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Nice I really beat the shit out of that slut. How do I stick it in?

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I beat up a Tenshi cosplayer, lame.

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A western one too.

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This is tricky.

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Why would anyone slap Tenshi?

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now try again with your dick

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I want Tenshi to slap me instead

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It's a lot of fun you know.
While playing danmaku.

Or in bed.

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Thank you OP.

I was in a bad mood and slapping that bitch felt great. Now I feel better.

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Why wouldn't you? She's a masochist.

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I bullied a 2hu until I shot white stuff!

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are you spiderman?

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Where did you shoot white stuff from?
It doesn't sound healthy at all..

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37 what quick shooter lmao

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>Fan art

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``lol masochism'' is fanon garbage but imagining roughing up a tenshi cosplayer is giving me an erection

Which is weird, because abuse is usually a turn-off for me

what are you talking about

why is bullying sexually exciting, i am confuse

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needs more ahegao

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how do you put it in

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>needs more ahegao

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I want to be bullied by cute /jp/ers too.

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What if she asked you to?

Would you tell her no?

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this would work good as a mobile app I feel

how much would /jp/ pay to beat and rape virtual tenshi?

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>this would work good as a mobile app I feel

Fuck off, normal.

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I hate to break it to you anon but smartphones are popular with every group.

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Not hikikomoris.

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where's her corndog

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>he doesn't browse jaypee in bed, under the covers, on his phone
you're missing out on a comfy comfy neet life

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A good majority of the pictures that I see /jp/sies take are from smartphones.

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Most /jp/sies are filthy normalfags.

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I have a tablet for that.

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99 cents

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I'll slap her gladly if she agrees to slap me back.

Such flimsy clothes. How vulgar

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404 not found

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How cute do I need to be for us to slap each other?

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Please don't beat up Tenshi cosplayers, we're people too

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Not having a penipeni is ok I guess.

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Nothing personal, but cosplayers are really only worth three fifths of a real person, even relative to lazy /jp/sies such as me
You're subhuman, so be thankful that you have an actual use to society

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Reupload it weebs!


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Oh... s-sorry, then.

hey that's me, hi me

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I googled this
then I slapped her and felt bad
then I finished slapping her
then I threw away the tissue

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what are they black people

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never thought i'd see yao ming cosplaying

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I'm 5'9

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>hey that's me, hi me
When you are going to bully Remilia?

>Error: Duplicate file exists

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>then I threw away the tissue
do you feel as confused as I do?

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why were you crying
it's just a game

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sorry, I thought the implication would be clearer.
the tissue would have been full of my seed.
well, I didn't actually. it would have taken longer than a minute

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well, you felt bad but you fapped anyway
I just assumed that you weren't into sadist-flavoured ero stuff?

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>Oh... s-sorry, then.
did I say you could respond to me?

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i played the flash, and i like punishing her for causing an incident, i feel like a yama instead of putting her somewhere else, divine punishment from eiki

also, i like tenshi but she needs to be punish

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why do secondaries believe tenshi is a masochist? deviantart sure is disgusting

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who are you quotin

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You mean Pixiv, right? Because they are the ones who make that stuff up.

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pixiv is the same, but at least it got actually good artist

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DA has many good artists, too. The real bad thing about DA is the shit community.

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That was fun.

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You sounds like a tertiary, though

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What the hell, it's not even tohou tuesday over there

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Frankly, I think it's better than the treatment a lot of characters get where ZUN invents them for one level in one game and forgets about them forever. It's either fanon personality interpreted from a few lines of dialogue or literally nothing else.

>> No.11854863

You mean Tenshi tuesday.

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Tenshi is one of the few characters who actually has a distinct canon personality though. It's like they aren't satisfied even when a lot of information is provided.

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I know I know, I'm just saying it wouldn't hurt to flesh out existing characters a little more you fucking hack who I know speaks English and is reading this.

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Well, aren't you a rude one!

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Sorry for being so negative all the time

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It's alright. Please try to be a little more polite next time 'cause it creates a more positive atmosphere on the board.

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someone with nip vpn should post it on 2ch, i wanna see their reactions

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And also tell them I hate them.

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why does hurting tenshi excite me sexually
I'm not a sadist!

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Because Tenshi is the one getting off to it. You know deep down that you are actually pleasing her.

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Not him but I get off more to the idea that she's depraved enough to like it rather than just her liking it.

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>>11855654 here
I don't really know what aspect of it pleases me
A lot of it is the position she's in, how her hands are bound behind her back and she's kneeling before me completely under my control...
And a lot of it is what >>11855696 and >>11855766 said.

I can't really get off to stuff like Euphoria where girls are being electrocuted or pressed to death
Though I do like that one grey-haired girl that enjoys getting fucked violently and roughed up...I think?

Please help, I am a delicate flower who does not understand these desires to deliver pain and rape

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