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Hi guys. I tried playing Touhou last year on account of just graduating college and being refused jobs left and right. Now I'm about to hit my birthday after a full year of being a NEET and I still can't even beat the first game.

How do I get good so that I can stop being the worst kind of NEET (the kind that can't beat touhou)?

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HRtP is hard

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You could be EET and the kind who can beat Touhou. What went wrong in your life, anon?

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it's the only I could beat

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Well if you graduated college you can just go to grad school. I mean you might as well accrue as much debt as possible before you default.

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EETs are actually really good at shmups. One of the top players of DOJBL is a Chinese doctor, he only gets to play maybe an hour or two a week. Typically, it'll take a lazy, unmotivated NEET thousands of hours to reach WR level.

Most normal people I know can 1cc Lunatic in a timespan of only a few weeks.

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As I thought, true /jp/edos only play on normal and easy.

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If they had motivation, they would 1cc Lunatic quickly, I'm sure! They practice for maybe 10 hours or so and deem it impossible, get depressed, and go back to Normal.

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Normals tend to be more motivated than abnormals.