and unwanted.

>> No.11916254

What the fuck is wrong with Yuuka's skeleton

>> No.11916256

She doesn't have a skeleton, anon.

>> No.11916258

Obviously because she shoots people with a pistol a lot. A lot.

>> No.11916297

My parents were divorced and my mom was a whore that partied every weekend. I just want a real mom.