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I bought a copy of Rune Factory 4 earlier today. Have you played it? Who's your favorite waifu?

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I haven't played any since 3 but Saber there looks great.

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Sabre is woe.

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I got it a while ago but haven't played it a whole lot. None of the girls are all that appealing to me, unlike 3 where I wanted to marry pretty much all of them.

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margaret is best girl /thread

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I love Amber so much. She's like the daughter I don't have.

RF4 is an improvement in every way to what was already great in RF3. Except for the girls. For the most part, the girls are sane, and nice. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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Margaret and Saber are the only girls that interest me, and even then...

I think I might play the female MC. She's really pretty, and then I could date a combat butler or a rape horse.

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Forte is my Waifu

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I had the same thought. I want to date the monk who's an ass, because he reminds me of me.

And if you want to do that, the game has a New Game + option, where all your skill levels, items, and furniture carry over. That's what I'm doing after I'm through romancing.

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Amber is mai waifu

no bully pls

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The only one worth bullying is Pico.

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Why do they insist on dubbing all of these games?

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Not everyone has good tastes, you know. A better question is, why do they keep hanging cute girls in front of us, and saying we can't marry them because they're 'too old'. Down with ageism.

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The one reason I have bought any RF games, playing with all audio off is terrible but better than the dub. It's like they don't know their target audience, Atlus do the exact same shit. At least give us dual audio.

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I just don't get it. I mean, they were smart enough to leave the voices for Senran Kagura, why change them for RF?

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Normal people probably get tricked into buying RF because they think of Harvest Moon.

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Margaret was so cute... She was so sad that she would outlive the protagonist. But something I don't understand, if she had a child with the protagonist would the child live as long as her? If so, then it really isn't so bad.

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I liked RF4 very much. Kohaku/Amber is great, and I also liked Dolce and Margaret.

After listening to a bit of the dub, I feel really bad for those forced to play it in English.

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Please don't post whacky left to right stuff. It's very disorienting.

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Rune Factory 3 had the best girls, Rune Factory 4's girls are all... pretty forgettable and lack in the crazy which would help make their personalities stand out more.

Also lacking, is tits. I mean, I swear, each fucking game they taunt me with the milfs and then to make things worse, none of the girls have a decent rack on them.

Another complaint about 4, can't marry the dragon. So disappointing.

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Half-elves enter middle age at 62 and old age at 93, with a maximum age of 125 years or so.

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I just started playing, went with the male main character.

So far, my favorites are elf and plant loli.

Forte is literally just Sabre with long hair.

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I thought the RF3 girls suffered from being almost wholly defined by their personality quirks much of the time. I like that the RF4 girls are a little more balanced.

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Intending to marry Clorica because she looks like Purple Heart but Forte is adorable when she shudders at the mention of ghosts.
I wish they didn't forget about multiplayer though, all I can do with my friends now is to discuss whose waifu is better.

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I enjoy rune factory 4's gameplay but find the girls much weaker characters than they were for rune factory 3.

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Is that even possible? The girls in RF3 were atrocious. The best girls weren't even ones you could go after.

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Is that released in Europe yet?

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in Europe it's supposed to come out Spring 2014

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I doubt 3ds carts can hold enough space for dual audio. I personally enjoyed Rune Factory 4 there were a lot of improvements in gameplay. I wish there were girls to date though I mean most of the other Rune Factory games had like 10 girls to choose from. I kind of miss the rival marriages from Rune Factory 2, and I hate how my child is the only kid in town. It must be so lonely for her. ;_;

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I bought the 3rd game like 2 years ago and have yet to play it.

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Why haven't you played it yet?

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Sword girls are extremely cute.

I am hoping a Japanese audio/English text hack will come out before I play it.

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I fucking hate runeprana.

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RF4 is less than 2 GB, and 3DS cards go up to at least 8. There's plenty of room, Xseed are just cheapasses.

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I bought it a few days ago. I feel really bad that I didn't buy it before Neverland went bankrupt.

Clorica is the best girl.

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I still don't understand how they went bankrupt. RF4 sold really well for a game of its type, and they were already planning RF5. I assume Marvelous will take over development now.

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if Marvelous takes over, wouldn't it play more like a Harvest Moon game? ...that doesn't sound like a good thing, considering the recent Harvest Moon games.

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I don't know what you mean? New beginning wasn't that bad.

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*What do you mean?

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Can't wait for the EU release.

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Not necessarily. Hashimoto hinted that the Rune Factory staff stayed mostly intact.

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Hm, I guess it wasn't the most educated question, considering the last two I played were Island of Happiness (DS) and Tale of Two Towns (DS). Both of which barely kept my attention. It just seems that Rune Factory takes everything Harvest Moon did and does it way better.

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Dolce's cool because you get a kuudere and a fun ghost imouto to offset her.

Also, how do I trigger the third story arc?

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>Dolce's cool because you get a kuudere and a fun ghost imouto to offset her.
I really liked Dolce until I started dating her and she turned into a generic tsundere. Maybe she gets better once you marry her, though.

>Also, how do I trigger the third story arc?
If I remember right, it starts randomly after a certain length of time.

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>Also, how do I trigger the third story arc?
Its completely random.
You can cheese it by having Amber or Dylas at 7Fp/Lp, taking them along with you, saving, then resting for a few days straight. (I never go over a week doing this). If they leave and go to the flower shop, you got it.

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i hear she's daria's sister, pic related

don't forget the otouto complex
while i don't care for saber i like forte
clorica is also cute, but i imagine it'd be annoying being around a narcoleptic

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How do you guys even get money to buy stuff in the first place?? NEETs bucks are not enough for a 3DS game, let alone a 3DS.

I was a bit hesitant about RF4 since the 3 gameplay was good but way too easy, even more when you try to clear that basement dungeon. And I didn't like that -2nd kawaii form- bullshit.

... btw how was the Wii version of the games? Didn't hear good stuff from them.

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Let me guess, there is no 3DS emulator.

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not yet. in progress

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>the 3 gameplay was good but way too easy

RF4's difficulty is significantly higher than in 3, though if you tame the right monsters it still becomes a cakewalk.

>... btw how was the Wii version of the games? Didn't hear good stuff from them.

Rune Factory Frontier could be considered sort of a remake of the first one with vastly improved gameplay mechanics. Worth playing if you're a fan of the series.

Rune Factory Oceans is pretty different and the farming aspect is practically nonexistent, but otherwise it's a good game and it's got some very cute girls. Such as Violet.

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RF4 has three difficulty modes, which change damage rates and boss attack patterns.

Frontier was great except for the Runey system, which was shit.

Oceans was hardly even a Rune Factory game, but imouto nurse KanaHana was cute.

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>hard mode
you mean easy mode lol
RF4 Difficulties go Kindergarten, Very Easy, and Easy

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I quite like them myself more than RF3. I didn't like the waifus there except for Raven and the rainbow elf.

But this is just my opinion more than anything else. If something this Rune factory also added husbandos for the mc if you choose a girl and that's something that the main games didn't have. Maybe that's why they feel a little weaker in development.

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Anyone else play as a guy but use the prince order to change your appearance to the girl?

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Yeah, I was going to play Saber, but the female MC was to cute.

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I wish there was Yuri love in RF4.

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The EU release was cancelled
I can't deal with this. ;_;

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What does Kohaku's nectar taste like?

>> No.11823342

Like fruit juice and magnifying glass handles.

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>I doubt 3ds carts can hold enough space for dual audio


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Bravely Default has dual audio as well.

>> No.11824972

FE:A has dual audio? I think I might get it.

>> No.11824980

Really? Link?

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I hear 3 is best. Should I try that first?

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I've seen most people say that if you want to play the whole series, start with the first one. They improved the game a lot with each entry and going back after playing the later ones makes the first couple seem a lot worse by comparison.

>> No.11825068

This is true. On the other hand, I'd say the first game is largely skippable. Even the second you might want to give a pass until you're sure you actually enjoy the series. 3 or Frontier would be good places to start, I think, but Frontier has the weird Runey system, so 3 is probably more accessible.

4 is my favorite so far, but you might end up a bit overwhelmed if you tried to start there, plus it's a 3DS game so it requires money unless you happen to have a Gateway. Oceans is fun, but I definitely would not recommend it as your first Rune Factory game.

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is that saber

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I bought it, it sucked, just like every other Rune Factory or Harvest Moon, and it's sitting in a drawer somewhere along with the rest of the games I bought and never played again. It's not even worth pirating.

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You could've spent that money on things you would've enjoyed! You should try to be a little less impulsive, anon.

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I hate 4, love3
no gay husband yes more wife
too low wifes in 4

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Complete dual audio, as in, no mandatory English voices in cutscenes or something like that.

>> No.11827399

>just like every other Rune Factory or Harvest Moon
I don't get it. If you didn't like all the previous versions then why buying the new one? Are you a masochist?

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What 3ds games do you recommend?

>> No.11828432

all of them

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Ask me again when they make a working emulator.

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MH3U, Pokemon X/Y, EO4/EOU, and AC:NL are all games I enjoyed with playtimes that can hit 100+ hours if you're dedicated. I don't get to buy games very often so I try to purchase titles that will last a while. Senran Kagura Burst is something recent that I found enjoyable, but your mileage may vary and it doesn't exactly have the longest shelf life.

Bravely Default (coming out next month on the 7th if you live in the US) is supposed to be very good, but I can't vouch for it outside of my experience with the demo.

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The new Zelda is pretty cool, particularly if you've played ALttP before. There's also SMT 4 and the Zero Escape series, plus the stuff >>11828491 mentioned.

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Anyone with a 3DS should get Star Fox. It's a fantastic experience. Each playthrough is short, but you can come back to it over and over without getting bored.

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I was pretty excited about rune factory 3 but I got autismal and decided not to play it because I found out you couldn't marry the girl I liked most out of some lineup picture. I feel like I'm missing out but it can't be helped.

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Yes, I was thinking I would give it a chance, because I needed to build up my "tower" of 3DS cards, but it was an impulse buy.

Project X Zone is great. I love the Japanese audio. Hearing Hsien Ko yell and Chun Li and all the others in Japanese is really refreshing.

Same with Fire Emblem. I enjoyed that game infinitely more with Japanese Audio.

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I didn't like it. I beat that dungeon with the guy who has a shield and you save the thief, but I just can't get into it. I never liked it AlttP either, probably because it was annoyingly difficult.

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I bought Pokemon X because I had 40$ on my nintendo account, and I wasn't disappointed. I'm kind of sick of Pokemon though. It's just not fun. I can only imagine penetrating the MC's sweet virgin vagina so much before I get too aroused and have to stop playing.

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Weird, aside from Zelda 2 I've always found the Zelda games hilariously easy. I just enjoy them for the puzzles, and I thought ALBW had some great ones.

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Dear guests, /3dsg/ is that way >>>/vg/3ds+general

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>> No.11828925

Maybe it was just depressing for me then.

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no pandora?
didn't remember RF:ToD having so few girls

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If only ZUN!bar was here...

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Lumie almost shouldn't be there. It's not like she can be your wife.

>> No.11830693

Xiao Pai best waifu

>> No.11831293

No Mikoto, either. Well, I guess her being a girl was supposed to be a "spoiler".

>> No.11834652

I thought it was pretty obvious from the start.

>> No.11834686

It was obvious to the point that when they referred to her as "he" the first time I thought it was a typo.

>> No.11836605

I've actually started playing the game, and I've narrowed down my choices to Saber, Shao Pai and Clorica.

Which girl should I choose?

>> No.11836625

Clorica is the only correct choice

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I want to deflower Sabre in front of her little brother.

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>>Monday, 20 January 2014
>The European release of Nintendo 3DS role-playing game Rune Factory 4 has been cancelled, MarvelousAQL has announced.
>MarvelousAQL Europe issued the following statement to Eurogamer:
>"We regret to inform you that the European release of Rune Factory 4 for Nintendo 3DS has been cancelled.
Fucking shit. Region locked piece of shit.
I finally bought a European 3DS back in fall, and I had read that RF4 actually was coming to Europe. And now it won't.
And the machine is fucking region locked.

If only the 3DS had crashed and burned, then perhaps this game would have been released on the PSV or something. This is not alright, Nintendo.
They region lock the shit, and then they do a fucking awful job at actually bringing the games over.

I know that I shouldn't have bought a European 3DS, or even a 3DS at all. But for a moment I actually thought it would be alright to buy a European 3DS.

>> No.11842146

I did the same thing, but at least I got to play Bravely Default and a link between worlds so it's not as bad as it could have been.

>> No.11842400

come to America before spouting your PSV>3DS garbage.

>> No.11842463

Who are you quoting? Monday?

>> No.11842504

I originally picked Saber and gave her an invisiblade. Made her call me master. But then after going on some dates with her, she's basically a sack of potatoes when interacting with her. So I swapped my gender and started dating Dolce and havn't looked back since.

>> No.11842973

The 3DS is great, but if the games were available on the Vita, I would have gotten it instead no doubt.

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I "have" both and my Vita broke within a year of the purchase. Memory cards were insanely expensive as well and I had two randomly break on me within weeks of acquiring them. I'll buy a new one if they ever decide to drop the awful memory card monopolizing, which won't happen.

>> No.11843169 [DELETED] 

I guess this is the current /jp/ video games and online friends thread. G;ad that it's not getting deleted :)

Anyone want to play Mario Kart 7? Also any pro tips for Fire Emblem Awakening? I just started playing it and it's pretty fun but I've never played a FE game before

>> No.11843224

What other 3DS games are my /jp/ friends picking up other than RUNE FACTORY 4?

>> No.11843555

Bravely Default

>> No.11844237

Pokemon X/Y, Etrian Odyssey 4, Animal Crossing

Link Between Worlds is really short, not worth the price imo.

>> No.11844244 [DELETED] 
File: 225 KB, 921x921, 1363465978547.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fire Emblem : Awakening also known as waifu simulator

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Get Fire Emblem : Awakening, also known as waifu simulator

pic related, mai waifu and mai daghteru

>> No.11844266

You can marry the dragon lady?

>> No.11844278


Yes, you can marry with any girl (or man if you make a female character) , except DLC characters and such

>> No.11844306

I can't wait to MH4U with /jp/sies next year.

>> No.11844320

Why are they not releasing it here until 2015? It's been out since September in Japan, I can't imagine it would take them that long to localize it.

>> No.11844326


>Let's take forever to do the localization, it'll build the HYPE! All the kids are all about hype nowadays!

>Who are you quoting?

A hypothetical marketing exec.

>Who were you quoting in that ">Who are you quoting?"?

A /jp/sie who would have asked ">Who are you quoting?" in an alternate timeline had I not made this explanation and avoided that reality.

>> No.11844336

They're localizing the new one 4G

>> No.11844354

It's the new version, 4G. 4G doesn't even come out until Q4 2014.

>> No.11844832

Why did I get banned for discussing video games in the /jp/ video games thread?

Bravely Default blows and is censored.

>> No.11852595

Anyone get zero esccape? Is it as good as the first?

>> No.11852607

Not really. The characters aren't as interesting, the big twists have a ton of holes, and it ends on a cliffhanger without explaining a bunch of of stuff.

Still a fun game, but not something I can strongly recommend or anything.

>> No.11852612

Vishnal is my waifu!

>> No.11852621


Very good tastes.
Also helps that your kids become demigods.
I have to admit though that I made a purple-haired oneechan just to marry Chrom because he's dreamy.

>> No.11852655

What was censored?

>> No.11852665


Costumes are censored throughout for being too sexy for the NA/EU market. Anyone who buys the game is supporting censorship and will only encourage further and stricter censorship in the future

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>tfw when there wont be a rune factory 5

>> No.11852728

You realize the rights for the series belong to Marvelous and the producer works for Marvelous, right? If there's no Rune Factory 5 it won't be because Neverland went under.

>> No.11852731

How do you know that.
they may just never make another one again because neverland went under

>> No.11852755

But just because Neverland went under doesn't mean they won't make another one, either. It'll depend on how profitable the series is. Maybe they won't make any more, but it's too early to pronounce the series dead just yet.

>> No.11852763

What >>11852607 said, but please don't blame the author. Producer interference, because 999 was 2 spooky for Japan.

>> No.11852765 [DELETED] 
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I really hope so.
Because this is my favorite series, way more so the harvest moon.
If i were to lose it i'd died a bit inside

>> No.11852781

I'm pretty sure RF4 sold well, so I wouldn't count the series out yet.

>> No.11852818

Yeah, surprisingly well for a game that niche. How Neverland managed to go bankrupt is a bit of a mystery.

>> No.11853224

It was cancelled.

>> No.11854854

>tfw yurop
I like the saber but I changed my mind from the initial waifus in all the previous games so I might as well do here.

>> No.11854891

it butthurt me that illuminata was cannot have tier.

why does rune factory do this?

Anyways I like Xiao Pai and Dolce.

>> No.11854968

I liked Dolce, but I can't handle her 'luggage'. Too close to exhibitionism for me.

>> No.11855086
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>> No.11855127

If you go through life without having in your heart some idea of what perfect loveliness is, then I pity you.

>> No.11855169


>> No.11855190

It is acceptable to have a imaginary friend called god, why would you bitch about waifu?

>> No.11855215

Because unlike waifus, God is real.

>> No.11855229

Everyone already knows this.

>> No.11855244 [DELETED] 

*tips fedora*

*tips cross* oh fuck *re-erects large cross on lawn* there we go. blessings to all for christ is king.

>> No.11855300

Don't stop believin'

>> No.11855428
File: 159 KB, 804x720, BD censorship.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You consider these to be "costumes censored throughout"? 2 of those are bonus costumes and one is an optional job. To put it into perspective, there's 24 total jobs each with their own outfits for the 4 main characters and something like 6 or 7 bonus costumes. Yeah, I'll agree that it's pretty shitty that they bumped up the character ages by three years but passing on a good game just because there's 2 or 3 instances of chibi flesh being covered up is pretty retarded.

>> No.11855673

onoes now I can't fap while I play my rpg gaemu

>> No.11855730

I heard some of the sexual innuendo was toned down as well. Any truth to that?

>> No.11855751

>mmm I just LOVE censorship

First it was Fire Emblem getting censored, then Senran Kagura doesn't get a retail release and now this. Keep on buying those censored games /v/ro, maybe they'll get the message that censorship is okay and approved in the West :)

>> No.11855761

What does Senran Kagura not getting a physical release have to do with censorship?

>> No.11855770


It's also a shit game with ugly graphics and a terrible art style, so it's even worse that people would put up with censorship to play a game that bad

>> No.11856038

I don't get it...why do we want this game to be uncensored? It's not like I'm playing the game because of tits and midriff. Calm down bro.

>> No.11856043

I went girl because the guys are so much better

Vishnal is perfect~

>> No.11856074

Some people aren't okay with censorship regardless of how significant the content being censored is.

>> No.11856114

but it's been around in gaming since SNES era or even longer. Not sure why suddenly caring about it would change anything. But yeah I guess I can understand that.

>> No.11856141


First post on that page is all I could find on it, but it seems like it was something they revised in the JP script for FTS, so I guess it's not necessarily a case of ironfisted localization teams trying to remove every trace of sexuality.

Mostly unrelated to your shitty trolling attempt, but SK is probably getting retail releases here in the future. XSEED was just too spooked to waste resources on an untested series.


>> No.11856160

they only got away with it in the snes era because no one knew about it. covering siren's titties and changing "holy" to "pearl" might not have been major changes, but aside from mazacon weirdos no one likes being treated like children. when consumers give the impression that minor censorship doesn't bother them it opens the door for more significant censorship like removing host clubs from that one yakuza or removing a ton of cards from that ideafuck game.

>> No.11856195

Both Fire Emblem and Bravely Default were published by Nintendo, it's not really a big surprise that "mature" content would make them uncomfortable when they're footing the bill for distribution, especially when they go out of their way to advertise these games in things like Nintendo Direct. Refusing to purchase the game isn't going to do shit, Nintendo is pretty steadfast in that regard and would sooner outright refuse to help bring these sorts of games over than leave the suggestive content in.

>> No.11856216

I should add that Nintendo is super interested in feedback on Bravely Default (http://www.siliconera.com/2014/01/22/nintendo-wants-know-plans-bravely-default/), if the censorship bothers you and you still intend to buy it, please don't forget to voice your concerns on Club Nintendo, they're very receptive to consumer complaints.

>> No.11857445


yes good goy, who cares about censorship? just buy the game and don't forget to pick up a day 1 DLC pack too! after all DLC is just the norm so who cares? ;)

>> No.11865838

Does anyone have a nipponese 3ds? Is the new yugioh game anygood?

>> No.11867421

Same here, l don't like the art style, something about colors.

>> No.11871251

So what is stopping them from just taking the NA version of Rune Factory, change the region code and make an EU release out of it?

Shouldn't that be cheap and quick money for little work?

>> No.11871282
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I'm playing FoMT right now.
Is there anything I shouldn't do? Missable content, etc?

I don't like reading guides.

>> No.11871284

You should marry Popuri or you'll miss having the best waifu.

>> No.11873212

Fucking shit. I just found out that there's no hothouse in this.
Why would you do that?

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