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more like man

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Oh man, oh man

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The softest.

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ran kinda looks like a dude. you can't unsee it.

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More like "I Ran away from her because I'm afraid of math"!

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...Ran thread?

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More like Woman!

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her nine tails work exactly like cocks

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What is the best way to stroke them?

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Fist your fucking hand inside the cockhole

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The direct approach, huh? One can only be so efficient with two hands though.

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Ran is a dude, thats why Yukari hired him

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Such a shame people forget she is also an EXBoss.

Got overshadowed hard by Yukari.

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>not nine vaginas

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Why is he wearing a dress?

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he's gay

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Because it's comfy Anon. You should try it~

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Ran is a beautiful woman!

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>Ran is a beautiful boy.


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If Ran is a man then I'm genuinely gay.

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mommy is cute.

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Ran is a girl!

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If Ran was my mum, things would be different around here.

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Ran isn't a mother. Take your disgusting fetishes to /d/.

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I wanna brush mamas tails!

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I want to cuddle with them.

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Don't say such things!

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I did bad things and mommy needs to punish me too please.

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mommy is an operator!

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Like that would teach anything. The SDM already hands them out to her like candy.

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When someone said it before I kinda discounted it but, /jp/ seriously does have a mommy fetish.

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mommy rump

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cuddling with mama!

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ara ara~

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what's wrong with it

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She sure is.

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I think it was explained in a different thread that it's not mother fucking these people enjoy, it's just the idea of older women in general. Women who are old enough to raise (not just have, there's a difference) children. They don't necessarily have to be mothers, they just have to be that kind of age.

Apparently using the word "mature" to describe their taste in women makes them sound like they are teenage boys who consider thirty to be mature so they don't do that. Personally I don't see how calling them "mommy" is any better. If anything it's more immature.

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mama is devilish!

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I would fuck and ravage her womb senseless especially if she was my mom

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You know how adults call other parents mommy and daddy when talking to small children? It's not like your mommy, it's their hypothetical children's mommy. And that's why it's sexy. Since you are fantasizing about some kid's mother.

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mama wants some love~

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why don't you come to bed son? mama is getting lonely~

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Are you supposed to be the father of this hypothetical child or is it more the idea that the woman you are fucking has had a child that is attractive regardless of who the kid belongs to?

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marrying mommy!

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evolution of mama

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The later.

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stealth cuddle mode activated

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>[Raiden Labo (Raiden)] Lunatic Night Mare (Touhou Project) [English]
The best way to conquer a mommy and break her.
Threaten her child, backmail and extort the mom for sex, gangbang her for days straight, drug her up, gangbang her for months straight and impregnate her. She would already forget she had a child, and your dick is now the most important thing to her.

The uncontested best Ran doujin in existence.

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It seems like some people like inserting themselves as the child according to how this thread is going. Is it an incestuous feeling they like or is it more of a step mother type deal?

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I want ran to be my pretend mommy and girlfriend who dominates me in bed.

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fluffy tail overload

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I think it depends on how you feel about Chen. If you don't care and feel strongly enough that she's a hindrance, then you're pretty like a newcomer male lion killing the cubs to fuck the mother>>11824478

Inserting into Chen is wanting that potentially incestuous bonding you couldn't have with your mom when she was young and hot.

There's a little bit of both instincts in every male.

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And how would you feel if you and the person inserting as the father were part of the same fantasy? Would it make you harder knowing that you are taking something from your father and establishing yourself as the alpha male of the household?

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There is also the Lolita angle where you seduce Ran specifically to get at Chen and Ran is more like an added bonus.

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Hm, never even considered that since everyone seems so fixated on the one taking the role of mother rather than the child.

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I was listening to this when I came across this thread


How appropriate.

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Never thought about it...

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Do you feel better having thought of it now?

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superior ran

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I don't understand why anyone would try and explain away mazakon as some kind of misinterpreted mature-woman fetish. The two are very different.
Mazakons don't necessarily want to fuck their own mother (some do I guess, and that's cool) - the fetish is imagining yourself in a
mother-son relationship with a woman who could conceivably be your mother in age and who behaves towards you in a nurturing, protective and affectionate way, spiced up with the addition of red-hot forbidden sex.
I think a lot of mature-woman fetishists are actually mazakon but just haven't come to terms with it.

Lots of older women have a son-kon as well, doing stuff like wanting you to act like you're asleep while she molests you.

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Best answer I have gotten so far. Thank you.

Have some fluffy tails.

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Ran looks way too young to be your mother. She should have grey hair if you are going for that.

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Thanks anon.

This Ran thread is most welcome, since I've been on a big Ran binge lately.

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Ran? More like


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Plenty of moms don't have gray hair. Also, Ran is a supernatural creature who has been blessed with eternal youthfulness.
Not that I mind gray hair, but I think you'll find mazakons are generally more interested in the whole big boobs, big butt kind of thing. I know I am. And fanon Ran has that in spades. Also, her behavior towards Chen just adds to her whole mommy-charm.

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Yes, but those mothers' kids are still children. I don't know about you, but my mom is 61, meaning that Ran would be way too young for me to even consider being my mother when she looks half that age.

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I want mamma Ran to catch me fapping

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i love mama!

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The way I see it, the age your mom was when you were going through puberty tends to be the age you end up liking. So, like 40-50s for most people.

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Why is Ran bullying Momiji?

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The ultimate trophy is to conquer your hot mom's body and make her crave your cock so much, every other male on earth become irrelevant to her.

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Ran is... embarrassed?

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mommy is so lovely!

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ran is so pretty.

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I love Ran but I don't know if I REALLY love Ran
What do I do

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ara ara but i'm just an old woman~

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She doesn't look that old. I don't really think she'd be an ara ara character either.

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Yeah I don't think so either. ara ara is more Yuyuko or Yukari's style

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Yukari is a temptress

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Ran is clearly ara ara territory, especially given her mothering of Chen.

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That's my wife.

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I have finally come to terms with being a mazacon. I have avoided to post in mommy threads up until now and will continue to do so. Fuck off, you're all disgusting.

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That's okay. Mommy loves you just the way you are.

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Please post.
I need to increase my collection of mama Ran pics.

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I hope you jump off a bridge, loser.

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I just want to fuck everyone elses mommy's.

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Mamizou is the aunt who says nothing but vulgar things.

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I want her to say vulgar things to me.

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I just love Ran's golden eyes.

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I'm a fan of Ran, man.

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Swimsuit time?

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delicious hips n' trips

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For a man, Ran has a nice ass

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Greetings. My name is Jebuiz y’har. If my calculations are correct, you should be receiving this transmission in the year 2014 AD. It amuses me that you used to calculate your dates in relation to the life of an ancient man. You see, we have a slightly different timescale. But to make things simple, I am writing from the year 49,170 AD.

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>calling it AD
>not CE
>supposedly 47000 years in advance

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this is bait

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Does Ran get along well with anyone besides the other Yakumos?

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I bet her tails look creepy when they're wet.

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I tried to look but I cant seem to find how to make aburaage. There are kinds where you lightly coat the tofu in seasoned flower and pan fry it but I dont think it is the same thing.

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probably not since shes yukaris personal bodyguard and not many youkai actually like yukaris presence anywhere.

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Would take on a date and marry after

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I agree

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I'd just use her for access to Chen.

>> No.11859707

Good idea

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who is going to take responsibility for this?

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Thanks for raising my kids betafag

>> No.11859867 [DELETED] 

#swsg @tolo 4sorryimsorry

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i dont want 2 share mommy with some1 else..

>> No.11859894

Don't worry she's not your mommy and you don't have to share that which you do not have.

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Probably, since she's frequently non hostile around humans, doing shopping.

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mofu mofu~~

>> No.11861411

Yukari scolds when whenever she feels like it.

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Doesn't Yukari scold Ran for randomly attacking humans?
Or is that more lies?

>> No.11861444

This is giving me an uncomfortable large boner.

Never knew this many people on /jp/ had a mommy fetish.

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ran is a such a slut

I bet Yukari punches her hard back in the, and Ran's all like, "YES! HIT ME HARDER, MY MISTRISS!!!!!!!!"

>> No.11861477

Is this impllied lesbian?

>> No.11861490

that could've been regarding the events of PCB, since reimu, marisa and sakuya are all human.

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Ah, that's a good point.
Wonder why I never thought of that.

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>this thread

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Ran is just a fox.

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A very cute fox