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Alice is dressing, don't look!

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im looking

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Yuuka is dressing, don't look!

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Kanako is dressing, don't look!

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*unzip ちんぽ*

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You looked!

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Post the "If you don't like it, don't look" one.

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From the pose they're actually undressing, sluts.

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Alice is a refined business woman.

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Yukari is indecent! Don't look!

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Yuuka is a refined business woman.

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You find Youmu practicing her techniques dressed like this. What do you say when she spots you?

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Yukari is all wet and needs to change, so don't look!

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If a girl is changing her clothes in front of you, you should definitely peek.
She probably likes you and if you don't look she'll think that you aren't interested.

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Did you draw that dude?

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accuse her of being a lewd exhibitionist bitchi, snap lots of photos then shout that we aren't friends anymore then fly away

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grow some balls, wimp

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>training in her undergarments
Are you a Handmaiden?

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I'd let them be the holding company of my dick if you know what I mean.

Tell her she may catch a cold and that she should put clothes on, then we can train together.

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Could you really do that to someone this cute and dorky?

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Well.. maybe as long as it's you, Yukari won't mind if you look a bit.
But only a peak!!

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That's the dorkiest smile I've ever seen, worse than me on my first day of elementary school.

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*unzips dick*

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I happen to know her personally, she'd wreck your shit. That or she really doesn't like me.

I want to protect that smile.

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Yukari needs help to get dressed!

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stockings make me really hard

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You're making me love her.

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Youmu is embarassed because of all the attention

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What a dork, stuffing her bra.

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Did her breasts swell up from all the attention too...?

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Sakuya is dressing, don't look!

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OP, Please spoiler all the images from that artists.
They're too obscene and indecent.

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Yamame is changing, everyone look at her melons!

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But you're clearly ripping of her clothes.

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what a boobs

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Stop looking at her body!

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Looks like you need to change clothing too...

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Komachi is dressing, don't look!

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Also, if two girls kiss in front of you it's at least as much for your benefit as theirs. Again, you have the obligation to look.

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This is far too lewd.

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Eirin is getting changed, so please turn around.

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Who wants to see some sagging tits wwwwwww

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Christmas cake paizuri!

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I would review her alternative treatments of ED if you know what I mean.

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You wouldn't spy on Eirin changing, would you?

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Youmu...froze up. It's unclear if you shouldn't look.

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>Trying to wear Reisen's pantus.

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Goddamn it Tewi!

Too spooks.

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Why is Youmu peeping on Youmu in the bottom right?

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Eirin secretly likes to change into weird clothing.
If you catch her in the act though, she would probably be very embarrassed!

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Her mission is to cockblock and being a troll.

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Can I put it in if she's embarrassed?

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No way!
But if you promise not to tell anyone, she'll let you see her in another weird outfit.

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why is she eating a tree

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Me on the right
/jp/ on the left

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It's a stalactite

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She's too old for cosplay. She should wear normal cloths.

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uuuhh... i just wanna put it in... i don't care about baba's cospure fetish..

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Don't call Eirin old!
She's young at heart.
Besides, the out of place-ness of it is what makes it moe.

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It's full of fiber! Eat rocks for essential minerals too!

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How cruel!
You have much to learn about a Maiden's heart.

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Even 𝒔𝒍𝒊𝒈𝒉𝒕𝒍𝒚 older ladies can look cute in schoolgirl outfits.

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Name of the artist ?

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>I-is this good...?
>(Bastard, afterwards I'm absolutely going to kill you!)

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google works fine.

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>Undressing and taking a picture of Momiji to capture her face.

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have fun with being tagged as a pedophile forever in their database

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And? That's an entry level doujin, shouldn't even need sauce.

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Disguised Shota-predator

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Talking about walking on people that are changing / dressing

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Momiji deserves euthanasia!

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Why is Kageru such shit?

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Because fluffy werewolf.

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I wish I could indulge in their buttsniffing culture.

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Shota semen is an important medical ingredient.
You can trust Eirin on this one. After all, she's a doctor.

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I'm sorry now, I hate Mamizou the most. Officially worst Touhou.

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>buttsniffing culture

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it's a horo-imitation

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Even though I've had sex with my boyfriend I don't know how many times, still kinda freaks me out if he walks in on me changing, is that weird?

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I want to put it in

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What do you do in this situation?

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Whoa-oh, whoa-oh,
Tell me can you feel it,
Tell me can you feel it,
Tell me can you feel it,
The heat is on

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Look away in disgust for her.

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I teach her how to do a handstand.

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my feels when i will never be a cute youmu and do this pose in front of a bunch of horny /jp/ boys while blushing

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It's ok anon you will always be a cute Youmu for me

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I'd throw an egg at you.

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I want to look at Youmu

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That's just you being tsundere. You'd definitely put it in if she offered.

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Can males be tsundere? I thought it was just being an asshole when they did it.

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Male tsunderes exist. It's just not being honest with your feelings right? Males can do that too.

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Guys who aren't honest with their feelings just don't say shit.

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/jp/ is never honest about his feelings...

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Or maybe she's undressing

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looking rather wide there, alice

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Orin is smelly.

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I'm going to watch every bit of Alice's nude body as she hesitantly removes all of her clothing.

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I can see Yuuka-san's nipple!

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Alice's cute body in a state of undress!

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I want to be Sekiri's Alice and get impregnated.

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Sanae is naked, please look.

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I don't like it.

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Do you have any proof of this or is this just tinfoil hat talk?

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It's about time Alice started eating a little more.

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highly erotic

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She's fat!

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Mommy butt........

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and now my penis is too

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Could you please turn around, Anonymous?
Kanako is getting changed.

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Don't record Kanako when she's in the middle of changing!