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Hello darkness, my old friend.

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is that a homestuck

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i've come to talk with you again

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Because a vision softly creeping

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Left its seeds while I was sleeping,

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And the vision that was planted in my brain,

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Still remains

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Within the sound of silence.

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I purposely reported this thread and let it fall through to the pages just to end it with >>11847565 but you just have to ruin it.

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Dark 2hu thread?

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Epic guys simply epic

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Get in there darkbros

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post the satan one

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2hus are supposed to be light and happy! Not dark and sad.

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Anything that is not a human (and some humans too) have the power to turn the first poor sod they see into a red smear on the floor if they as much breathe in it's general direction

A good deal of them have no qualms about harming humans or ruining their lives

Those who aren't immediately hostile are unstable enough to turn so if they wake up with the wrong feet

Humans are imported and killed regularly despite the avaiability of other sources of food

The humans living there are in a situation dangerously close to the most pessimistic ">is the year 20XX" threads on /pol/ and /k/

Gensokyo qualify with flying colors for the title of Crapsaccharine World if you just as much scratch the surface.

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Do you prefer dark and edgy 2hus or light and fun 2hus?

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Let's play, impotent oniichan~

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Light and fun 2hus. Actually I prefer dark themes most of the time, but bright and happy 2hus are just too good. Especially Yuka, Tenshi and Hina.

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I like both

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Dark & Edgy is both least and most favourite.
Least because one is used to see the light and bright layer that show on the surface.
But is also my favourite because it's honest.
It doesn't put a facade of joy and colorful light and cherry blossoms and christmas trees.
It say the truth, loud and clear, it doesn't try to lull you in a false sense of security just to stab you in the back, it shoves the way everything actually works in a very in-your-face way, screaming that no, nobody will look after you and yes, everybody is out to get you, kill you, string your guts between the trees, do horrible horrible things with your body and parade your corpse among the street just because it can.

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>It doesn't put a facade of joy and colorful light and cherry blossoms and christmas trees.
But that is the actual truth. Sometimes I feel like I've played a different game and read different manga then everyone else here.

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All three of those are actually friendly people, though. Tenshi is violent, reckless, and doesn't care about the consequences of her actions, but that's because she's just a girl who wants some fun. Yuka is a liar and a murderer, but she's very nice. Hina isn't a bad person at all, its just that normal people hate her for her job.

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I didn't want to show any kind of connection between mentioned characters and evil/darkness. I just like to see them smiling, their happy faces make me happy too.

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Think about it like this. Hina would probably be very happy to talk with a normal person, at least.

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me on the right

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Nazrin is a mouse.

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Only way to "win" is to hope you don't piss off anyone in your life time, stop eating meat because some beast youkai might get offended, walk in groups, stay in the human village 24/7, never take out your anger on anything, train your body as a monk to hopefully become a celestial/study magic until you become a youkai.
Or be a cute girl.

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Yea, fuck that place and everyone in it.
Send me to antartica, outside the safety of the vaults and the cities in Fallout's nuked wastelands, in the Zone without weapons or gear, heck sen me over to fucking Catachan, Cadia or Armageddon or in a Space Hulk hurling across the Immaterium where Demons and Tyranids and Orks lurk in wait to murder someone or something.

Just don't send me to fucking Gensokyo

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Why are Touhou creepypasta so shitty?

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Because Creepypasta is shitty.

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That's not a Touhou.

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Good point.

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Soviet creepypasta is pretty good.

The hat is dumb enough, it's honorary.

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I have never been more spooked in my life. Whenever I look at this face, I will know terror.

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No sleep for me tonight.

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Has anyone heard about that unreleased episode of the Touhou anime?

Supposedly it was this episode that was supposed to be released at Reitaisai 7, but they pulled it from the sales floor. They've actually been very good about keeping this a secret; it can't seem to be found anywhere online, and there's hardly any physical record of its existence. But I have a buddy who has a friend who used to work with Maikaze, and was close with the director. He was around during the supposed making of this episode. He recalled the D suddenly acting strangely during this time; apparently, he was far more paranoid than usual and allowed no one in the studio other than himself, Nakahara Mai, and Sawashiro Miyuki (none of the other Touhous were even in this episode). But my friend's contact got a prerelease from one of the animators and was able to watch it before the DVD could be destroyed. Now, he only watched it once before Maikaze got to it, but this is what he could tell me:

When it starts out, there's no opening with music or narration: it just goes right to the Hakurei Shrine. This may just be because my friend's pal saw an early version, but the picture quality is a little worse than than the first episode, and the sound doesn't quite sync up right. Reimu is in the shrine counting her donations, and while she looks normal, there's something "off" about her. All my friend's friend could tell me was that when you look at her (especially into her eyes) she seems human but "foreign" somehow.

After a few minutes, Marisa calls out from the front of the shrine. She comes in and starts complaining about something, although the audio is so low that you can hardly hear her. She's white as a sheet and looks more distressed than usual, like something is seriously wrong. This goes on for a few minutes, and after a while she's just babbling incoherently before the picture cuts out.

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The next act is just Reimu and Marisa sitting near the torii, but it's no longer in color. This time, they both look "foreign," not just Reimu, and they're staring off blankly into space. They start talking with the same low audio quality, but now it's impossible to hear because there's a bass riff that comes in suddenly and just starts looping, making it so you can't hear anything else. But Reimu seems to be in pain, and Marisa is starting to sob. Apparently, my buddy's friend could just make out Marisa saying something like "don't let it through, don't let it come in" over and over again. This just repeats until the episode ends. All the while, the bass riff is getting more and more distorted, and after a few minutes, it just abruptly cuts to some super high frequency square wave.

I guess this made my friend's friend nauseous, so he left the room to vomit but came back as fast as he could so he wouldn't miss much. Since it was close to the 22 minute mark already, the episode had ended, but he caught a glimpse of the last image before the credits: just a still, black and white extreme closeup of Reimu's face. There was some very small text superimposed, but it seemed like the end of a larger portion of text, since the words just said "THEN IT WILL BE TOO LATE." I guess the guy my friend knows tried to take the DVD with him, but a member of Maikaze confiscated and destroyed it before he could leave the building.

So I know there's probably a low chance I'll find anyone else who has heard of this, but I decided to ask here just in case. Anyone know any more details about this episode?

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> unreleased episode of the Touhou anime
Just stop

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It's an old /jp/ creepypasta from 2010

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Neat, more reading for later.

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why does every creepypasta read the same

"this character in a videogame died and let out a scream and WOW IT WAS SO REALISTIC"

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super sotari

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Who is that?

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a homestuck or anthropomorphized pokemon

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Oh. Ok , thanks.

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CRAZY and cute...

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Why is your image flipped?

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> every graze I did the Reimu sprite started to become more and more bloody.
Such shit, Reimu has protection for grazing.
>Reimu dies
That's fucking neato.
>Zun was kill
I laughed.

>Touhou 7 perfect Cherry Bloom
It was real all along, holy shit so scary. Such a lame ending.

>The Faceless
Zun is kill... again, I fucking love this one. Hilarious.

Edgy x10.

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Why is this thread being spammed by off-topic replies?

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But isn't it possible to become a cute girl youkai through magic? Sure it's a slim chance and a lot of hard work, but great rewards require great risks.

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what's the topic, midna from zelda twilight princess with boobs?

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I can see her nipples

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>Touhou 14
This is just awful in so many ways... I mean if I would have to give an example of bad writing it would be this. I know it's creepy pasta but most aren't on this level of bad.

>Native Faith
I don't get it.

>Touhou 11 incident
What a piece of shit. The "player" is a master gamer and they can't beat shit, no knowledge of video games and doesn't understand Japanese. Goddamn casuals, not to mention the perspective; it's told in 3rd person which detracts from any "horror" the reader should be feeling, not to mention most pasta's are done in first person. Basically a fanfic of how awesome their original interpretation of Koishi is so powerful.

Not to say I had expectations for these stories, but I find it funny how people can know so little of something, they can't even use the inherent spooks of Gensokyo correctly.

On topic here is a spooky ghost.

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Another crappypasta :

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Heh, I like the effort at least it's not serious and while not original the writer seemed to know their limits, few errors here and there but at least there's a lesson.

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Or you can import a hypno gun in Gensokyo and manage to fuck every single female living soul of the pocket dimension in four ongoing doujin.

Don't let the youkai rape you. Rape them instead.

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does this got translated yet? i really want to hear yukari's oinking

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>Rape them
Better idea, find those who harm humans and catch them in the act, then use the device to have them stop but fully aware, then give them a one way ticket to Pain Central.

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I could do it, I guess. The barter between the guy and Yukari is especially hot and vicious. But the rest is kind of hit and miss. I felt sorry for poor Sanae.

I'm lazy as fuck so no.

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The Sanae part was HELLa disgusting

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would be better if he focused more on the mindbreak than the ugly sex scenes, especially the scat ones

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Would you comfort your favorite 2hu after her clitoris got bitten off by a baby crocodile?

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I hate these books so much. To cruel.

Did Yukari actually lose it? I couldn't tell.

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>Did Yukari actually lose it?

Lose it - idioms: to vomit, to get angry.

Well, she didn't vomit, because she was ordered to not vomit. In fact, the guy briefly wonders what happened: "I didn't miss so much... you didn't vomit... so why..." before laughing like a hyena. The truth is that he ordered her to drink and relax, and she relaxed so much she pissed herself.

She gets really angry, of course. She's all "I will definitely kill you" in the first part. It's ironic because she pointedly threatens the guy in the very first page, saying she will nuke him if he does so much as move his right hand toward the hypno gun.

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You forgot one definition, to lose your grip on reality and go nuts.

>> No.11857188

So are those books all mind break hypnosis or is there some body control and other stuff there?

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She doesn't really go nut (as in, mind-break), but simply can't disobey her new master. In the last page she says that she has almost forgotten the times when everything was natural, and that she fears that she has become accustomed to the hopelessness of her new situation.

Nyuu at his best.

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augh god damn it everything is terrible

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Yukari is body control from the beginning to the end. Yuugi and Sanae is mind break/hypnosis. The rest is, generally speaking, more mind control than mind breaking. The hypno gun is used to transform anybody into an instant sex slave, but there is no going from here.

Looks like the new Doujin with Alice and Marisa will be body control for Alice and hypnosis for Marisa. I don't have it, though, and the filthy Japs are keeping it for now.

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I meant her virginity.

>> No.11857258

>Sanae is mind break/hypnosis
Damn it.

>The hypno gun is used to transform anybody into an instant sex slave, but there is no going from here.
...so it's a mind break gun. What's the difference?
That was my problem with the series. Hypnosis is all well and good, but if it just turns them into slutty cockslaves, it's the same shit as usual.

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Yes, she lost her virginity.

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> he ordered her to drink and relax, and she relaxed so much she pissed herself
h-h-hot, why can't all 2hu doujins be like that (only better executed/drawn like that one)

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silly japan, birds don't have fangs.

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>/jp/ and his realdoll.