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Why are there so many goddamn Orin videos on Youtube? She's shit.

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You wanna take that back before I come find you?

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What was that??

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Death to OP
Orin is love

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Out of nowhere, a Chen.

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Get fucked OP

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She's a Touhou.

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That fumo make me laugh

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Not as shit as Okuu.

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Shitwako, Byashit, and Mamigross are worse 2hus.

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I use to feel like that too but then I realized she's too erotic to hate on

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Kill yourself

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I want that plushy.

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Nice try taoshits.

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I'm more of a ESOD and SA, but stay butthurt Myourendrones

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orin is kinda gross because she got 2 pairs of ears, she was bullied because of that since her debut
i don't like that plushy

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/v/, please leave.

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I really want that

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Rodney Orin one of my favorite Orins.

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Mamizou is qt
Byakushit is shit yes

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How can you say shit to that. Just look. Look!

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Her dad is Haggar. Therefore, she is awesome.

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I agree with you OP. I just don't understand how anyone could like Orin.

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Your mind looks like shit.

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Satori, Koishi, Parsee, and Yamame are the only good SA 2hu

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Compare this with UFO, which has astonishing number of ZERO GOOD 2HUs

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Nue uh is good for the dick

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I love all the touhous

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Take that back. Kogasa is olev.

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This is the premier board to discuss toho though.

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Well your face looks like shit. It might be because it has my FIST in it.

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Better than the scarlet shits. I don't understand how the sisters are so god-awful popular.

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cuz pedophiles can't get enough of their loli charm

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I must have that plushie.

Buy it for me /jp/.

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sent ;)

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They are loli vampires. Loli vampire is the shit since Claudia. Deal with it.

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I'm surprised so many people on /jp/ want that Rodney plushy.
When it was released, most people thought it was odd and wouldn't buy it, so it went on sale in most stores for some time.

I feel like I should've bought it when I had the chance.

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Orin is really cute, I want one.