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Is that so

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Come here and fuck me Reaper-sama!

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I'm starting to think, since it's obvious at this point that no cute girl like misaki is going to knock on my door to come and save me, I should dress up like a girl and save a cute /jp/sie from his hikikomori ways.

Maybe we'll save both of us this way!

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That is so

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Ah, so...

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Komachi will save you

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Why would I want to change my hikikomori ways anyway?

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Because it will come a day when your hikikomori ways are no longer sustainable. Sooner or later.

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S-save me, please.

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Death comes around for every man. I have chosen the fast life.

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Or you could be hikkis together, which sounds much better.

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This is my basement. It was made for meeeeeeeeee.