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Ah, there goes Alice.

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I have longer hair than her. She looks like a hipster. How gross.

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What a bishoujo

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What's wrong with hipsters? What defines someone as a hipster, anyway?

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No bully! Alice is very clearly a GIRL!

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I thought you were correcting me, but..


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I dunno, she looks kinda like me and I'm not a girl.

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I want to rape her right in the anus.

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Adapt with the current trend. Mostly only caring about their appearances. And they're known for throwing their money away for dumb shit like apple products or clothings. They don't know shit. They're the worst subculture.

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Would you help change Alice's colostomy bag?

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Depends, can I fuck her in the colostomy hole while doing it?

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No, that's too lewd. You are free to do whatever you want with the bag though.

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I wish I could marry a girl like Alice..

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Alice is good at making friends!

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Are they even a subculture at this point? I would say that they're their own culture.

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Shanghai what the fuck are you doing with that book. Put that down. Seriously.

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I see what you did there.

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I want to use Shanghai as an onahole.

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Otherwise very cute, but I don't like how her ear is an extension of her cheek.

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Why do I love her so much?

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Would you let Alice make a doll out of you?

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My life belongs to her. She can do whatever she wants with it.

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I'd become Alice's knight.

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It's hard to say because people generally don't self-identify as a hipster. So a hipster is generally "whatever I'm not."

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Alice looks like she wants to say something to you!

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i would sit next to alice on the bus

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I'm listening.

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Hello, Miss Alice! Can I buy a Shanghai?

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If you don't take a good care of her enough she'll explode. Just sayin'.

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How do I make sure that I take care of her in the best way possible?

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"puppeteer of many colors" or something. And stuff.

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-Store in a cool, dry area.
-Avoid impact, friction, heat, sparks and open flame.
-Keep away from heat from an electric hot plate or a fire directed against or near a closed container even if Shanghai herself is not exposed to the flame.
-Never smoke while handling Shanghai.
-Never handle or use Shanghai after drinking alcohol or using mind-altering drugs.
-Do not mix Shanghai with any other type of explosive doll.
-Do not purchase or accept Shanghai that is not in its original, factory sealed container.
-Do not store Shanghai within the reach of children.

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Don't let her fall even from few inch height and hit any surface. Even fall from lack of balance will cause an explosion enough to blow you to pieces.

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Depends, would it be her sex doll?

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Alice is fashionable!

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Alice is popular!

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Only with her imaginary friends.

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Alice is sexy!

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Alice is hospitable!

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She just wants to kill you and steal your corneas to use on dolls.

11th best Touhou.

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Alice could beat Remilia in a fight, no contest.

Doll using youkai > vampire who can only drink human blood.

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Alice is loved!

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a doll show with Alice

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Alice and her dolls wearing glasses... is very sexy-moe!

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Well, I'd like to give Alice a kiss.

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Everyone loves Alice

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I want to live together with Alice in her secluded house in the woods, occasionally making a trip to town, where I'd buy supplies and she'd do a few shows with her dolls.

After that we'd head home, and sleep another night, happily.

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Damn, I'd love to have sex with Glasses Shanghai AND Glasses Hourai! Maybe even at the same time!

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Alice is a despicable hikikomori!

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That means we'll get to spend more time together!

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Translated version.

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It's sadder when you remember that she's the one controlling the doll and telling herself that.

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is it just me or is alice the dorkiest touhou?

she's adorable for this reason

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Please don't post images stolen from pixiv with a tumblr filename.
Also watch out with that surprise box, my heart isn't what it used to be.

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I'm sorry.

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List three ways she is dorkier than Youmu.

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This thread has too much cute Alice and lonely Alice and not enough badass Alice

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Have garrote master Alice.

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>puking shoujou.jpg
she has a name, you know!

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But Remilia alters fate so Alice could never win.

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Remilia OP

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Which is why Remilia won EoSD.
Oh wait

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EoSD is an alternate universe where the only outcome where Remiu and Marisa were successful exist.

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Remilia actually wanted Reimu/Marisa to win and altered fate so that they would.

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This is now a Remilia thread I'm claiming it for my ojou-sama!

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Alice > Remilia
This is a fact

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Say that to my face nerd at least Remilia has friends.

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Alice has friends too! Like Marisa or Patchy

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A kleptomaniac and a narcoleptic what great "friends".

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Woa, cool down, bitch!
I love my friends even if they're retards (= otaku), NEETs or have any other mental disability.

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That "narcoleptic" lives with Remilia, you know.
And what friends does Remilia have? Two employees, a sister that was locked away for 500 or so years and a bunch of fairy maids.

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Since when is Patchy narcoleptic? If anything I would peg her as someone who has insomnia.

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I bet Alice knows much about killing a person, and then fleeing the region under a new identity!

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And what friends does Remilia have?
You seem to have left out the girl of knowledge & shadows

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You forgot one

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Alice also has a much better relationship with her family than Remilia does

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Ojou-sama doesn't need friends she's a "mistress" for a reason. She's too important for petty things like that.

Alice is just a nerd who makes puppets.

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We'll see how fun her life will be when nobody will come to her banquets. Who'd want to spend time with some pompous person that thinks she's too important to have any friends.

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Not like anyone would come to a banquet that Alice hosted other than Shanghai.

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Don't make Alice and Remilia Ojou-sama fight.
Have them kiss each other bellies instead.

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Well it's really saying something when Remilia has to invade a thread dedicated to Alice just for attention.

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I like the way you think.

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Started it.

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super cute faggot

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PREFC, never change.

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>Remilia has friends.

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patchouli isnt an employee, they're old friends. nerd

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It's cold outside

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Is alice a catholic?

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What anime is this?

Yes I'm new.

>> No.11832530

Boku no Pico

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you sure told that newfag away br/a/ski

>> No.11832549

Bible Black

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neon genesis evangelion

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>I want to rape her right in the anus.
Praise the Lord!

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the heck, what it'd do to my image?

>> No.11833423

Well at least someone on /v/ gets to enjoy a nice Alice image now.

>> No.11833424

Image swap, happens sometimes when two people post an image at the same time.

Someone, somewhere on 4chan got an Alice instead of the doomguy.

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I think this picture is appropriate.

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Ah, there she goes.

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What's better /jp/?

The seven-colored puppet master or the prismatic puppet master?

Or would you rather go with the seven-colored/prismatic puppeteer?

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I don't really need 7 colors.
Like 4 or 5 is fine.

>> No.11833733

I like Seven Colored Puppeteer best

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Patchy please, we all know you're jealous of Alice's Grimoire. Besides, do Sun and Moon no longer count?

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Sundays are too lazy to count, and nobody likes mondays.

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But that's ignoring 28.5714% of her arsenal. That's an entire Shrine Maidens worth!

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A perfect image swap. Go thank them for posting at the exact same time as you

>> No.11834078

Naw, man, I was just trying to repost the pic with Alice as a crazy fundie cat-lady. Somebody's posting kancho pics on /v/? And they get it?

>> No.11834233

Wait, did Marisa poke Alice so hard in the ass that she pissed herself?

>> No.11834243

That is what it looks like. I think she is in pain by the look on her face, but this picture has always troubled me dearly

>> No.11834301

She's obviously in pain, but I'm just a bit shocked that something that looks so harmless could hurt her so very much that she's crying and pissing herself.

>> No.11834371

Maybe it is just a very sensitive area for alice?
Also I like the confused and sorry look on Marisa's face

>> No.11834377

I just noticed alice is blushing. She obviously likes it

>> No.11834382

Oh you're right, she is. Is there a circumstance where she could be blushing but still not like it? Because the combination of fingers in butt, some kind of pain and pissing pants does not seem a very erotic combo.

>> No.11834389

I guess there could be, perhaps marisa snuck up on her and susprised her so fucking hard she pissed herself. When Alice turned around she was happy to see marisa so she blushed a little, but the pain from those fingers in her butt brought tears to her eyes.

actually holy shit, it all makes sense now

>> No.11834410

That's a really strange sequence of events. That's really all I can say right now. I can't seem to articulate any other thoughts.

>> No.11834413 [DELETED] 

For my frist dolfie dream im making an alice :DDDDDD

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Why is the thought of Alice peeing herself so hot?

>> No.11835178

No that's not true people blush in embarrassing situations whether they like it or not. Like this one time in elementary school I was peeing in the class bathroom and a girl opened the door and saw my penis. I was blushing even though I didn't like it.

>> No.11835249

why is she peeing then huh?
I knew it, my senario was right

>> No.11835591 [DELETED] 

I found the jpsie that stole your picture, you better go beat that nerd up.


>> No.11835658

She CAME! She had an ORGASM from her BUTT so hard she peed herself a bit, and Marisa is shocked at that reaction to her joke.
It's very very lewd!

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I remember in my elementary school there was a certain time when kancho-ing people (not with the japanese gesture, but using pencils and stuff) was very widespread.
Sometimes, someone would react with a surprised lewd moan and become completely embarrassed and create a very awkward atmosphere... everyone would be like "w-what, he liked it..."
I think that Alice image is based on that kind of moment, which probably has happened a lot in the history of Japanese Kanchou.

PS: Fucking double captcha fuck you moot you jew I'll never pay.

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Go send angry letters to google, they're the faggots behind this shit.

>> No.11835692

goddamnit it moot stop namesearching yourself all the time

>> No.11835703 [DELETED] 

*fucks a shangai*

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Glad to see you keeping the tradition alive.

Alice is a badass.

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>> No.11840025,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.11840025,2 [INTERNAL] 

Saegrimr pls coem back