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Her name is Komeiji Satori. She is the master of the Palace of the Earth Spirits, and of my heart.

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She is also the smuggest in all the land

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Her red-haired catgirl friend is better.

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I want to hold Satori's hand

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I enjoy sexualizing Satori-chan.
I want her to scold me while looking at me with contempt.

Good Night.

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That's gay, dude.

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Her face is the master of having my fist in it.

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There really needs to be more art of Satori looking shocked or angry from reading your mind.

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I like her sister more. She doesn't have short arms and sometimes she is a cat. Cats are cute.

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Satori is a satori

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oops. non blurred version.

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Satori is a satoriest

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Have you read that recent lewd story about her and her sister, OP? It's pretty good.
Be wary of pandas.

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i want to be satori.

she has ick-ass mansion and pats that don't smell and don't shit on carpets. also little sister who's into all kinds of nasty stuff. also she generally looks comfy, i wish i could be that comfy.

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It's late.

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I haven't.

I give you this in return.

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I have many Satoris.

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She'd get increasingly flustered the longer she looked, not knowing whether she should be angry and disgusted at a modern day human's perversion, or flattered by how positively a human can think of her.

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fakest sheep

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that's the koishi one

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Cute. Ah, but she'll get mad if you think that...

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I am YAF/proREMIRIat and I hate Satori.

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What a cute forehead!, ahh~, ahh~

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pls bully satori

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remiriat pls write satori getting loved

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But I love Satori.

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A haircut from Satori!

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I want to take Satori's hand and make her hit herself while asking her why she is hitting herself.

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I remember Satori giving at least one haircut in Remiriat's story. What was up with that?

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satori a fluffy

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the fluffier the satori the better she is
an appropriately fluffy satori is the best 2hu

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I want Satori to give me a bad haircut because she doesn't know any better