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ITT: Touhous you don't like

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You just made a big mistake, homeboy

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This little cunt.

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Sukuna the little shit

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I hate stinky little girls.

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Orin deserves to die.

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Orin really? What the fuck man?

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Tewi is a cunt

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I can understand disliking her and hating her level because Orin is without mercy, but she's still pretty cute.

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Mamizou truly is unlikable.

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I hate hate hate hate HATE her

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fuck you

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Care to explain why? I'm curious.

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Daiyousei and Koakuma. Fuck those useless shitty characters.

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Not him, but she feels out of place to me compared to others.

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Mokou. To say I just hate her would be an understatement. I fucking despise that Touhou so much.

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How so?

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Another vote for Wriggle fucking shit please.

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Get out kaguya

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All Touhous are wonderful.

Only their portrayal may be done poorly.

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Nitori because she suddenly became extremely shitty. If i think about what's wrong with HM, the first thing that comes to my mind is Nitori. What the hell, ZUN? It's like a completely different character who just looks exactly like her. Maybe it's a changeling and this is a Touhou X Star Trek work.

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Lewd pink hair, reads your mind (dirty) and says your thoughts out loud (which is rude). Satori is hated for a VERY good reason.

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Sounds more like ZUN specifically averted people's expectations of Nitori. Not that it changes anything, really.

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I'm curious how people can actively hate a character like that in the first place. As in actual hate. Indifference? Sure, that's easy. But to completely hate a character that they become truly angry by thinking about them? Sounds like someone has Freudian problems

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As unlikable as it gets.

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And I love all my girls.

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You slut.

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None. They are all loveable.

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Yeah, great job, ZUN. How about Marisa becomes an emo for the next game? No one would expect that.

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Her edgy fandom aside, why? She just wants to enjoy herself and her flowers and crush anyone that tries to take that away from her.

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Great idea, thanks. I'll forward this to moot who will pass it on to ZUN

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Think he can write in a part where she says "FUCK YOU" to the succubus touhou?

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Nah, that's just silly.

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Didn't you read the written works?
Nitori acts all shy but she's actually a bitch.

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Yeah, i can see how shy she acts in HM while hiding her true intentions. Wow, ZUN really knows how to handle his characters. Remember when her profile said
>but she's unexpectedly shy. She runs away the moment she sees a human.

Great character, handled so well. Suddenly becoming a jew only interested in money for no reason. But it's ok because character derailment happened in SOPM already. If Marisa becomes an emo in the next book for no reason, it will be ok too. After all, being in the printed works makes changes like this good.

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I agree, it is okay.

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Her fans especially.

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Oh boy, ''Freudian'' psychology, how relevant that is nowadays!

It's a fucking video game character; people are allowed to like or dislike her as much as they want for whatever reason they choose.

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I like all the tohos.

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>>but she's unexpectedly shy. She runs away the moment she sees a human.
Being shy doesn't mean you can't be a huge self-centered bitch who thinks of herself as above everyone else. pic related.

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As characters or as people?

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Way to not understand Nadeko's predicament at all.

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That would be the joke.

But I'm saying there's a difference between "I don't like this character/this character doesn't appeal to me" and foaming at the mouth hatred. Like trying to explain seeing a character and just getting angry. That seems creepy.

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She's shy with people she doesn't know, with the people she knows she shows her true personality, plus if cornered by lots of human she starts being a smug superior bitch.

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That's not being shy. There is nothing shy about the way she acts at all. She's not cornered by anyone. She's there because of her sudden desire to make money. She even runs around in the crowd for bets in the manga. There is nothing shy about this character outside of MoF. It's a completely different character after that game.

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>She even runs around in the crowd for bets in the manga.

Your honor, that was a different kappa. WaHH has a few of them running around.

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I don't think anyone actually feels anything beyond mild dislike towards a character. Not even that guy that has to point out that Wriggle is made out of fecal matter every time she is mentioned.

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I dunno, anon. I hope you're right. I really do. But he worries me so.

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I don't like Aya or Miko. Even in a world of jerks and murderers I don't like they way they act.

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>not liking the crown prince

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Maybe Miko would look more respectable if she didn't look like a hippie/owl hybrid.

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There is that guy who seems to have a foaming-at-the-mouth hatred for Marisa.

Me? I just want to protect that smirk.

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He worries me, anon. We need to help him.

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i can't stand her

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Think about that one for a moment.
Is it really her, or her fanbase?

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i've thought about it many times, and i think it's both

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She's so fugly.

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Not that guy but it's the fanbase for me. I think she's adorably stupid but I dislike her anyways because of those "LOL NO BUSES (9) XDDDD" people

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Its a shame. I feel bad for non-secondaries who genuinely like Cirno or Flandre despite their horrific fanbase.

I like Cirno as a character, and her ice power.
Flandre, however. Theres nothing I like about her. Weird wings, boring power, boring design.

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>hate Mokou
>Kaguyafag detected

no but really, why?

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I don't like or dislike Flan. I do almost feel bad for liking her theme though.

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Who are you quoting?

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She is a little whiny bitch. She spends too much time complaining about stuff that happened millions of years ago. She is immortal right now and what does she do with her immortality? Nothing, she just cries over it. There are so many things she could do and so many possibilities yet she is still stuck in the past. Not to mention she always blames others for her own faulty actions, like how she blamed Sakuyahime for what happened when she decided to drink the elixir in CiRL and Kaguya for the same reason in IN. And let's not forget that she spent hundreds of years killing innocent people just because she was mad over her own mistake. Her design is horrible, too, she looks like a clown with those ugly pants she is wearing. I hate her so much.

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You funny guy

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I don't really like Eirin. I don't really know why, she just doesn't appeal to me at all.

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I don't really like Okuu. I don't get why she's such a secondary magnet either.

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This, and that other 2hu with glasses. Rikako? I don't even really remember. I think I just have a problem with glasses. I don't know why else I hate them. Glasses are such shit.

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She's not that popular to begin with.

>> No.11833536

She isn't even popular amongst the mother fuckers either, which I thought was kind of surprising.

>> No.11833538

She's fucking boring.

>> No.11833545

Patchouli, go fuck your books.

>> No.11833551

That drunk muscular one with the horn.

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You deserve to die.

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Fight me, nerd.

>> No.11833563

she is a bad woman and she reeks of alcohol.

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Any of the Taoshits or moriyashits
Except Suwako and Yoshika.

>> No.11833567

Book fucking sounds painful and a terrible way to preserve a book

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>a shitwako and byashit fan

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I'm surprised this many people are defending Orin.

I always thought he was fairly unpopular.

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Orin a best.

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No one likes her, she's one of the worst touhou's.

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you are making many enemies today anon, watch your step

>> No.11833590

The truth needs to be spoken.

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Don't talk shit about my waifu, nerd.

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Whats the point in making these threads unless you were intentionally trying to get people to antagonize each other?

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As expected of one who likes orin.

>> No.11833600

i will find you and end you

>> No.11833603

Your favourite Touhou.

>> No.11833605

That's not nice.

>> No.11833609

Has anyone in this thread lost their marbles trying to explain a character they really dislike?

I agree, though, getting that angry at the mere thought of a character really sounds actually autistic.

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That won't make her less of a shit touhou.

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Hate her so much, so fucking much

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Even though Yuugi would probably be sweet as honey, muscular and strong people intimidate me, especially when they drink...

>> No.11833619

In this thread? Nah, no one's been that bad, unless some of the posts I've seen weren't joking or exaggerating, but I've seen it enough.

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>> No.11833625

Who are you quoting?

Just sayin, the taoists are easily the genuine worst 2hus. They all have awful personalities and goals.

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Don't like her, don't like HER.

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You're not even trying.

>> No.11833642

Trying to what, hate her more? I agree, I should try even harder.

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I don't like Nazrin and I really, really can't stand Miko.

>> No.11833646

Rinnosuke fucking shit

I don't need males in my perfect yuri garden

>> No.11833648

You're the worst kind of secondary.

Yes, please tell me how you can hate such a perfect servant?

>> No.11833650

You're the worst kind of poster so you can stop anytime.

>> No.11833654

I don't want to hurt your feelings or anything and its not worth my time to write the several paragraphs of reasons why I hate her.

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I didn't like her at first but she really grew on me this past year.

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Is that Adachi from persona 4?

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How odd, this happened to me as well.
She's even part of my top 5 favorite characters now, acording to the last Tohosort I took.

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What is it that you like about her so much?

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Her confident yet timid demeanor; I think it's really cool how she basically tries to act all high and mighty, even when she's rather meek and shy by nature.
Even though she's easy to frighten (or maybe for that reason), I also picture her as the kind of person that wouldn't budge or hesitate when push comes to shove. In my eyes, that makes for a fair bit of interesting interaction with other characters.

The fact that she's cute as a button doesn't hurt, either.

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I like how although she might be arrogant, she does seem genuinely intelligent and capable. She's one of the few Touhous that actually realized she was on the losing end so she retreated instead of fighting until she lost.

Also, in DS, she digs up gold because Aya praised her for finding some old coins. I think that's cute.

>> No.11833806

ratfuckers pls go

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Whatever do you have against Commander Naz?

>> No.11833816

Nazrin is a mouse.

>> No.11833817

Nazrin is a mouse.

>> No.11833834

Epic, as expected of those who like a shit character.

>> No.11833840

I will love my paru paru forever, but theres so few new material of her lately

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But how?

>> No.11835417

i bet you love that artist then... even though he apparently loves her? i dont get it, why would you draw art of a character you like being force fed feces and electrocuted...?

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We need to find wherever he posts and provide him with images of Marisa until he learns to love her as much as we do.

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I must say I strongly dislike Marisa and Mamizou.

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>I strongly dislike Marisa
Any reason why? Or is it just blind hate?

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Not him, but maybe because she's a shameless, guiltless thief? It'd be one thing if she only stole from bad people but she doesn't seem to care who she steals from. Plus she doesn't do it out of need like many thieves do.

I still like her though, even if I do think she's an asshole.

>> No.11835854

I think her being an asshole adds to her charm.

Kind of like how Reimu being a cunt adds to hers.

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I used to dislike Reimu, until I better understood that she's just a hard worker who never really gets any appreciation for what she does.

>> No.11835946

I disliked Reimu at first when I first got into Touhou because she's kinda an ass, but now she is one of my favorite Touhous.
She really grows on you and is quite a complex character beyond the surface.

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Ugly design.
Ugly Danmaku.
Boring and pointless.
Worst touhou.

>> No.11835989


Please don't talk shit about the third manliest 2hu

>> No.11836003

She got an upgrade she is a qt now

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File: 862 KB, 1267x1080, 1390587471075.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That does explain why she's a bitch and reluctant to do her job. No one appreciates her so she doesn't want to do anything unless it affects her directly. People just think she's lazy because she doesn't want to jump on ever minor disturbance.

Youkai stealing your crackers? Fuck off, go hit that nigga with a broom or something.
Youkai stealing her crackers? That bitch better find five bosses to hide behind because Reimu is going to tear its fucking head off for inconveniencing her.

I am a fan of belligerent blood knight Reimu. That said, I don't really like her that much either.

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Boring personality, arrogant, no backstory to speak of, jerk, broken power, ugly, a lapdog of Scarlets and a traitor to humans.
The only thing likable about her are her tricky patterns.

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File: 109 KB, 275x291, 275px-Th135Ichirin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She really isn't

>> No.11836323

Not even compared to before?

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I hate Yukari and her fanbase

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>> No.11836356

Compared to before ? Yes.
Compared to the many other real QT touhous ? No.

>> No.11836369

chen, cirno, flan, tewi

i think there's a pattern

>> No.11836465

I can't speak for him, but part of it might be
>She's unbeatable/omnipotent because GAPS!

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>> No.11836506

I don't know what it is about her. I don't dislike her or anything but at the same time she's completely forgettable to me until someone brings up "adorable touhous" in which case I immediately think of her.

She seems like she would be loud and annoying though.

>> No.11836525

You're far too critical, and very subjective in those criticisms toward Mokou.
She doesn't cry about her immortality. As a matter of fact, she was boasting in front of the duo about it when Kaguya sent them to kill her. In any case, do you have any idea what immortality implies? Don't you think that in centuries of living, she's tried those things? The first 100 years, she was running and ostracized and exiled. Then she lost it and for the next 3 centuries killed everyone. After which she got bored and actually started to enjoy and prefer her solitary lifestyle. Get the fanon image of Mokou out of your head. Very few people portray her personality properly, and fewer her clothes. Her pants are feudal apparel, but everyone who draws her ends up drooling and put hillbilly pants on her, or worse - a skirt.

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File: 61 KB, 194x590, Touhou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't want to make a new thread and this is the closest thing that's relevant to the topic. Feel free to ignore this or hate on my shit taste.

On topic I really don't like Kanako,Nazrin, or that cat thing(not chen)

>> No.11836556
File: 70 KB, 462x375, heianball.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You mean pants like this?

It may be wrong but personally I enjoy it when they are just draw like old timey baggy pants with suspenders. It makes her look like a late 1800s thug.

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File: 1.12 MB, 1200x1697, 1390601708533.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this plan.

>> No.11836609

Yes. Not quite, but quite a lot like that.

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Marisa is a thief! She should have her hands removed.

>> No.11836639

Outside of Byakuren and Mamizou, I can't really feel any hatred for any 2hu

>> No.11836644

Why aside from them looking kind of weird?

>> No.11836649

Byakuren? She's a passive-aggressive bitch.

Mamizou? She's gross looking, lol.

>> No.11836652

That is unforgivable.
Please leave.

>> No.11836702

I always knew Reimu harboured Salafist tendencies.

>> No.11836747

Why do you think she's so strong? Clearly her patron deity is Allah.

>> No.11836750
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>> No.11836779

1. Sakushit - ugly and generic and yet people won't stop shoving her down my throat

2. Miko - his fans won't shut the fuck up

3. Tewi - i can't remember reading or playing anything where she wasn't an annoying cunt

>> No.11836785
File: 220 KB, 1200x848, 1390605949701.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For real, fuck Tewi.

>> No.11836807
File: 263 KB, 720x540, 1390606828661.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.11836840

>3. Tewi - i can't remember reading or playing anything where she wasn't an annoying cunt

Main problem with Tewi is that by all rights there should be hundreds of doujins where she is brutally raped and tortured, yet there are almost none.

>> No.11836854

I don't like Remilia. I think she is the most boring character in EoSD and extremely overexposed.

Also Sanae got annoying as soon as she started to occupy a playable slot in every game. A palette swap of Reimu doesn't deserve that.

>> No.11836875
File: 117 KB, 468x768, 1390608337859.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's too lucky

>> No.11836890
File: 187 KB, 917x700, 1390608676369.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree completely about sanae, but Remilia deserves more credit than that

>> No.11836903

>Sanae got annoying as soon as she started to occupy a playable slot in every game
She hasn't been that in DS, GFW, HM or DDC!

>> No.11836963

I guess Sakuya is much more annoying now.

>> No.11836982

It's canon that she scams people and can get away with it solely due to her ability, there is nothing morally about her. She is just an asshole to people.
And I think there are so few rape doujins of her or stories where she has to deal with the backlash of her actions and is being shunned because of it, because she looks cute. If characters look cute most don't give a fuck about their character.

>> No.11837524

Toyosatomimi no Miko, do I have to explain myself? oh and that scumbag Seija.

>> No.11837538

hold yer fuckin horses anon, we're talkin about the Youkai Moe here

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>no mention yet of truly worst touhou
why does she even exist, /jp/?

>> No.11837572

Who are you quoting?

Why do you exist?

>> No.11837576

I forget that she exists most of the time.

>> No.11837579

ZUN himself does so it's ok.

>> No.11837584

Still gerfuffled about those Jihads, my boy?

>> No.11837664

Someone has to be the forgettable character, it mind as well be her.

>> No.11837673

Why isn't her skirt drawing a texture?

>> No.11843464

wait a dick licking minute OP am I to imply from your picture that you dislike Reimu?

>> No.11843477

You infer spaz, are you under age? Why bump this and get it wrong?

>> No.11843489


Not OP. I do kinda understand where he's coming from though. She has a tendency to treat youkai like shit, even if they aren't malicious towards humans.

Not to mention she's a greedy whore--The kind that overcharges you to the point where you regret wanting to do her in the first place.

>> No.11843500

Not OP either but I can see why. She's lazy and a bitch. However, I can see why she is that way for the reasons seen here. >>11836074

I'm sure a lot of people can relate to that and maybe that's what they don't like. They may be okay with themselves being lazy and selfish but fuck other people that do it too.

>> No.11843505

>Also Sanae got annoying as soon as she started to occupy a playable slot in every game. A palette swap of Reimu doesn't deserve that.

You hate Reimu then - Sanae's character is polar opposite of Reimu, which accidentally makes her an infinitely better character. Not to mention Reimu is playable in nearly every fucking game, Sanae was playable twice, plus once in a fighting game.

>> No.11843522

I think Sanae's problem isn't her character. Her character is fine. Her only problem is her outfit. ZUN just goofed by making her outfit look too similar to Reimu's. Yeah she's a miko and would probably wear a similar outfit but he still should have made it look more different. Maybe change the color scheme or change the general shape entirely, I don't know. All I know is that plenty of people who don't like her call her a palette swap Reimu.

>> No.11843525
File: 450 KB, 1000x1000, Totally not Reimu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Youkai steals your crackers you going to cry to reimu? What a nerd. Reimu's busy she has to deal with a bunch of shit.

Youkai are monsters, she has to protect humans and Gensokyo. Her fees are reasonable as well.

>> No.11843537

Just used crackers as an example since that was the only picture of Reimu I had.

Still, the general idea is that Reimu doesn't give a fuck what how the youkai inconvenience the humans as long as the youkai don't overdo it. The humans might think it's only a matter of time until they are in actual danger but the youkai know not to take advantage of her laziness because if they seriously fuck up then Remi will tear them apart and use their skull as a cracker bowl.

>> No.11843546
File: 74 KB, 640x640, Chen.full.905191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cannot fucking stand Chen. Not her design, not her fugly danmaku, her forgettable song, or tacked-on role in PCB. That and her fan base are almost as retarded as Flanfags.
Because Okuu has that dark and edgy design to her. She's almost like a comic book villain.

>> No.11843548

You described what I liked about Okuu. I'm part of the problem aren't I?

I do agree on the Chen and Flan though. Might as well throw Cirno on the pile too.

>> No.11843550

>Because Okuu has that dark and edgy design to her.

What the fuck are you even talking about?

>> No.11843559

Hell raven, black wings, nuclear powers, an arm cannon, weird space cape. Her motive was destroying the world because fuck it, why not?

B-list comic book villain. Then again many of the bosses had comic book villain motives so that might invalidate his point.

>> No.11843561
File: 583 KB, 1600x1200, Touhou.full.137631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I suppose there's only so far one can modify a shrine maiden's attire, as opposed to magicians like the extremely different Marisa and Patchouli. Which is why calling her a pallette swap is still retarded and is a telltale sign one did not read her dialogues. Is it so bad that they look so similiar if they're as different as night and day?
If there's one gripe I have with Sanae, it's her TD shot type. If plain sucks.

>> No.11843562

The lining of her cape is space, and she's got a fucking gun for an arm. Just face facts, Anon,

>> No.11843575

I wouldn't say I dislike Sanae but I don't particularly care for her either. I like her character. I get the impression that she's like Reimu before becoming a jaded youkai exterminating veteran that no longer finds joy in the profession. She's new to this world and new to exterminating. It's fun and new to her.

The only thing keeping her in the "meh" category for me is the lack of a compelling design. Say what you will about me just being shallow but you have to admit that an appealing design is a big part of whether you like a character or not.

>> No.11843591
File: 1.00 MB, 1200x960, 1390789334217.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fair enough. Luckily she's still a shapely girl regardless and is relatively often portrayed in alternate outfits and cosplays, so her bland attire doesn't hurt that much.

>> No.11843641

>If there's one gripe I have with Sanae, it's her TD shot type. If plain sucks.
This so much. I get that she was flying solo this time but god damn.

>> No.11843648

A fuck nigga, that's that shit I don't like

>> No.11843652
File: 210 KB, 467x674, tewi is caught.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Miko - his fans won't shut the fuck up

Tewi is indeed garbage, though. Worst Touhou by an enormous margin.

>> No.11843716

Another thing that always bothered me was her hair color. She's supposed to be from the outside, why would she have green hair? Is it because even more people would complain that she looks like Reimu if she had black hair?

>> No.11843720

It's fucking japanese shit, the characters can have whatever hair color they want

>> No.11843725 [DELETED] 


>> No.11843728

Pussy so deep I coulda drown twice

>> No.11843731

Cuz like, she's a god descendant.
So she's not like regular people, despite being from the outside.

Any of the taoshits really, they're all greedy, awful cunts who deserve a thousand NTR, mindbreak and gore doujin.

>> No.11843739

All this Miko hate is pretty silly, she's one of the few tohos who would actually give half a shit about you.

My vote only goes to Sakuya because her fanbase sucks.

>> No.11843745


>> No.11843752
File: 80 KB, 620x600, luigi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Luigi is the worst Touhou. Mario isn't much better.

>> No.11843758

Not what I meant.

>> No.11843759

I doubt most people choose what characters they like based on how much they would care about you.

Anyways, most of the hate I've seen towards Miko is either about how dumb her hair is or how she is based on a man. Much like with the Sanae thing, a lot of how much a person likes a character is based on how they look rather than how they act so none of the complaints I have ever seen are about her personality which I honestly don't know much about since the taoist bunch don't really interest me.

While I do dislike her hair my complaint about her is more on how she doesn't look regal enough to be the prince she is based on. Her outfit reminds me more of some hippie from India than a prince and that recently added cape only makes her look more comical.

>> No.11843762

>My vote only goes to Sakuya because her fanbase sucks.
You must have somehow missed another particular SDM member's fanbase.

>> No.11843764


>> No.11843767

Flandre? At least she is a loli vampire instead of a maid.

>> No.11843892

You mean all of them?

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