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Will you help Kanako solve the mystery of the missing pants?

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she wears skirts, not pants

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Only if she can help me solve the mystery of the hard protrusion in my pants.

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It's a bottle of Yakult.

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The mystery remains unsolved...

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I need to carefully inspect the scene of the crime

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But why? The situation is clearly better without them.

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When I grow up, I want to be just like Kanako.

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I'd fuck your grown self

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Mysteriously, my pants seem to be missing as well.
We should help each other.

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Yeah, if she solves the problem of my erect dick.

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Nope. She'll just have to walk around with her butt and vagina exposed!

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You'll have to wait until I grow up into a big mommy.

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She's not going to just walk around like that, you dope. She'll improvise.

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I want this mystery to remain unsolved, I don't mind seeing mamas naked butt...

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are you a cute girl?

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It would be cute if she walked around squatwaddling, trying to keep her sweater pulled down low enough to cover her naked privates. But then there would be a few times where she'd absentmindedly let go and have her butt and crotch be exposed, only to quickly cover herself again once she realizes. Then her face would turn bright red and her vagina would leak a bit.

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Can we ever have a Kanako thread without the Oedipus complex?

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only girls can be mommies silly...

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Why would you want that?

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This picture single-handedly made me like Kanako. I'm impressed.

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It's going to be hard, if you know what I mean.

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Older women can be moe too!

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I wish my mom drank so I could do dirty stuff to her when she's passed out.

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kids be all like "Kanako ain't as strong as the other Stage 6 Bosses" but let me tell you why that's bullshit. Kanako is a master strategist and web-spinner. She beat Suwako and took over her shrine even though Suwako is more powerful one-on-one. And made it so they both benefited. She gained shitloads of faith and when the market was waning, she adapted to a changing environment and set up shop in Gensokyo and quickly made ground in the faith market.
And then she went ahead and caused the next four incidents in the series.
Most Stage Four bosses only cause one incident per game. But Kanako did five in a row. Besides her own game and first appearance: Convincing Okuu to devour Yatagarasu, which then caused the geyser that freed the Palanquin Ship and Byakuren's crew, which built their temple on the Taoist's Mausoleum, causing Ten Desires, and then their conflict between the two indirectly causing Hopeless Masquerade.

All according to Kanakp's Master Plan...
And this is why she is one of the best 2hu

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But to what ends?

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Kanako likes showing off her feet. She is a slut.

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Wait and see, my friend
The full plan probably isn't even finished.

But look at all the good Kanako has done. She even capitalized on Okuu and brought nuclear power to Gensokyo.
Maybe she was allied with Nitori in HM and it was a ploy to stimulate business and allied with Mamizou to give out more loans.

Kanako is very business savy and knows how to work the market.
Look how she even worked to make herself popular on /jp/! Perfect mazacon marketing strategy.

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I'd work for Kanako, for a better Gensokyo

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What's that?
A certain shrine maiden is gathering faith from displaying her armpits?
Well Kanako competes with that by creating her own niche market, hairy armpits. And then deploys Sanae and her armpits when she needs to compete with Reimu's armpit.
A master of market demographics and a great example of market penetration.

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Don't think normal Kanako is very cute?
Not to worry, we got Snake-Eyed Kanakp

Good example of reworking consumer perceptions and redesigning packaging in order to gain more believers/customers.

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Like huge breasts? Kanako's got you covered
Like flat chests? You got Suwako
Like inbetween breasts that fit in your hand? Sanae

Kanako and the Moriyas are covering all bases. Even to lolicons, mazacons, and whatever liking normal girls like Sanae would be named.

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I'd worship Kanako's sweaty smelly armpits!

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Those things do not fit in any hand.

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She's an idiot who doesn't know how to take responsibility for her failures.

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God I love sweaty smelly hairy armpits, especially Kanako's.

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Get bigger hands.

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go back to bed, Reimu

Thanks for cleaning up some of the incidents free of charge when Sanae was busy

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Can someone please post more mama Kanako pictures? I really like them!

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Please don't rape drunk Kanako!

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what if drunk Kanako rape you?

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Kanako can get kinda aggressive when she gets intoxicated...

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If i wet the bed, will Kanako punish me by making me wear little girl clothes?

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Would you hug?

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Hairy armpits are disgusting!

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These are very cute.

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It's not punishment if it is already one of your daily activities, homoqueer faglord.

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I love Snake-Eyed Kanako

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This must be the cutest Kanakp. I like it.

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Rubbing Kanoko's feet will calm her down.

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Yeah but i want Kanako with me

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>See OP image
>Click thread
>Rest of images are shit

Beh. Can I hijack into Naked Sweater thread?

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Who are you quoting?

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Snake-eyed Kanako is always this cute little thing. I want to see normal Kanako with eyes like that.

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Okuufags pls go

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snake eyes is canon dood

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That's more like it.
Don't think she should have them all the time, though. I like the idea of her pupils narrowing when she gets mad or wants to intimidate someone.

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Kanako is my sexy milf lover!

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One of the only good things to come out of SoPM.

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I'd rather help her solve the mystery of her parts.

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You know it wouldn't be rape, silly.