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Easily the best Touhou.

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I'm guessing this thread gets about 5 more replies before people start talking about her boobs

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rude tits

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selfish body

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Her body was made for sex

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I want to grab the shinigami.

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I want to cum all over her boobs

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We all do

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best komachi

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This is the scariest shit ever

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cutest shinigami
best at cuddles

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I like her for many purely non-sexual reasons.
And many sexual reasons.
Really, she's the best in all regards.

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Get back to work.

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I don't want to masturbate again today ;_;

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Eiki is cute too, but she doesn't quite compare to Komachi's radiant beauty.

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What's wrong with her right buttcheek?

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That image is fail

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probably warm and soft

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I want to put it in

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Oh look, she's exposing herself again...

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she can't help it if everyone wants to see

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Also one of best themes.

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just the best

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Cute, sexy and has a really fun personality.
What more could you ever want?

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Dat face.

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You were wrong, I'm sorry.

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If it helps, I care about more than just her boobs, although they are a plus.

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> fun personality

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Carefree, talkative and a bit of a slacker, but does her job well regardless.

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She's also a bit of a philosopher, if a bit macabre about it. Comes with being a death god.

See Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

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To put it simply she just seems like a really fun and interesting person to relax and chat with.

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An something else, if you know what i mean

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Komachi's route in SWR really made me like her a lot. It makes me kind of sad that /jp/ can't get over the lewd aspects of her. She has the soul of a philosopher and the heart of a saint, but all /jp/ wants to talk about is how she has the body of a porn star! SHEESH!

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I appreciate every aspect about Komachi
She's attractive top to bottom, inside and out

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I want
to appreciate
her insides

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I'll try playing her in swr, then. I only played a couple of characters since it was the same opponents and spells every time. Any other notable routes?

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People like Yuyuko's because she's quick to figure things out while seemingly goofing around. Suika steals land in heaven which is cool i guess. Her route is short though. Tenshi has the final route and obviously does not have Tenshi as the final boss. Remilia has the most pointless route but she actually has a different final boss as well.

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What did you expect from a site full of prepubescent teenagers that can't think of anything else besides boobs, ecchi and hentai?

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What is this? Lewd body? Rude tits?

Komachi only has decently proportioned breasts in canon. Aren't you all being a bit too secondary? If any of you actually love Komachi, then you should have at least played the fighting games that featured her, right? Her clothes fully cover her chest, so it doesn't actually show any cleavage.
Any of this lewdness nonsense shouldn't even be a problem.
She's a sensible person who dresses properly.


Have mentioned, Komachi is genuinely smart.
She is a death god that's incredibly old,
so she has seen all sorts of life and
death. She is very wise. Though she looks young, it's probably best to imagine her as a wizened old granny, or something.
She's a sensitive person and cares about people. She is a woman who respects herself and also respects others. It is natural for her since she knows that a human's life is short.

Such as in her ending in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody where she stumbles upon the spirit of a dead child. It is a short glimpse of her personality, but it is enough to see her true nature.
She is a good person.

Isn't that enough reason to respect such a person?

Yet here you all are discussing her body in a fictitious way and posting lewd pictures of her as if you only care about her because she has a pretty face.

I thought /jp/ was the land of the primaries?

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I don't like big tits. In fact I find them rude and disgusting. But I love Komachi, whether she's drawn with big tits or not.

Wouldn't fugg though.

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jokes on you, it didint even get 2 replies.

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>Komachi only has decently proportioned breasts in canon

In the land of the flat, the moderate chest is gigantic.
To the rest: her qualities are myriad, we can appreciate her beauty in addition to her kindly nature. One does not preclude the other.
Or do you think Komachi is unattractive?


It's normally not to my taste either, but I think Komachi is one of the few to pull off the look well. Everything about her is charming.

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While I do like her I can't help but feel that she would be a 26 year old single mother who doesn't know who the father is.

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I find your interpretation to be odd and out-of-place.
She would probably be reluctant to enter any form of relationship with mortals doomed to die. Although strictly speaking, her age is unknown, as well as how shinigami are born and grow.

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Which is why I said she probably doesn't know who the dad is. She seems more like the one night stand type that doesn't form actual relationships.

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Are you serious?
She doesn't seem like the type to do anything intimate with anyone at all.
You're thinking of her in a very negative light.

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I doubt she would even do one night stands.
I imagine she'd just be a virgin. Her body might be lewd, but she doesn't behave that way as a person.
Not even a "mai waifu must be puuuuure" thing.

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Some people think all 2hus are sex maniacs.

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I don't usually think of her that way but this thread seems to be for lewd stuff so I was just throwing it in there.

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I can see her being a tease though.
But the kind of tease who laughs it off afterwards and would be embarrassed and apologize if you ever wanted to have something actually come of it.

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It can't be helped. It's Komachichi.

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Big girl.

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You know people can have sex for fun, right?

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Komachi's not the type of person to do something so active for fun.
She's a person who relaxes. Her free time is spent philosophizing to mortals, taking breaks, and napping.
Sex would be exhausting and totally unfit for her behavior. If there was ever a time when she had several days off, perhaps, but death stops for no man.

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I don't know about that. I relax a lot, take naps, etc. But I also masturbate a lot. I also think I would have sex a lot if I had easy access to a human onahole. I don't think laziness or the "love of relaxation" if you will conflicts with the love of sex.

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Meiling and Komachi's routes were my favorite of all the routes in SWR/UNL. But then, I didn't play all the characters' stories, just Alice, Hong Meiling, Komachi, Remilia, Sakuya, and a couple others that I forget. I only really remember Meiling and Komachi's because Meiling's was really fun and cute and Komachi's was really interesting and showed off Komachi's philosophical side

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Meiling and Komachi's routes were my favorite of all the routes in SWR/UNL. But then, I didn't play all the characters' stories, just Alice, Hong Meiling, Komachi, Remilia, Sakuya, and a couple others that I forget. I only really remember Meiling and Komachi's because Meiling's was really fun and cute and Komachi's was really interesting and showed off Komachi's philosophical and loving side

In fact, her whole interaction with the child ghost inspired me to make a pen and paper character based around the idea of a woman who tries to help lost souls find peace. It was really moving to me

I should replay it sometime..

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No pic eating, captcha!

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Those people tend to be the ones who have never even had s.e.x

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I'd do ANYTHING to berry my c*ck between those things.

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I want to kyan her Komachis.

Press X to Paizuri.

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Sex is considerably more exhausting than masturbation.

That being said, it's entirely possible that Komachi touches herself in her down time.

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Why are her boobies so big?

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sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain
supernatural physique leads to weight gained in proper places

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she's still cute without boobs

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If you say so.

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it is the true

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Booby Komachi is better.

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She has lovely legs, too.
Too bad they're always covered by her fancy dress.

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Why can't people love everything about komachi? Komachi is boobs, komachi is smart, komachi is love, komachi is life.

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fucking saved.

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I've never seen Marisa this rude.

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Being a shinigami is a tiresome job.

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Sentarou is good.

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They would be too big on anyone else, but somehow Komachi still makes them look alluring.

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this thread is rude as hell

>> No.11899524

No that's way too big. I'd more likely throw up on them than get allured by them.

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Are there any decent komachi vomit pics?

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>They would be too big on anyone else

bitches don't know bout my beansprout

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See, that doesn't look anywhere near as nice. Her head is totally incongruous with her body, it's totally dwarfed. The way her skin folds is ugly, and her neck looks unreasonably long.
On Komachi her body, head, and shoulders all match perfectly, and her chest stands out massively because of it.

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My biggest problem is that the artist decided to put glasses on her.

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Please don't say that, anon.

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Komachi is flexible!

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high class death

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see you in higan

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Her boobies look so comfortable hanging like that. The breeze must feel good with that outfit.

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The refreshing breeze of the afterlife.

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A Komachi thread without her theme? /jp/ what is wrong with you?


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Komachi's smile makes me happy

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Am I the only one whose favorite rendition of Higan Retour is SWR's version?

It's just so soothing and mellow. It suits her so well and it's such a pleasant song to listen to

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Dead bodies make me happy

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I want to be reaped by Komachi

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How often does Komachi molest her boss?

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She doesn't.

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You seem to have something reversed.
It's Eiki who can't resist her subordinate's fine body.

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where is this from? Simply a photoshop joke, or a cropped screenshot?

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Oh? Lying is bad.

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So is saying lewd things about an important figure like The Yama.

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It was more about Komachi, though.

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Do you have citation from canon works for that?

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No and shut up.

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she's naughty.

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Such a delicious series. Don't like how that Eiki turns out, though.

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>> No.11917241


You mean madly in love with Komachi? I don't see how that could possibly be negative.
I guess she's a little undignified about it when she's drunk, though.

>> No.11917287

To a crazed extent. It doesn't suit her.

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Eiki and Komachi are tied for my favourite touhou.
It's a shame that PoFV isn't fun to play.

>> No.11917634


PoFV is very fun if you give it a small mod to not have to mash the fucking fire button.

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I want to dominate her and make her feel feminine

>> No.11921151

Yeah, that doesn't sound like my cup of tea. I like my Yama to be more innocent.

You think she doesn't feel that way already?

>> No.11921938

She appear to be pretty feminine to me.

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She says "atai"
By general japanese vocal behavior, she also speaks pretty laid-back and sort of tomboyish

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I want to protect that smile.
And those tits.

>> No.11925655

Please don't sexualize my waifu

>> No.11925658

Your fault for picking such a sexual waifu.

>> No.11925664


One doesn't simply pick a waifu. It just happens.

>> No.11925696

The otaku does not choose the waifu, anon. The waifu chooses the otaku.

>> No.11925703

I want to rest between her giant boobs.
Eiki's thighs would be fine too

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Doing stuff on other people's terms isn't really Komaci's thing.

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You can't blame us for having such a fertile death god for your waifu.

>> No.11925809

Fertile? You sure about that?

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Too lewd.

Well I'm not. A death god creating new life? Ridiculous.

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How else would new shinigami come around?
Shinigami don't cause death or slay things, they just enforce natural lifespans. Basically, they're middle-men in the circle of life and the enemy of immortals.

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Magic and belief, duh. I'm not convinced.

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Do you know nothing of death and the circle of life?

The ashes of the dead today will provide fertile ground for the life of tomorrow. Like the phoenix, death gives birth anew. One cannot exist without the other.
Death may come to Komachi one day as it "naturally" does to all living beings, as such is life, but Komachi's posterity and that of all humanity will continue on.

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Slow down, you. We're talking about Komachi having kids.

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Shinigami are not like usual kami. Nor are they youkai.
They work outside the bounds of mortals and don't need faith to persist.
In the first place, most mortals do not believe in shinigami. The reason they carry their large scythes is to convince a newly-dead mortal that "shinigami exist so I must be dead" (freshly deceased sometimes deny their situation, making the shinigami's job a hassle, this can be seen in Komachi's PoFV end).

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They're still magical critters.

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And who says magical creatures can't procreate?

We have a half-youkai already.

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Good heaven. Will I meet Shiki if I kill myself right now?

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Fair enough. I didn't really mean it.

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Any excuse to post more Komachi.

>> No.11925961

Don't go killing yourself just to see a sexy woman. She'll hate that.

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She'll toss you in the river for that.

>> No.11925987

I question the accuracy of this image.

>> No.11925990

DFC fag

>> No.11925996

Dang, I'll wait patiently for the sweet release of death then.

>> No.11926045


I know, haven't ammonites been extinct for thousands of years?

>> No.11926058

It's the river Styx, I'm not questioning it.

>> No.11926059

Komachi always demands those she guides to pay all the money they have, and anyone who hesitates to pay the full sum is dropped into the river midway through the journey. The river is made infinitely wide, and the unfortunate spirit is soon consumed by huge fishes and sea dinosaurs which were extinct in world of the living

>> No.11926140

Do you think she'd want to get pregnant so she could have maternity leave?

>> No.11927030
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Like she'd need that excuse to give herself time off.

>> No.11929427
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everlasting death

>> No.11931026

I did that one time. Didn't work. Had to continue working to pay the bills.

>> No.11931303
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