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Enough is ENOUGH.

I want every single one of you to stop whining about the janitor get the FUCK in here




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Only homosexuals use /ota/.

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/ota/ is shit and for secondaries.

Go to a real board: http://archive.mawa.re/yume/

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Post the gaia one.

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That's it. We raiding this board in the name of /ota/.

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Who the fvck are you again, newf@g-kun? Go back to the board which you came from and don't try to meddle in the business of the big boys on /jp/.

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what if i grab YOUR nuts instead!

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/ota/ is boring

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Please kill yourselves out of /jp/. I thought we were done with you idiots once warosu died.

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I'm the owner of #warosu, you newfag! Bow to your master.

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Oh, some newsh1t crossie from foolz. Don't ever reply to me again, kudasai.

Warosu is not dead though.

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Ghost 2.0 is here, don't worry!

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Go to: http://archive.mawa.re/yume/

This is a better board!

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Can we continue little girl discussion in this thread?

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WarosuArmy never dies

*does the Warosu howl of victory*

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agreed. i'll never be able to roleplay with my fumos in peace now that these trolls are here.

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Is this the funpost thread? What have my /jp/ bros been up to?

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I've been reading up on loli masturbation.

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That sounds interesting, dude. Here is how to teach a loli to take care of her boyfriend.

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I just want everyone to get along

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/ota/ is fucking shit and hardly better than /jp/

Anyway what are you fatNEETs chomping on tonight?

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I had four donuts, a foot long quiznos sandwich, a microwave pasta thing and now I think I might hit up the big McDs

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And then Dr Pepper and a monster energy drink

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Can I... invite my boyfriend maybe...?

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I had two double sandwiches about 14 hours ago. I am heading to bed now.

The sandwiches had pasta salad, fried egg, pickles, salami and ketchup. They were quite nice.

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I just had two peanut butter and banana sandwiches, while I watched my mom working out in tight yoga pants.

So I still have a boner from that, I'm planning to grab her yoga pants to sniff them later for a good fap session.

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Why would you put pasta on a sandwich??

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I'm not fat, but I really like to eat. As mentioned in the previous thread, my pudding is in the fridge for later. I'm really excited!

Maybe I'll make some Scotch Eggs.

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How old is your mom? What's her body like?

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It's really delicious. I also love to put left-over spaghetti. You should try it. My salad looked like this.

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ota2 is fucking gay

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She's a 47 year old Mexican woman, so she got big tits and a nice plump ass

I'd describe her as thick.

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My mom let me feel her bare tits a few times, breasts are so great~

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Does she have someone or is she single? Does she know about your lewd thoughts?

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gross, holy shit fucking freak.


Of course those mommy faggots are posting here.

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How did that happen?

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Did she have you? She must have been a young mother.

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She's currently single but looking at the moment and no she doesn't.

I go to full stealth mode when I do my lewd stuff with her.

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It is very instesting but mostly arousing. Reading stories about them masturbating for the first time, describing the changes their bodies went through prior, how arousal felt for them, what made them aroused, how they did it, it's all very interesting to read about. The thing that I enjoy the most is the descriptions they write about their wetness, the erecting of their clits, or the swelling of their lips.

Quite a few of the stories include older men mostly in the form of cousins, brothers, family friends, neighbors, ect, and will probably be used at least as somewhat of a for certain parts of the loli relationship guide.

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fuck off
Have you considered that maybe you can try hinting her your feelings? Maybe she will reciprocate them.

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Yeah, she's my real mother, she had me when she was like 23

That's not so rare,especially in Mexico

Please don't bully

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Oh I could never do that, even when she's drinking Tequila and can get touchy (in a good way), I don't want to cross that line.

Unless she told me that she wanted to.

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But this is a No Bully Zone...

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That's fucking disgusting.

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But what if she think the same way? What if she is scared to take the first step too? If you are clever, you can create a situation where you can ``jump'' her and have an excuse for it or something. Remember that in such situation women are not accustomed to take the initiative. You should!

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No, thank you!

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But I thought you hated warosu

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Hmm, I'll think about it.

But what about your mother? Do you feel the same about her?

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>I thought we were done with you idiots once warosu died.



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I had a medium cheese pizza from Papa John's.

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Why do you live in delusion mom losers?

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>no one is using it

Good one shitposter.

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Please don't bully, the mother lovers are a great people, you should respect them and their culture.

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Until loli lovers can have their threads, mother lovers can't have theirs.

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>But what about your mother? Do you feel the same about her?
Not my mother, no.

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loli lovers belong to /a/ though, /jp/ is strictly mother lovers

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They're not a people; they have no culture. If you want to post these things go to /r9k/ or /h/ and jerk off with them.

Loli's should fuck off too.

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>They're not a people; they have no culture.

You're very racist, anon.

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/a/ would never embrace loli.

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You're saying that ironically, right?

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mazaacon is the fucking worst, scumbag

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You're not a race.

It doesn't change the fact this shit doesn't belong here, lolis can fuck off too.

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You mean "lolicon"? Or do you want little girls to stop posting on /jp/?

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lol who the fuck are you to tell people what belongs here and what doesn't?

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>lolis can fuck off too

Of course lolis can't post on /jp/. They are underage.

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>Loli's should fuck off too

You fuck off ``kudasai''

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I was tempted to start a thread on /jp/ and relay the questions to my loli relative. I think that may have been a nice thread.

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Actual lolis, also lolicons.

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But /jp/ would want you to ask her lewd things!

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I may or may not have asked her. I think she would have found a lot of the stuff funny.

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Ask her what her favorite book, movie, TV show, game and song are.

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Isn't the rest of the site completely filled with normals now though? /jp/ is the only place where lolis can exist without too much harassment now. From what I've heard not even /b/ likes them anymore.

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She's not here anymore. She has trouble reading so I doubt she has a favorite book. I know her favorite band is One Direction and she used to be crazy about that one song "That's why I love you" or something like that that they put out.

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Next time play native faith or flowering night while she's in the room and describe her reaction.

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Help I just went for a cigarette and now my face is extremely hot and my feet are burning up, what is happening

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She's seen me playing DDC once before. She asked if the characters were girls and when I told her they were, she said it was a girl's game.

A few days later called me gay.

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In what way is that /jp/ related? That is literally /r9k/ tier shit.

She sounds cooler than a nerd like you.

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>loli lovers belong to /a/ though

Holy shit who the fuck recruited a /jp/ representative while I'm away?

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When she called me gay I was able to check off one of my items on the bucket list of being harrassed or teased by a loli, although not to the extent that I had wished.

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/jp/ doesn't like big plump mommies?

Smoke is hot.

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Holy fuck your nerd ass got wrecked by a little girl faglord.

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I'm pretty sure she knows I'm not gay. Or maybe she thinks I'm gay and that's why she shows me her panties and lets me choose her outfits.

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Could you be any more pathetic god damn.

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Any COD otaku here?

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Then read to her. You are missing out on an opportunity to bond with your loli relative.

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No dude, just no.

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>why she shows me her panties and lets me choose her outfits.

Woah dude...

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She's a little girl who cares? Fucking faggot.

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COD Otaku here, barely got my second prestige. I'm getting there.

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You guys are just bitter that you don't have a little girl who lets you pick her outfits.

>> No.11841196

I care because little girls are the most important type of person to me.

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Sure thing, Epic lolis right guys?!?!? Disregard the fact she's three dimensional.

>> No.11841202

How do you know she's 3D? Anon could be describing a hallucination he is having. That seems the most likely explanation, really.

>> No.11841203

>Disregard the fact she's three dimensional

lol yeah d00d i like lolis too but only on 2D fuck those pedos amiryt br/a/h?

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You do realize that the whole 3dpd was a joke, right? You are literally adopting a meme as your philosophy. Wake up, man!