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Post your Otaku rooms

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Make me.

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Good one

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What's going on in that image?

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I cant physically harm you through the internet

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It's an edit of the scene in Silence of the Lambs in which they introduce Hannibal "Hannibal the Cannibal" Lecter.

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No one here is an otaku, man.

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We just had one of these like, 2 weeks ago. Give it some time, man.

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watch the movie

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Whoa man, you're still alive?

Holy fuck, have you been taking good care of yourself?

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Couldn't be better!!!
Thank you for asking.

trying to figure out what did change on /jp/

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I'm glad you're still alive & kickin', guy.

Nothings changed on the /jp/ though, every day is still Saturday!

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Whats it like having a Japanese wife as a gaijin? Sooon

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That's the same picture as last time.

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It was only taken two weeks ago. My room doesn't change that often.

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Did anyone ever sucked it?

Be honest.

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I literally have just been living in a Japanese girl's room almost a year and half, so I guess it's pretty Japanese. Not very otaku except for a Kyubei figure and a couple of Pokemon decorations, though.

It's a complete mess.

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No. Not a damn fuckin person, ever.

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Nice cameras.

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You eat Asian food more often,
well and you have more contact with Japanese people because of the Japanese community.

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Why did you decide to grow a beard?

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Wanted to see if I could and what it'd look like. Where is this going?


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Shave your beard.

I'm the only guy here that's allowed to have a beard.

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So she;s American Japanese? You're telling me you don't know any Japanese? This is not an etiquette description King.

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no she is pure Japanese, just we aren't living in Japan atm.

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I wanted to suck it but you wouldnt tell me your address and i wandered around in south phoenix for a couple hours before it got too hot and i went back home.

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I wanted to suck it but you wouldnt tell me your address and i wandered around in south phoenix for a couple hours before it got too hot and i went back home.

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I have a small house so I took pics from various rooms but mostly bedroom.

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cmon dude

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Come on what??

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These lost a lot when I had to squish them down.

Ah well.

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br00tal weeb reporting in

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Nice cat bro. Sturdy model?

What year is it? I need to get one for my place.

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Dunno , I got them in the street and renovated them

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you still haven't made that desk useful. tsk tsk

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star wars toys detected, kill you are self

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Fuck your beige furniture, dude

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why you have so many Banjos

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i think it rounds out the rest of the vulgarity fairly well

imagine how badly something nice would stand out - you'd have to replace everything!

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what's wrong with star wars?

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Where do you guys purchase posters and wand scrolls? It's pretty hard to find posters beyond these shitty mainstream subjects.

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make them by yourself
I mean every printing store can make you posters in what size you want.